Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I having so much fun I that I don't want it to end...

Today is Tuesday and its my last day off. Then It's back to the salon I go. Ever since Friday I have been having a ball. Friday was my first art exhibition at the CASRAM (CanASistaRockAMic) music and art festival here in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. I was part of a ten woman show. Although there were only four visual artist the others were Graphic, and Jewelry art. 

Earrings by Michela Wariebi.

Then there is this ever so wonderful pouch that I got from another artist who designs jewelry from upcycled materials and she designs clothes and she creates visual art.

I have a few shots of some of the visual artist who were also on display and I must say its so fun to get out and see face to face the different styles other than my own. 

Now below are some of my art that was on display
Below was a piece created specifically for this event which was the LadyX Media Disdain
where artist had to portray our interpretation of the media's deconstruction of the female prototype. So here is what I came up with..."She's Coming Undone" mixed media"

A better view at home...

There were others I had on display but I was too busy trying to network and mingle so forgive my photos please.

Saturday was the day festivities outside in the corridor and the locals got a concert with a variety of female artist. Alison Carney. Black Alley Featuring "Kacey", YahZarah, Shae Foil and more. This week there will be more and I will painting live at Station 9. 

 I must admit I'm having so much fun as RichAnt the artist. This past Sunday I did my thang with Black Alley at Liv nightclub and tonight I'll be at The Loft doing the weekly Hardrock Live its all exposure is fun and hard work but I love it. I get so high from it. I just wish it was what I did full time for a honest living. Not that doing hair isn't honest....its just there is this barrier a lot of times between me and that canvas and its called "THE CLIENT". Most days they are cool, easy going and they trust that I'm going to take good care of them. Then there are those that are demanding, picky, whiny, and annoying. And unfortunately they rub me the wrong way like sand paper. God knows I'm not trying to block my blessings. So I smile and try to keep it moving. Trying to be grateful for having a skill that hasn't really been affected by the recession. 
It's time for me too move on to this new chapter and close the book on this old one...
Here is a link to a montage of all the events up until now.

Well folks catcha lata with more news, pics and musings of whatever spills out of my head. Untill then peace and blessings.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A long time coming..

Yes I know I know I've been MIA on the blogspot and YouTube. But it has been for good reason. I have been painting live all over the Washington metro area. And making money doing it. Between The Loft on Tuesdays and Liv on Sundays not to mention the Fourth Sunday event. Tonight I was at The Loft and I did another urban themed piece. It just seems to go with the whole nightlife lounge.

this one was from the week before

These are the ones that get auctioned off when I'm with Black Alley

And last but not least the one I did for the church event The Encounter

Unfortunately this last one didn't get varnished. I grabbed the can that was empty. I told the person that I would varnish and mail it to them but she said it was meant to be. I wanted to grab my painting and run after that. lol

Any way these night events have pushed me outside the comfort zone of surreal whimsy landscapes I tend to do. The people who know me for that are always surprise I can paint like that. Then the new nightlife crew is surprise I paint whimsy dreamy landscapes. Hmph go figure. I plan to record and properly photograph the next live painting so you guys can see all the action that happens. I mean its so all the way live!. The DJ cranks and he usually plays until the band goes on and speaking of band M.U.D.D. fantastic. Then there is Black Alley and when I say this band ROCKS OMG ITS NOT A GAME!!! 

Anyway more blogs to come although they maybe short and simple. Also if you follow me on YouTube I will be working on a new one vlog/time-lapse in a couple of weeks. I just have some other events in addition to what I'm doing coming up first. 

Thanks for reading, talk too you soon...
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