Monday, April 20, 2009

April rains bring May flowers

Hi friends!

I hope this weekend was just as lovely for you as it was for me.
I got the Art Greeting cards listed in my Etsy store and prints of my forest for the tree painting.

I've even created a new series of mini art called "Mocha Girls" the first in this series is "London" she is one the many brown girl art cards I'm working on. When will I close the series? That I don't know yet...whenever it feels complete I suppose. 

As if I need anymore projects!!!!! 
I'm going to add her in my Etsy Store when I finish making her a few friends. 

In my studio I can work on stuff for hours doodling or creating a canvas work of art. I get so lost in time down here. I have other stuff I'm suppose to be doing ie. laundry, grocery shopping, and exercising. I just love it in here!!! 

Now on a not so artsy note....
1. Grown men who only use text messaging as their main source of communication are not to be trusted!!!!!

2. I understand we have to take precautions in this harsh crazy cold world. However statistics show most violent crimes against women are done by a family member or love one. So you can't sit locked up in your house for fear someones going to get you.

3. I fully support Miss California's answer on same sex marriage. In a country were freedom of speech is our right we've grown into a bunch of politically correct/incorrect crybabies. Now don't get me wrong I don't nor will I ever condone racial slanders or outward derogatory  expression of hatred towards any individual. But we live in a country were you are either for it or against it. So how did Perez Hilton think she shouldv'e answered? What happen to honesty and actually being a human, not a robot. People should be able to express their opinions as long as its not intended to be mean and or rude.

Now Perez's behavior on the other hand was just disrespectful and completely uncalled for!!! Because she answered truthfully and stood for what she believes in he called her a "dumb bitch". 

Well damn it I guess that makes me one too because I believe more people should grow some and stand up for their beliefs.

I love you guys gay, straight, bi I don't care but people have the right to their opinions. Also the absolute truth is just that. But we all want to bend it to fit our circumstances instead of just owning what it really is. 

(but then again that's just my opinion)

Peace and fried chicken 

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