Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's her name?

I spent all night working on paintings and the ever so fun editing and uploading time lapse painting video. I had fun though. Of course the fun ends when you've stayed up all night 3:48am to be exact and you have to wake up 6:40am and walk your daughter to the door to make sure she gets to her bus stop safely. Its still dark so she is afraid.I'm feeling my new PC with windows 7 its just a few minor details that I had to work out. Like finding a download for movie maker, and I'm still looking for a windows7 download driver for my printer. The funny thing is I have been so used to deleting large files and closing windows before opening new ones and making sure I back up my files every five seconds. This new PC with windows7 is nice. I still want a MAC but for now I'm happy.

I am putting on hold my circle paintings until I can buy some more canvases. For now I've gone back to my signature tree paintings I'm doing on 18x24 canvas. The first one is of course one that represents Autumn with beautiful leaves falling from the tree. Below is a quick mobile pic of my progress with this piece. Keep in mind my cell phone doesn't take the best pictures. My camera battery is on the charger.

I also added my video of "her" she doesn't have a name yet can you guys help me please...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love this season...

Today was a nice rainy day. It wasn't dark just cloudy and rainy. The leaves seem to really look vibrant since they were wet.
Coming through my neighborhood all nestle amongst mature trees and foliage its looked so picture perfect. I imagined pumpkin or apple pie in the oven and crackling of logs burning in the fire place. Family's in their cable knit sweaters, resting on the big comfy chenille couch. Yeah right folks were probably sitting in traffic on I395.

I love this time of the year the most. They (seas0ns) all are nice but this is my favorite. And I promise it's not because I was born in the fall. Last year I was so feeling the autumn weather I bought pumpkin and apple scented candles. Then painted a lovely painting of some pumpkins. Its on my website. I also painted this piece awhile back because I was inspired by the rich vivid colors of nature in the Fall.
Both pieces I still own. I haven't had the heart to sell them. I sold a painting at a summer festival that I loved and to me it was in tune with the season.
I miss it. I keep saying I'll paint another one. I'll get around to it soon. However I think I'll do it on a larger canvas. This one I sold was a small 12x16 traditional wrapped. I think when I do, it will be on a gallery wrapped 22x28.

Anyway I'm rambling... I saw the Paranormal Activity today and to say the least it was...but it wasn't scary. It really played on your imagination more than anything.
Now enough chit chat I have some painting to do. Oh yeah the "Pervert" piece I posted about yesterday is now available as limited edition prints in my etsy store.
Peace and Blessings.
P.S comments are really appreciated xoxo.

Coming out of the fog

I have been wanting to blog for awhile but my mind has been either in a fog or on this crazy roller coaster ride. I have my new laptop yet I'm not overly thrilled. One thing is I have to get used to Windows 7 new movie maker format and everything else. Which in most cases would be fun but not when your moods swing every way the wind blows. I just am not feeling the complicated things right now.
The crazy thing is God has been showing all around me that I need to get over myself. I had a childhood friend tell her 6 year old is getting chemo for lymphoma. Then my coworker gets a phone call that her brother in law and his wife were killed in a car crash and their two week old newborn was in the car but is now an orphan.
Its stuff like this that makes me wonder why the hell am I not grabbing life by the bullhorns and living out my dreams. I mean what is the worst that can happen? Hmmm could I actually end up happy and successful????

I hate these mood swings I hate the fogginess. I can't seem to escape myself I am my worst enemy.

On an art note I am still trying to find my art voice. I think I have a style almost identifiable but there are so many styles of art I like to paint but how do I incorporate my signature into all of them. We all know I like to paint branchy trees. But lately surreal and dark art has been an interest of mine. Maybe its the Halloween in the air. Or my moodiness. Who knows...

Anyway I did complete my three headed monster I named him "Pervert"
I know its so ..... perverse but trust me folks its all in the name of art.

I am also working on my series with the circles or bubbles I showed you the earthy white and black one now I am almost done with this one.

I have this one too That I have completed.

I want to do two more and then it will be complete.
My goal is to do three series of five or more paintings so I can have a collection with some cohesion. Then I can have a showing at some point.
So many ideas and so little time and funds.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

States Filling Plates

This is a flyer for a charity event going on at the Gallery Undergound in Fort Colin's CO. I will be donating two art pieces for this event along with several other artist around the country. 100% of all proceeds go to feeding the needy for the holidays.
Here is a link for more if you are interested in participating.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last Friday I joined the twitter hash tag called #FridayNightArtDorks and artist any and everywhere on twitter stay home and have an all night painting session. There are so many super talented folks out there. The vast majority are surreal artist. Which inspires me to do more surreal artwork lol.....
Here is my take on surrealism it has been hmmmm interesting to say the least

Obviously a work in progress...

It's not exactly my normal whimsy dreamy surreal but I do have a dark side that I am very much in touch with. And hopefully with plenty of practice and time I will master bringing forth the weird twisted images in my head but still in keeping with a light whimsicalness to them as well.
I guess I want to be able to combine them both. However I have to keep drawing because my perspective is a bitch. I'll have one leg looking shorter than the other or something crazy like that.

Okay thats my spill for today and I need to get off here because my PC keeps shutting down on me eeeesh! I wish my new one would hurry up and come! See ya later.

Oh yeah if you have any tips on drawing people pleaese by all means let me know.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Blogginess

My birthday is today.... That is if I finish this blog after midnight.

Yep I'll be 36!

I haven't blogged in awhile so I have a lot of random stuff to chat about.

First things first I have created a ton of art and I really need to have a showing soon.

Okay look ....I have so much going on in my head that I need to just type it as it comes along so please bare with me.

Thought #1 Why does Eharmony have such an intense questionnaire?
Does anyone know anyone personally who has had success with these websites.

Thought#2 I want chocolate cake w/ white icing and fried chicken, art supplies, and money.

Thought#3 From this point on I will only purchase gallery wrapped 1 1/2 or 2 inch canvases from now on.

Thought#4 My name is RichAnt not Aunt ANTwanyce RICHardson. However I am an aunt.

Thought#5 Ant is also my logo she is cute and rich and purple.

Thought#6 Have you ever noticed most artist are kinda moody or quirky in some way?

Thought#7 Remember sesame street?

I have so many ideas on series of artworks I want to get stared on.
This one is a "Bubble" series of five I have another one completed but I need to shoot it. I also have one I'm currently working on too.

This one is one I did for my hair4u business card. I have more I want to show you guys but I need to photograph them. I promise They will be up by the end of the week.

Besides my net book is very moody and temperamental these days I have a new PC coming soon. So ! haven't been able to upload time lapse videos either.

Okay I'm getting off now before I lose all this because of a crash that happens occasionally.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have been in this blu place lately and lazy too. I'll be back soon folks I promise.
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