Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take Me On A Magic Carpet Ride

I have been away and not blogging much but to be honest I just have been enjoying the creating and not much else. Its weird because sometimes I will have moments where I have all this wild and crazy need to blog but if I don't get to right away it will leave me as fast as it came. I am the same way with my YouTube channel as well. When the moment hits me its like BAM! Video after video but then the moment leaves me.
I have been getting all ready for the Expression live event but then we had an earthquake. That was crazy because the west coast doesn't get stuff like that. Then later that week hurricane Irene came through. Needless to say the event was postponed until October. So now I am full of product and no vending event. 
Once again I have been having a good old time creating backgrounds and then allowing the images where I see the face or faces speak to me. And I tell ya I really think I enjoy this process, not to say I am abandoning the plan and meticulous work. This will just be something I will be keeping as well. So here she is...

Alrighty folks I'm out of here so Happy creating.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Happy Place

A Happy Place 24x30 acrylic on collaged canvas.

The second half of my two paintings I was working on outside is completed. Once again I had no real plan thought out and I created this piece completely out of random inspiration. I think the next few paintings will be this way although I do have three or four ideas I sketched that I can't wait to paint but they will just have to wait.

The rest of this week will consist of busy back to school kids getting their hair done. So I most likely will not be able to start any new pieces until the weekend. Sunday basically I plan to attend a fellow artist opening show on Saturday after work.

Although I have several canvas laying around awaiting my touch I don't think I will be doing a whole lot of painting on them in the next few months. I think I will be focusing after the fall on paper. Heavy duty watercolor paper. I was watching a YouTube video that Gary Reef did and he was saying the same thing.

I also think after these next two vending events I may have an open house here at home and try as much to unload some of my works on canvas. Hmm I will keep you posted. Until then enjoy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

EBay bids

Okay guys I have posted these items for sale before. This piece is from my whimsical landscape series I awhile back ago. It's was when I was still trying to find my style. I love the whole whimsical themed landscapes but right now I'm into the faces and adding more layers to my work. However I will revisit the idea again and add something new to it.

Only 4 hours left on thOnly 4 hours left on this piece Orignal paintings diptych 24x36 piece Orignal paintings diptych 24x36
Anyway this is one eBay and there is four hours left and its an opportunity to get some of the early Ant projects for an extremely affordable price point.
Afterwards I may list some of my other old whimsy landscapes.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Delusional Euphoria

She is all done and she is more awesome than I could have ever imagined.
As you may already know she was completely unplanned. I collaged the background with pages from Sophie's Choice. Then I poured watered down acrylic randomly all over and started to do random strokes and patterns all around the canvas.
Once I did that I brought forth images I liked the face was purely down on a whim after starring at it for a few days.
I think I can most definitely get used to not being so planned and thought out. Especially when I have a block.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wearable Art commercial

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Outside painting in the sun

I did a little background painting outside last week and I plan to do more this week.

Also I have some smaller artworks in the mix. Now although I love making the pendants it really feels good to be back on the canvas.

These are small chunky artworks that I have drawn on watercolor paper and collages to 1.5 inch 4x4 canvases. I still haven't decided whether to sell them as a set or individuals.
The idea of using the collage method to create art on canvas with pieces I've done on paper makes me so happy.
Well I'm off to create I will return later.

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