Sunday, July 26, 2009

I just opened another location!

Hey guys I just opened a new location over at 1000Market. It's another place to buy and sell handmade. I thought It would be a good idea to check out some other places that weren't quite as saturated as Etsy. Don't get me wrong I like Etsy but at the current moment just looking for a different venue to showcase my work. I still have my other store over at Etsy. On 1000Market I will be showcasing a different side of my art.

Yeah that's right RichAnt is adding something new to her repertoire! I love all things artsy, eclectic, and handmade. So I am going to be showing off my crafty side. So in the works are some items that will be art but serving a purpose as well. The main part of the art will be made from using up cycled treasures that life brings across my path. So stay tuned for bold artworks and crafts from me really really soon.

Below are some of my new wearable art glass locket pendants

Friday, July 24, 2009

One day when I was walking...

One day when I was walking...

Me and my mom have decided that at least three days out of the week we would wake up at 6am and go walking. I drive over to her neighborhood which is filled with beautiful homes with manicured lawns in a wooded golf course community. Yeah folks it is quite lovely. Not to mention my drive is all of about 8 minutes by car.

Now as we walk we are chatting and looking around at the beauty we see around us. There are always deer trolloping about. It's also nice to see the community up close and personal instead of at my usual quick glance zooming by in my car. The houses are even bigger from my view walking down the side of the road.

Now this particular day we walked in a different direction. Actually we have gone this way before, but the hills damn near killed me the last time so I didn't quite pay to much attention to anything except how bad it was kicking my butt. However on this day I was feeling pretty good and soaking in all the beauty that was surrounding us. At the end of this culdesac we noticed how this tree was peeling paper like bark. Its was something I don't ever recall seeing before. I went over to it and peeled a piece off. I got a piece for my mom too.

On our way back we examined the thin paper like bark and looked around for other trees like it , but we didn't see any. Then, us being the creative thinkers that we are were wondering what we could with our new found treasure.

We got back to the house and googled our peely paper like bark tree. Well shame on us I suppose.... It never even dawned on us that it was a Birch tree. I had never seen one peel like that before. We searched all the google images. We even found websites that sell the paper thin bark in quantities. I even looked on Etsy for other artistsians who may have used it in various craft or art projects.

I'm pretty sure I'm not inventing any new wheels here. However I couldn't stop thinking of all the cool things I could create with more of this stuff. So as one would have it, I grabbed my moms camera, my keys and ran outside and jumped in my ride. Yes I said ride. I wasn't about to walk down that hill again! So anyway... not trying to look weird I put the camera strap around my neck so it would be obvious I was taking pictures of nature. LOL I got a couple shots of the hidden pond and a nice garden, but the real star was the birch bark. I even peeled some more off and took it home with me.

Now I open to some suggestions as to what type of art I could make of this. Even some pics for inspiration.

You got it!!!!

You got it!!!!

And the winner is......

Thank you so very much to all who participated!

Stay tuned next month August 17 for the next

big Giveaway.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm thinking of doing a give away. I'm feeling generous. Besides it gives me a reason to make more artsy goodness. (not that I ever need a reason)
I've decided to make it a nice little package of goodies too. Like two aceo's, art greeting cards (4), and last but not least a pendant.

Why? Well in light of all the internet give aways and not to mention winning a giveaway myself recently. So if you want it you have to tweet it. Tweet what?
I WANT IT! @Therichant between now and next Friday at 12noon. As many times as you like and the person will be picked at random and the video will be posted on my blog announcing the winner.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Affordable art...

Alrighty now I'm pretty sure I am going to get some flack for this one but oh well.

Some would say I am building a reputation for being a budget artist. Whateves!!!!!!!
If Isaac Mizrahi can sell at Target and a host of other high end designers so can I.

Well not at Target... but you know what I'm trying to say. I love high end art and I love even more selling high end art but there is a place for that. I would assume most people who buy on etsy are looking for a great buy at a great price.
Yes there are the few exceptions to the rule but lets be honest most people who invest massive cash do so at a gallery. Unless you already have a following and a reputation that's supersedes you it's not easy selling expensive art online. Not to mention shipping would be a mutha!

All this stuff can be debated in various forums across the web. However the fact of the matter still remains. It's my party and I cry if I want too!!

Sooo with that being said let us move on to the new affordable art that I decided to do on canvas paper.
I did these quick inexpensive pieces one weekend I was feeling a creative burst but had no canvas to work on. Well no exactly none but none available for experiments. Especially when I am on a budget and am trying to conserve.

The funny thing is I'm always surprised at what I come with late at night with a bottle of Moscato or Riesling.
Check them out and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dissipating off days, but I sold a new pendant!!

I love my days off, but then again who doesn't? LOL Today I'm am paying for being up late at night once again. I was feeling so inspired. Not to mention I had to make a pretty package for my sale I made last night.

That's going off to the post office in a few minutes. I'm so happy for a sale.

However I have another thing that's bothering me right now. It's summer break and I must absolutely find something for my kids to do especially my son. I figure a trip to my dads is good. But then what? I think I may possibly have some leads. Thanks to one of my good friends and clients. And it sounds like it will not cost me an arm and a leg.

Now back to the program I have been twitting and trying to stay connected on the world wide web and boy is it exhausting. Not to mention the stuff I need to line up in the actual real world ie festivals, art shows, exhibitions blah blah blah. I've joined a few art communities online like GaryReef and Milliande' and Williowing. I did one more but I just didn't have enough time in the day. Heck I sometimes forget I have a blog to maintain.


I'm also considering opening an account at Artfire. Yet that will be one more thing to maintain. Okay friends please don't misconstrued my venting as me being unhappy. I love this stuff! I just wish I could afford to do it full time.
So of course that's my goal. I've seen it happen for too many people. For it not to happen for me.

I made more pendants and sold one last night just a few hours after I posted them. Check them out aren't they pretty. Here are a few you can click on to view them in my store.

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