Sunday, December 2, 2018

2018 Artwork

I didn't keep most of my goals but I did create some dope art.

And these were just the oil paintings. I've also completed watercolor, Gouache, and a few digital paintings. So I have been creating but just not back to back. It's been a good year with the ending coming to a close very soon. God willing I will be there in 2019 doing better. I've returned to work at the salon.  More details about that at

Anyway I am still inspired, still encouraged, and hopeful. See ya when I see ya.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hello Beautiful people! Happy New year!

I know, I know, it's pretty much the end of January and I'm just now doing a blog post. I honestly don't believe anybody reads my blog and I figured most folks keep up with me via other social media outlets. I know, I know still no excuse.... Well I suppose you're are right. Anyway....

I don't quite do resolutions. I try to just set goals both short term and long term. I have a few I've set for my personal life and a few for my professional life. Truth be told they're all one and the same. My personal goals will over all help me in my professional life. Especially since being a full-time artist is most of what makes me who I am today. 

So lets talk about short term. Lose 10 pounds...look I know what you're thinking but hear me out. Every time I set out to lose weight I do but I gain it all back eventually. I have never once met my target goal of 100lbs. So back in October I went vegan. I even lost 20 pounds however being a new vegan and sometimes on the struggle bus financially I wasn't armed with vegan recipes for all the holiday festivities. So I had no plan and well you know what they say about that. No plan is a plan to fail. 
So I am back on track with the healthy plant based life and I've added exercise to the mix. Each month the goal is to lose but I'm hoping for a 10lbs loss each month. However a loss is a loss. 

Next goal is to read my bible more. I am challenging myself to read a book each month. Not just read it but study it. So all though this may take longer than a month, I'm still creating the habit. Not to mention reading and going over Sunday's church service and Wednesday night's bible study and biweekly life groups. There is never too much studying of God's word. Too many times we lean on our own understanding and lying to ourselves that it was God that spoke to us. When really we've strayed from the truth and are now walking in our flesh. 

Okay now the third goal is to learn more about my craft. Although I am a self taught artist and just about all the mediums I've tried I just winged it. I love working intuitively but it does create a level of anxiety, which at times has stalled me in my desire to be constantly creating. So I'm going to take advantage of websites that teach like someone is always offering a promo code for a 99 cent a month trial so I'm going to take advantage of that. 

Fourth goal get out more. Not just errands and church obligations but actually being more social outside of social media. Not just to meet new people but to also enjoy my exsisting family and friends. 

Last but not least... create more content and promote promote promote. Create more vlogs for my YouTube, create more art for Instagram, write more blog post, and nurture my Patreon page. I'm done being bashful about promoting my business because I was scared I was coming off too spammy. Nope not anymore because those that are truly there for me understand that this is my livelihood. 

So there it is folks in purple and white for all to see. Stay tune for my next post about my Valentines day note cards promotion. 
Grace and Peace!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Clothing line

I'm so excited about the launch of my new clothing line. It's a humble start with basic pieces but once it takes off I plan to expand. 
 I'm starting off with t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and handbags for now. Oh and  few boots in the Dr. Martin style and the Uggs style.
I can't wait to get the pieces I've ordered. I'm going to shoot my daughter modeling the items. although I like doing the OOTD mocks ups. I pin them to my Pinterest board as well. The only down side is the hoodies don't come in plus sizes. The largest I've found is 2x. I woman who wears a size 20 may not want her hoodie to fit snug tight. So for now I'm still looking for a print on demand company that offers larger sizes. 

Anyway stay tune for new items added to the shop regularly.

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