Monday, April 4, 2016

The power of online connections

Over the course of three weeks the trajectory of my business as an artist has changed for the better. Once again I give God the glory and the makers of This is what happens when each one of us walks in the purpose we were created for! Periscope has made way for a platform that allows you to genuinely connect to the people who like your brand. I've made some recent genuine online connections that I know when we finally meet... we're going love on each other as though we were long lost family.

This goes beyond just periscope but we are just going focus on them for now.
Okay so first there was the Periscope portrait of Ms. Nyesha Algiers Diamond a singer and actress last summer. She has a 9am morning show on the scope and her energy is electrifying!

Then there was the Periscope meet up at the Waterfront National Harbor. Oh wait I met Nyesha there as well. 

Both garnered new followers and new connections. I met the BOOM Brand specialist Jamilah Corbitt through Periunion and Prophetic art painter Ruben Arana. Jamilah lit a fire under me that encouraged me to update my website and be more consistent with my content. Check her out every day at 11:11 am and pm to BOOM positivity into your life. 

Although I've not yet met Darius Williams of He has feed me a wealth of information and knowledge that made me follow through with my coloring book. 

Now back to the last three weeks. I've been truly enjoying scopes from my new friends in Atlanta, Georgia. Kiki from Mahoganyknots on YouTube scopes daily. She is the bomb diy mom of three. I feel like we're cousins! Kiki is how I found out about Darius and Pam. I've been actively scoping thanks to a nudge from Pamela J. Booker CEO of and actively watching her scopes as well. Getting to know her like family.

These are just a few names and a few of the experiences that influenced me and my career as a content creator. HOWEVER my girl Pam has been scoping about some real truths about excuses and achieving your goals. It made me go back to when Julian B. Kiganda quotde "do it afraid!" or queen butterfly Diana Ramsey 7pm scopes of inspiration from

Now I am half way through my second print run of my coloring book. All because these beautiful people are walking in their purpose. Which in turn blesses others around them to begin to walk out their destiny as well. 

See how intentional God is!

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