Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Technology at it's best

I love technology! Well at least 80% of the time. It has its disadvantages but when its good its good!
I had heard about this little Square gadget awhile back but I didn't aggressively find out anymore information on it until recently. So here is how it went.....
Old Phone doesn't support
I went to my local cellphone carrier and browsed around at all the shiny new mini computers as I now call them. I was due for an upgrade but was waiting ever so patiently for my beloved BlackBerry (of 6 years) too evolve with a 4g phone. Or something as fantastic as their new Playbook they created to get in on the tablet market. However my patience was running thin. About a year ago an artist friend tweets and then blogs about this Square so I went to check it out but at the time it was only available for iPhone. Well I wasn't interested in purchasing an all touch screen phone.
Fast forward to the present. Okay so then a few months back another artist friend tells me they have a Square and they don't have an iPhone. So now I'm getting a little antsy because we both are vendors in the event next month and he would be able to accept credit cards.
So like a loyal BB user I begin to look for other point of sales transaction devices or apps that don't involve a commitment and a first born for my beloved BlackBerry.
But this Square was romancing me with their user friendly, free, and no commitment. So back to my trip to the cellphone store. They have all these nice phones and at first I wasn't quite ready to give up my button pushing qwerty keypad. So I played around with different phones that had both features.

But there she was....This big shiny vibrant screen. The phone size was like a mini tablet of some sorts. Yet the phone was thin and very lightweight. I played with it for awhile but the iPhone was looking pretty nice as well. However the only thing that the iPhone had over shiny big phone was the instagram app.
I asked the sales associate a few decision making questions and then I made my choice. 

I am now team Android and also not to mention I very happy owner and user of the Square.

video of how small businesses use Square

Get one for your business at SquareUp.com

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pendant mania

I have been going Ham over making these resin pendants I even have my little production down too a science.

The only thing I wish I could change is the fact that I have no real work table that I can stand at or use a bar stool. Bending over on a table while pouring the resin is back breaking when I'm pouring in large batches.

Well anyway I am happy with the way things are turning out. I have sold two and I have a ton to be made for my event. But each week I list new ones as they are created.

I haven't worked on a painting in two weeks so I think once this batch is hardened and beaded with chains. I will work on two canvases that I have already collaged with newspaper.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've got more!

I'm am having so much fun with these. I even had a pair of earrings commissioned. And since I had not one usable image I sat there and painted those two little circles too. Oh but don't fret there are going to be more where those came from except a hell of a lot easier.

As soon as I get them all prettied up for their photo shoot. They will be listed in my store in less than 24 hours. Get ready to snag these babies.

Also if you didn't know I have some BeeShes listed already some even have pretty little things hanging from them.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wearable arts

I am creating more wearable art pendants for my vending events. Some will be my beloved BeeShe babies. Others will be various images of my works from the Fluid sea goddesses and Dream series.
I have resin some and they are turning out so beautiful. The resin is really a nice.

I've used some old pieces of jewelry for embellished effects. However I will have to find some cheaper solutions because some of the stones are semi precious.
I will be posting them in my shop as well so stay tune.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

Hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend and all the festivities. I know I sure did. Now its time for me to get ready. For up and coming vending events. So if your in the area you should check them out. I will post in a few days once all confirmations have been made.

As always I'm working on some new art or on going art projects. Today I thought I'd post a picture of some progress made on a piece I started awhile back ago.

This the original image I posted

This some very small progress made on her. She finally has a face so she doesn't look ghostly anymore. LOL. However its just the first layer and there will be lots of details to her clothing etc etc.
I did this on a 8x10 canvas I'm trying to decide if these "Gone With The Wind" Georgian themed pieces are pieces worth exploring.
Don't worry I haven't abandoned the showgirls. I actually have two collaged canvases awaiting background color for the next two installs in the showgirl series.

And here is more inspiration for me to feast on. So many ideas...shaking my head.

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