Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy feelings in the air.....Spreading some love

Good Morning,

Today I am giving props to all the artist I adore so here goes!!!!!

These are just a few. There are so many talented artist out there. Please take the time to check them out. Leave a comment and by all means support the arts and buy handmade and buy original. 

Also for those of you who enjoy blogging and blog reading check out who I follow. Their daily musings are either hilariously funny, insightful, inspiring, or just plain crazy. Its a great way to take a load off and pear into someone else's life so you aren't always focusing on your own. Be it for a good laugh or some inspiration or information just read, and occasionally leave a comment. They do read them and appreciate them. 
Me being an Artist but not much of a writer I still appreciate the followers and fans I have. I soooo appreciate people who buy my art. This props list will pop up from time to time. Highlighting my favs so again please support them. 

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME TOO. All your comments and hearting me on your etsy page (for those of you who have an etsy site).... Even my twitters/facebook friends much love to ya.  
Peace & Blessings

Monday, April 20, 2009

April rains bring May flowers

Hi friends!

I hope this weekend was just as lovely for you as it was for me.
I got the Art Greeting cards listed in my Etsy store and prints of my forest for the tree painting.

I've even created a new series of mini art called "Mocha Girls" the first in this series is "London" she is one the many brown girl art cards I'm working on. When will I close the series? That I don't know yet...whenever it feels complete I suppose. 

As if I need anymore projects!!!!! 
I'm going to add her in my Etsy Store when I finish making her a few friends. 

In my studio I can work on stuff for hours doodling or creating a canvas work of art. I get so lost in time down here. I have other stuff I'm suppose to be doing ie. laundry, grocery shopping, and exercising. I just love it in here!!! 

Now on a not so artsy note....
1. Grown men who only use text messaging as their main source of communication are not to be trusted!!!!!

2. I understand we have to take precautions in this harsh crazy cold world. However statistics show most violent crimes against women are done by a family member or love one. So you can't sit locked up in your house for fear someones going to get you.

3. I fully support Miss California's answer on same sex marriage. In a country were freedom of speech is our right we've grown into a bunch of politically correct/incorrect crybabies. Now don't get me wrong I don't nor will I ever condone racial slanders or outward derogatory  expression of hatred towards any individual. But we live in a country were you are either for it or against it. So how did Perez Hilton think she shouldv'e answered? What happen to honesty and actually being a human, not a robot. People should be able to express their opinions as long as its not intended to be mean and or rude.

Now Perez's behavior on the other hand was just disrespectful and completely uncalled for!!! Because she answered truthfully and stood for what she believes in he called her a "dumb bitch". 

Well damn it I guess that makes me one too because I believe more people should grow some and stand up for their beliefs.

I love you guys gay, straight, bi I don't care but people have the right to their opinions. Also the absolute truth is just that. But we all want to bend it to fit our circumstances instead of just owning what it really is. 

(but then again that's just my opinion)

Peace and fried chicken 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Its slowy happening...

I stayed home from work today and left right after my last client yesterday. I'm extremely busy tomorrow. Which of course is good.

Yesterday I saw The Haunting Of Connecticut and yes people... it was pretty darn scary. It was just what I was in the mood for. 
However its based on a true story.

That's the part I have issues with. 

The fact that there are really people out there trying to talk to the dead and posses all this supernatural power is just WRONG!!!!! I mean WTF the world doesn't need any extra help being crazy and evil. But nooooo you have these crazy people conjuring up extra help from the way beyond. 

But it was a good movie with a relatively good ending. 

As for today I'm home working on my art greetings. I sure would like to sell one thing in my etsy store. Kae sirah sirah whatever will be will be. 

Oh and here is some funny stuff I heard today. My Ex-Husband or as I like to call him my kids father. Asked me Antwanyce out on a date. I hollered (which means laughed hysterically) I mean don't get me wrong...he is a cutie but he is an Ex for a reason. I'll save the reason for another post. 

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've gained......

I didn't do well this week... between the busy days last week at the salon and the yummy food on Easter I totally bombed at the scale this week. I have to accept that I really have issues and need intervention. I have so much creativity inside that I'm bursting at the seems. But I have absolutely no energy and I'm somewhat lethargic. I can't focus and I'm tired. So seriously this can not happen again. I put on 3.8lbs in one week. OMG! Bringing my lunch would've been so much better than eating take out at work all week. I must learn to plan better. I think this week I'm going to get a weight watchers magazine and do my shopping based on the recipes, that way I can eat better this week. I also know that as much as I love to sketch when its slow at the salon...I must put down the sketch book and go walking around the Town Center. Moving more definitely helps.

Anyway.. moving on. MADART has blogged about how she is addicted to twitter. Well I'm already addicted to Myspace, Facebook, Ning, YouTube all while reading all my favorite blogs on Blogspot and other blog places. I'm scared to add Twitter to my reportaire for fear that I'll never leave my room or that my Blackberry will go on strike. Yet more and more of the Artist I love are showing up on Twitter. 

Hmmm lets see what else...Oh yeah HOW MANY TOADS AM I GOING TO HAVE TO KISS BEFORE MY PRINCE COMES ALONG!? I'm so sick of meeting imposter's! As much as I like being a child at heart I have put foolish games and trickery away. So when I meet men who still play games I'm so turned off. Like I've mention before I'd rather paint and stay home or hang out in the city with some Artist friends at a Gallery than go on a date half the time anyway. So buffoonery is not company I'm into entertaining.

Its 2:00 am here in the DMV and this is what I've been doing.

It's two acrylic 16x20 stretched canvas. I think I'll be offering prints of it in my etsy shop.
Right now I'm sketching in between my visits back and forth to my mini laptop. I know I need to goto bed but I'm having so much fun. 

I love it down here in my underground loft area. I even wrote on my mirror

I am a child of God! I am an Artist! I am Sexy! I am Healthy! I am Wealthy!
I need to clean my dresser off (I love my dresser)

Me and kids chillaxin' watching TV. 

Okay okay I'm going to bed now. 

P.S. I think my contentment has caused me to become somewhat of a boring blogger. Sighhhhhh

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let me really set things straight....

Hello fellow blogger friends I hope your Easter was good. If you don't do Easter than I hope your Sunday was good.

As for mines lets just say weight watchers what? I used all my bonus points. Hopefully the scale will be nice enough on Tuesday to at least say I maintained.

Okay folks not to keep harping on this whole "swagger" thing but I was having a discussion with one of my anonymous readers about my post on swagger.

If you didn't get a clear definition before let me please reiterate.
The True Definition of

What is the true definition of swagger? Many people are curious for the answer. Unfortunately for most who search for the it,
they often find a "definition" of swagger that is false, contradicting and misleading to the true meaning.


Ironically enough, these so called "definitions" of swagger, are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what TRUE SWAGGER is.

To walk or conduct oneself with an insolent or arrogant air. FALSE
To be a bragger or boastful person. FALSE
To conduct oneself in an arrogant or pompous manner. FALSE
To walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence. FALSE
These are ALL FALSE.

These are NOT the definition of swagger, but the definition of a LAME.

The MAN OF SWAGGER is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of these things. The main reason for this is that someone with TRUE swagger does not need to announce to the entire room that he has swagger. The people around him just KNOW it, because of his aura and by the way he carries himself.
An arrogant man thinks and acts as if he is superior to others, in turn, causing others to think badly of him and dislike him.

But instead, a man with swagger looks to make others around him feel good. This makes him a desirable person in every way. People WANT to be in his presence, because he is fun, charismatic, pleasant and curiously different.

He has an element of mystery as well, which is intriguing. His charisma is thoroughly enforced because he is well groomed, stylish, suave and a successful communicator. He is the definition of swagger.

To top it all off, all the traits that he possess are NOT A BIG DEAL to him at all, but these same traits would be broadcast through a bull horn by an arrogant man, to the dismay and disdain of many.


1. How one presents himself to the world, the ability to handle a situation with a sense of calm and uncanny grace. The ability to maintain a healthy level of self-confidence without appearing arrogant.
2. The seeming effortlessness to a person's admired style, the way they walk, talk and dress.
3. The inability to be easily shaken by anyone or anything.


-George Washington Carver


Now that you have found the true definition of swagger, we can proceed with some of the finer details.


SMILES OFTEN: The smile is highly underrated by many men. A man with true swagger uses his smile as a billboard to advertise his confidence. A genuine smile puts others at ease. A smile denotes happiness and happiness denotes success, because all anybody really wants is happiness anyway. Women are magnetically drawn to a man with a limitless supply of smiles.

PRAISES OTHERS: Self-confidence is truly shown when a man is comfortable, verbally bringing to attention the good things about others. When appropriate, compliment others liberally. But only if it's sincere, false compliments are easily seen through. People love to talk about themselves and they will love to be around you. THAT is the definition of swagger.

SHOWS RESPECT TO ALL : Nothing goes more contrary to the definition of swagger than a disrespectful person. A man of swagger, treats everyone with respect. He does not talk down to those serving or working for him, such as employees, waiters/waitresses, bartenders, etc. A man with swagger also tips appropriately and avoids behaving like a cheap-skate.

HAS NO TIME TO HATE: A man of swagger is above talking bad about others for sport. Dwelling on others faults for the sake of conversation is petty and lame to him. He's smart enough to realize that if those around him like to smile in a person's face and then stab that person in the back, that his back could just as easily become a landing place for those same knives.

DOESN'T ARGUE WITH FOOLS: This is key to maintaining any swagger you may possess. An intelligent debate with another person makes for good conversation and stimulates the brain. BUT, arguing with a fool, even if you are 100% correct, makes you look like a fool as well. People looking on will not be able to tell the difference. A fool is a person who is overly loud, vulgar, substitutes intellect and communication skills with profanity. From such a person, a man with swagger will take his leave immediately and with no regrets.

ISN'T SHY ABOUT LEAVING: In social situations a man with swagger will often "work the room". That being the case, When a man of swagger needs to move on, he simply moves on. He may have a good reason(as stated above), he may have something or someone else to tend to, or he might just be bored with a conversation. Whatever the case, he politely excuses himself and leaves. Whether he explains the reason or not is up to him. A man of swagger owns his "presence" and uses it as he sees fit, not allowing himself to become "stuck" anywhere. Besides that, he also realizes that absence makes the heart grow fonder, he will be welcomed back when he returns.

IS UNFLAPPABLE: A man of swagger is able to "slow the moment" in his head, whatever the case may be. This means that no matter the situation that arises, he keeps his head about him. He is never panicked. He is able to take control of a situation, when it is needed. He is able to follow the lead of someone capable of leading, if it is needed. He doesn't let the emotions of others escalate his emotions. He remains steady and he does not cry over spilled milk.

UNDERSTANDS THAT SILENCE IS DEAFENING: A man of swagger realizes two important truths. These two truths are as follows... First, many people love to bathe in their own ignorance and would love to pull you in with them. Second, that silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. Being that his swagger attracts people and attention, there will come jealous ones who aim to make him look foolish. They will throw "swagger daggers" at him. These are insults and mean-spirited jokes with the intent of coaxing an "unswaggerlike" reaction from him.
The man of swagger reads the situation and remains completely unaffected by these people, he simply converses and laughs "around" these people, in effect, putting them in a "sound booth." His silence towards the hater speaks volumes to everyone observing. The more the hater says about him after this point, makes them look obsessed with him. Soon others will be telling the offender to be quiet or go away. Masterful.

CAN TAKE REJECTION IN STRIDE: A man of swagger realizes that NO MAN WALKING THIS EARTH has not met rejection. Therefore he keeps his ego in check and moves on from rejection with grace. By the time the rejecter realizes their mistake, the man of swagger is too busy being accepted by someone or something else to be concerned. That is the definition of swagger if ever there were one.

IS WELL-GROOMED: The man of swagger always maintains top-notch grooming habits. In social and business situations he is NEVER smelly, sloppy, unwashed or unkempt. (Smelly includes the over-use of bad colognes.) He dresses well and understands what is stylish and what is not. He is ever aware that in order to be the definition of swagger he absolutely MUST be well groomed.

GIVES OTHERS SPACE: Literally and figuratively. Nothing is more annoying than being over-crowded by someone else. Annoying is contrary to the definition of swagger. A close talker CANNOT be a man of swagger, because he makes others feel uncomfortable. A man of swagger gives people room, he does not warm a person's face with his breath, no matter how pleasant his breath is. No one should be within accidental spittle range!
Secondly, A man of swagger picks up on the signs of other people, if he notices that they seem to be distracted or would like to move on. A man of swagger will give the person an "OUT" or simply move on himself. By doing this, he does the other person and himself a favor.

TALKS ABOUT WHAT HE KNOWS: A man of swagger does not pretend to know something that he doesn't. He understands that to be a great conversationalist, he should ONLY expound on what he does know and that he should ask questions about what he doesn't
know. In doing this he avoids being found to be a fraud, which is contrary to the definition of swagger.
He also understands that if he listens instead of pretending to know something, next time he WILL KNOW enough to expound on the subject without risking his swagger.

Now I had a list of ten men who in my opinion fit the bill. However once I went back over everything mentioned above... even I had to realize that in my life time I've only seen one man who truly posses every single quality of a man with Swagger.

That man is Mr. President Barack Obama

So readers if you are up for the challenge by all means please use the comment section to add to the list....

Now there are some who have some of these qualities but only a few manage to have them all!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I am loving my spring break!!!

Okay so my kids have been away during their spring break and I thought I'd be bored.
Instead I've been having a ball!!!!

I haven't seen my bed in two days. I have been hanging out and living like a single lady!

Between dates and girlfriends I am feeling a bit like a social lite. Too bad is nearing the end. Saturday morning up and at the Salon by 5:00am. Not to mention its Easter weekend so they're will be plenty of last minute walk ins with their tangle mangled little girls in tow. Pleading for a last minute shampoo and curls.

Oh well its better than not having any clients at all. So off to make the people beautiful.

And yes I have been working on some paintings as well. After all its in my blood its who I am.

But Saturday night Adams Morgan here I come! Hmmm or maybe I'll drag a date to see the Haunting of Connecticut. Then is also Chuck Brown at Marigolds. My options are endless!

Then church on Sunday!
Whaaaaaatttt?! Don't act like you've never done that!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The new guy from online....

Good Morning world wide web family-

I thought I get to my bloggin earlier than usuall. Okay I'm pretty sure you guys are wondering how yesterdays meet and greet went. Let's just say it was mmmm interesting. 

Okay I drove to Arlington which is something I didn't mind doing. I love to motor even if I'm no longer motoring in my drop top mini cooper convertible. I met him at his job. We went to Harris Teeter (yes the grocery store people). 

quick sidebar: I understand that when your serial dating you have too come up with ways to do the preliminary meet and greet.  I've done my share of unique quick date places. I even met my Eeyore at Ikea intailly. You do these things to kinda see if you want to spend time on an outing with the person.
However when I suggest a place to meet it's usually a place where we can kinda focus on each other. 

Oh crap lets just scrap it!!! So anyway at the lovely Harris Teeter we walked around while he sniffed through strawberries and eye drops. He ordered two sandwhiches from the deli and we left. He gave me mine with instructions on how messy it was to eat and how I really should wait til I get home.
That was it girls and boys. Oh yeah this is someone I had great chemistry with on the phone. Yet in person I had to keep telling myself its just a meet and greet. Its not that serious. 

WELL DUHHHHH YES IT IS!!!! There was no physical attraction what so evaaaaaaaa! Not even the sligtest tingle. Now don't get me wrong he was handsome and very well groomed. But he had no SWAG in he swagger. 
You know ..... the thing that makes a women know that "Damn he can get it!!"  Okay for the small few who don't know what SWAGGER means here it is straight from the urban dictionary:

How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk.
A person's style- they way they walk, talk, dress.
I'm loving his swagger!
Swagger is to to move with confidencesophistication and to be cool
Swagger is to conduct your self in a way that would automaticaly earnrespect 
To dress in a very stylish and quirkily fasionable way would suggest one is swagger. 
Wolf, Cry Wolf are more swagger than Mick Jagger! 

This man can get it!!!

Okay okay I know I cant expect the next Idris Elba to walk into my life but just so you can kind get what I'm trying to say here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay so who says every week will be easy!!!

Alrighty folks last blog I posted my REAL weight for the whole world to see. Yep that includes men I could possibly end up dating. This is as transparent and real as it gets. No wait.... let me take that back my new found blogger friend Lilu totally takes the cake.

Okay so anyway I went to my WW meeting and I'm down drum roll please*******************
2.8lbs. I technically I lost almost 12 sticks of butter!!!!! To be exact 11 sticks and 7tbsp of butter. 
I promised I'd plaster a Big Girl pic for you guys. So here it is me and all my goodness.
                                                                              I think if you double click on it, it will get a bit larger so you can really have a looksy at all my delicious chocolate goodness. So yep there  you  have it, still fabulous 2.8 which means I'm down 254.4

Moving on....
Today I'm officially meeting a gentleman I met online. I can't wait to tell you guys all about it. The crazy thing is I've been so wrapped up in becoming an artist that I almost forgot that I'm single and want to date. Honestly dating is fun for some people but I actually find it to be work.

My friends would gasp if they knew how lazy I am when it comes to going out to meet people. I have gotten more so now that all I do is think about ways to create art. 
Wait actually I take back what I said about dating being no fun. (but yes it is work) It's not so much that it isn't fun it's just hmmmmm let me see here. It's oh crap its work!!!

Picking out clothes and shoes and and ughhhh oh shoot forget it I just like staying down here painting and chatting with my internet friends. lol. Heck I don't know. Not to mention the fact that I am so filled with all this stuff in my head to talk about but I have to allow them to be engaging. Which means I have to show restrain and not be a chatter box. 

After all it isn't always about me although in my head I'd like to think it is.
 See there I am again showing you me. Why because that's who this blog is about me. (laughing at my own madness)

Seriously folks I have nothing else to say so now I'm just boring the hell out you. Oh no wait I have some art I finished in the weee hours of the morning. Inspiration comes from many places.

Tuhh duhh!!

The first one is done as a tribute to or inspiration from MADART she is the bomb!!! I Love love love her. Not in a creepy way just admiration and awww type of way.  The first two are also done on ceramic tile. The last is 9 small gallery wrapped canvases put together to make on big picture or 9 small ones.

Buhbye for now.......peace and blessings.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

254.2lbs of good lovin.....not!!!!

Okay people-
All of my family and now I'm pretty sure the world, knows that I'm not shy. I blog and put 90% of my business out there for the world to read and some may even pass judgement. So I figured why not allow everyone to travel on my I'm so physically tired of being a big girl journey.

"What huh... RichAnt what are you talking about your beautiful" Yes yes I know that's what you guys are thinking and yes it is true but face it its not good. There are too many reasons to get this extra poundage off my behind.
1. There is a certain way I like to dress and it just doesn't go with my body type.
2. I feel awful and out of shape, out of breath, out of energy and out of clothing.
3. I'm scared to die from heart disease
4. I don't want to take pharmaceuticals ever if I can help it.
5. I remember when all guys liked me not just the ones into full figured women.(chubby chasers)
6. Last but not least I like high heels but carrying the extra weight and walking in three or four inch heels is murder. ( besides I'm only 5ft 6 1/2 in so its either heels/ murder  or lose weight to look smaller)

So I started back up on weight watchers two weeks ago. As I mentioned in Wednesdays blog I lost almost 4lbs actually 3.8 to be exact. Now if you noticed in my side bar >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I have a current pic of myself on my Facebook page. ( add me to your friend list) That's me now and when I weigh in this coming Tuesday I plan to be down some more pounds. 


Accountability people!!! Its my motivation. I'm putting it out front of the whole world.!!!!

I will be posting pics of myself in some yoga pants and a very small baby tee (laughing extremely hard at myself) I know those women on the biggest loser wear sports bras and bike shorts but (as Whitney would say) OH HELL TO THE NAW!! That's where you have me all twisted I'm not going that hard.

Okay so last Tuesday March 24th I weigh in and was down 3.8. The next weigh in is Tuesday April 7th. Oh and I have to get someone to photograph me between now and then. So we can all be on my journey together. 

Weight Watchers is a points system, somewhat like you would do calories I suppose. For my weight and height I have 33 points. Those points drop each ten pounds I lose. I get 35 bonus points. I can either use them as needed, stretch them out over 7 days, save them for the weekend, or not use them at all. But I must eat my daily points value of 33.

Basically you can eat whatever you like as long as you don't go over your points. Although weight watchers gives you tools and oodles of info on how to make better food choices that are nutritional and filling. They help you to properly learn portion control.

Some examples of how the points system works: 
4oz grilled chicken salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette totaled 10pts
(grilled chicken 4oz 3pts, tomatoes 0pts, red onions 0pts, spinach 0pts, romaine lettuce 0pts, 1 boiled egg 2pts, raspberry vinaigrette 4tbsp 4pts, 1/2 cup of mandarin oranges 1pts)
Water zero pts

small fried drumstick 4pts
side salad w/2oz of honey Dijon dressing 0pts
7oz baked potato w/ 2tbsp of butter 5pts
water zero pts

That's what I've eaten today thus far totaling  19pts with 14 left. (Not to mention I always have 35 bonus points and you get activity points for exercising. Although who's counting those lol.)

Now as you can see from the title I weigh 254.2. I want to lose a total of sighhhhhh  79.2lbs!!!!

Well boys and girls that's all for now!!!! TTFN

Friday, April 3, 2009

Act like a lady, think like a man? oooh please!!!!

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment

Okay I just can't take it anymore!!!!

Ladies please stop!!!! Steve Harvey is not the guru of relationships! This man is on his third marriage. 

I read the book in like one day. Yes it was good and funny however it wasn't nor will it ever be a book I will refer to as my dating handbook.
Some of these things are just common F@3*ing since. 

I mean don't get me wrong there are some small epiphanies in there. Like men really are a totally different species of homosapiens than their female counter parts. So YES they have and always will think completely different from women.

But that book is not the damn GOSPEL!!!!!!!

Okay listen I'm all for women like myself out there in the dating world being empowered....but use the good common since God gave you. Steve Harvey and all the others want to help, I really do believe this. But even more they are business $$$$ men who know there are a bunch of clueless women who want a clue.

I'm no Saint when it comes to dating and relationships. I myself have hung in some mess way too long before I finally realized my worth. I too have fallen for everything and not stood for something. 

All I'm saying is with men "It just is what it is" they are just that simple. When one really truly cares for you, they make it very crystal clear. There will be no late night sessions on the phone with your BFF trying to figure out what he means when he says or does this and that. Because if he is really into you he is going to want to stake his claim before someone else does. That's just how men are with their stuff. Also he will make you feel like your special. Dating and relationships should feel good for the most part. If it doesn't than why are you staying? Hellooooo!

Oh and if you keep attracting dogs its because your wounded...dogs can sniff out wounded pray. They will bypass the healthy animal and go right for that wounded animal every time. You see its way to much work for a no good man (dog) to catch a strong, secure, woman who knows her worth. The same as a Dog(canine) doesn't chase after a healthy animal. The weak are easier to break down and devourer.

Okay the book if you wish but work on loving yourself. That's what I'm doing and I'm having a lot of fun. However there are a lot more books out there for you to read if you want some more....

These are ones that a few of my friends recommend.  But they all go back too knowing your worth and not settling for just any old piece of man just because your lonely.

I'm lonely too but what I do have is family that loves me in spite of me, friendships that fulfill me and a passion for the arts. 

Don't get me wrong I would love a "nice stiff one" but it takes more than just a physical connection to satisfy me I'm way too complex and creative for that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Everyday is the day...

Everyday is the day that I'm going to quit the hair business.  I believe there is a great amount of commitment and planning involved in walking away from one business to the next. Especially since I have children. Actually that's the only reason. So I try to press on. 

I did get my printer hooked up and now it just needs ink so I'm more than half way there. I set my studio nook up to operate more efficiently as well. Oh and most important of them all I have music!!!!! From my PC or my Ipod or my bookshelf stereo (which I'm sure has become obsolete but the speakers sound so nice) It's working for me for now I actually like the space I've created down here. It works for now. I'll upload some pics once I finish tiding things up a bit.

Well boys and girls I'll be attending my annual women's retreat although in the last 24hours I've debated whether or not to stop payment on the check or not. I'm pretty sure I can get a refund from the church if I really decided not to go. Its just that it has always been good for my soul. Now if only I can just stay there. I remember when I first started going back to church and how I wanted to dive right into everything the church had to offer. Now just like everything else in my life I get lazy and burnt out. 
I tend to allow circumstances to determine my attitude. I used to get on my ex Eeyore about that but I just realize I do the very same thing except just different.

Well on a lighter note... 
(not to say these other topics are dark just changing topics)
I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and to my surprise I lost 3.8 pounds!!!! You can just imagine the excitement and confusion I felt at the same time. I mean last week I ate cake almost everyday and over the weekend I didn't even write in my food journal. Maybe I moved more although I can't remember doing so.

Anyways I'm grateful and motivated enough that I've decided that if I can lose almost 4pds without a serious effort than I can probably lose 6 this week with some effort. Oh yeah and now that I have tunes I've been sketching too some very inspiring music. (at least for me it is)

Check it out in your spare time it may inspire you to do whatever it is you do...

Craig Armstrong "This Love"
and anything else this man has composed he is pure genius.

Christopher Cross oldie but goodie "Sailing"

Linkin Park "In the End" & "Shadow of The Day" well heck anything Linkin Park

I'm just naming three for now but I will put together my favs list. I must say I love all types of music that's one of the many appreciations I have for having Artist for parents. I grew up in a home where music was a part of everyday living. TV was just for prime time family shows or movie night from Blockbuster. Saturday mornings were for cartoons, The Style network was an hour on CNN (I think), and all my neighbors knew each other and I played hard all day outside until the street lights came on. When we were thirsty we drank from the water hose on the side of the house because we didn't want to go in for fear of Mommy telling you to stay in. 
My Mom always talked about how cool her childhood was but now I find myself doing the same thing with my own children. 
I truly feel as though this next generation has the unfortunate lost of innocence. Between the over exposure of the media by way of TV, Internet, mobile connections and whatever else you can get hands on. I mean its just as crazy as me being able to sit here and blog about whats on my mind for the whole world to see. But whats even more crazy is the people who actually care enough to read. The same way I tune in to all my favorite bloggers out there.
I mean if you really think about it.... back in the day people just minded their business. There weren't gossip websites and the only tabloid I remember was People and The Enquire which at one point no one took them that serious. I mean don't get me wrong... I think having these advancements in technology have had tremendous positive affects on the world. Its just with the good there is bad as well. 
The same way it all can help me reach an audience I may have never had the chance before. I love journaling online about my life as a up and coming Artist. I love posting on YouTube and Facebook and Etsy and on on and on. 
However since we don't just have a world full of good people with good intentions... we also have the predators, scammers, online gamblers, porn porn and more porn( any kind you like), bestiality, gossipers, dumb teens posting fights, dumb teens just posting, slanderers, dead people and all the gorey details, basically whateva your pleasure the www has it.

Its crazy when you really really think about it. Its like a blessing and a curse at the same time. An oxy moron if you will. Freedom of speech is a mutha.

So now I find myself warning my kids about the dangers that lurk out in there in computer world that can lead right to your front door. Yet I'm plastered all over the place trying to become a well known Artist, go figure... (oxy moron) 
Then I tell them how to never post anything that will haunt you later ie. nude pics, explicit language on their myspace page, and personal information. I tell them I'm not interested in running for any political office and as a Visual Artist I can have opinions that change which ever way the wind blows. I'll just be labeled complex or moody. 

By the way there are no nude pics of me or explicit use of language on my myspace page. I do draw the line there.

Anyway I do love what is good and hate what is bad. Although at times my flesh can't seem to tell the difference. I try to raise my kids with a since of awareness and yet try to allow them the innocence they are entitled too. I want them to know how ugly the world is yet still show them the beauty also. 
How do I teach them to love life even in the face of some of the most horrible circumstances...when some days I struggle to do it myself???

RichAnt the Artist
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