Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dear Etsy-

I have no sells in my shop. I've done all the things they say to do. Forums, chat rooms, twitter facebook, myspace, youtube, and other networking sites.

I still paint every day even though I don't sell. I think of new ideas and learn new ways.
I love painting. I wish I had a real studio so I can do some large pieces.

Is my art not appealing? People heart me in their favorites but still no sells.
I've marked down my prices extremely low, yet still no sells.
I even created a clearance section, no sells.

Some peoples goal is to sell their first 100...
My goal is to sell my first.

Your paintings are totally awesome as I've told you before.
I like trees and colorful backgrounds too.
You inspire me.

Quick question how in the world do you paint and post so fast?

It's fun painting but I have a boat load of stuff I need to varnish, photograph, and post.
I've seen you do it back to back in minutes.

Another question did you have a following before Etsy? Do people buy originals online? Or are the ones you've sold commissions?

I just want to sell so I don't feel like its just a hobby....
Dear Artist

I know we do it because we love to but damn it I love to eat and spend less time behind the chair at work. I love spending time in the studio but I need to at least make what I spend on supplies back.

So yes I want to pimp my art.

Dear Salon Life

You have been a good life to me and I thank you for that. You have afforded me many nice handbags and trips to many places.

You allowed for me to connect with women and make great friendships.

You allowed me to afford a house and a very nice car. 

You are an art form in and of yourself. Thank You.  I'm just ready for a different chapter in my life. Its not you its me. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life Is good

Its funny how God likes to give you a slice of humble pie every now and again.

However I've had plenty of my share. Yet I'm sure as long as there is breath in my body I'm not done eating it.

That being said I yesterday was a great day. No hiccups in the road. I mean can you believe it? The sun was shinning and it wasn't to hot outside. I looked cute. I got things done. Even dinner was done at a normal hour of 5:30. I don't think I've ever had dinner done that early. Not to mention it was delicious! 

My family was even even feeling good. 

It was as if the sun shine into every one's heart yesterday.

I got some painting done. I even did another YouTube vlog

Life is good. 
But on the days it feels as though it isn't... it's okay to take a moment to drive down Pity Place, over off of Sad Street over in Dramaville. But please just do a drive by. Maybe even pull over for a minute, but don't get out the car and build a house there.

see ya'll later and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weird Day

Last night I was tired and today I had no morning hair appointments so I slept in.

(Just now noticing how yucky my blackberry is... Its like germ ville eww)

I need a touch screen these little buttons are a breeding ground for all kinds of sticky yucky bacteria.

So anyway...what was I saying?
Oh yeah I slept in but yet I'm still kinda sleepy.

I did manage to get some painting done and I also learned a lot of new stuff.

I took the long round about way to work because I wanted to see some scenery.

I still haven't actually went in the salon yet though. I'm sitting out front in my car.

Its a weird day because I'm not sure how I feel. I am neither happy or sad. I guess I just blahhhhh.

The queen scratched the surface of my annoyance today but I got over it pretty quickly.

I'm pretty sure I annoy her but I really just try to stay to myself in my underground loft.

I have a you tube channel now.

I want to take the kids somewhere when school let's out.

They are both keeping sktech journals now. We will see how long this keeps up.

30 Day challenge is not that easy. Some nights I get off and I am sleepy.

Let me go in the salon I'm just rambling on.

Oh wait...I forgot.

Nevermind I'll save it for the next post.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too tired to paint

It could be that I had a long day at the salon and I'm extremely sleepy. I want to work on my 30 day challenge but I'm pooped. Not to mention I'm just a little bit frustrated with my zero of sales on Etsy. I know alot of it has to do with my impatience. I do suffer from I.G.S. Instant Gratification Syndrome I want it all now. I am thankful for the business that I have at the salon for it allows me to afford my lifestyle. I wouldn't even mind doing it a few days (1or 2) if my art could allow me to maintain or even improve on my lifestyle. I don't wanna sound so crappy. I'm usually enthused. I guess I'm just sleepy it was a long 12 hour day at work. I'm grateful....all my bills are paid and even though I accumulate more art than I sell at least I can buy my supplies and sit in my basement and enjoy my hobby as my family likes to call it. Hair is what I do, Art is who I am. I'm encouraged just sleepy so nite nite. The good thing is the weekend is coming soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm on Gary Reef's front page today!!!!

This is monumental for me as a new up and coming artist. I feel so warm inside. Check it out 
Gary Reef scrolled down to artist interview! I blog on his page too but there I try to keep it art specific. Here I can air a few of my dirty undies. At least in the past that's what I've done. hehehe

I've finally posted some you tube footage even with out knowing how to do time lapse or having the editing software to do so.

I'll get to all that later.

I've been on vacation sort of speak and yesterday was my first full day back at the salon. It wasn't so bad except I woke up with an awful sinus headache and then when that went away I got half through my client when the bubbly guts started to happen. Yikes that is not where you want to be when it happens.

I had to give away one client because I was in the bathroom so long and she had some where to be. That hurt worse than the griping my stomach was doing. $90.00 plus a possible tip. "Ouch"
Not to mention I had been off all the week before. So monies is funny till payday.

Now as for today I'm on my way in and I'm putting out in the universe that it will be productive and lucrative. AND NO AILMENTS WHAT SO EVER!!!!
Do you here me universe!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyday I look forward to emails from mixed media art. Heck any email makes me happy if its about art or friendship.

So I have been working on my 30 day art challenge. Sighhh I must say its fun but it isn't easy!

I must have adult ADD I'm all over the place with my ideas. There is no rhyme or reason, no method except madness.

I mean can I do more than one, because THATS EXACTLY HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!

I am so head over heels in love with ART. Can I marry Art because I sure do feel like its my lover!!!!

When I'm at work or doing the other million things I'd rather not do. (exercises, feed the kids, go to work, run errands except to the post office to deliver some art) I am thinking of new ways to create.

I've even done my first live painting. Yep on stage in front of an audience that was so surreal. I'm so used to painting alone in my studio.

I just wish my kids took a little interest in some form of art. The playstation and wii have ruined them. I know I know Its my fault I don't make them do more. Besides honestly it keeps them out of my way. (bad parenting Antwanyce!) shhh who said I was perfect.
It isn't like I don't try... I drag them with me to the art store and give them money to pick out something but they rather keep the money.

My ex-hubs is always saying you weren't interested in art when you were there age either. He says its just not their season yet.

If you knew my ex-hubs you would have been surprised that those words of wisdom came out of his mouth. My mom says the same thing too. Touche'

Anyway these were just some random thoughts that I thought I'd share with my fellow Art Heads.

Please tell me I'm not the only one crazy and zanny walking around in a state of artful bliss.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have been in this weird place...

My last post was a shout out to all my favorite talented artist. I did so because I had been wanting to do one for a while. But I have also been just blog lazy.
Okay maybe not exactly lazy but wanting to leave all the bloggy shenanigans for those that are way better at it than me. 

Don't get me all wrong here.... I want to talk about the silly things that happen in my day to day life and everyone else's day to day life. Sighhhhhh its just I don't have anything on the brains these days but positive zen stuff. Hmmmm lets see I'm currently working on growing my relationship with GOD. Spending time with my quickly growing children. I love my art and artist in the art community. And I'm trying to lose weight.  

All I think of is art and more art. I spend all my free time making art and studying the art of others via blogs, twitter, etsy, youtube, facebook, and search engines. When I'm not following artist I'm on the world wide web trying to become known my darn self.

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