Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

Hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend and all the festivities. I know I sure did. Now its time for me to get ready. For up and coming vending events. So if your in the area you should check them out. I will post in a few days once all confirmations have been made.

As always I'm working on some new art or on going art projects. Today I thought I'd post a picture of some progress made on a piece I started awhile back ago.

This the original image I posted

This some very small progress made on her. She finally has a face so she doesn't look ghostly anymore. LOL. However its just the first layer and there will be lots of details to her clothing etc etc.
I did this on a 8x10 canvas I'm trying to decide if these "Gone With The Wind" Georgian themed pieces are pieces worth exploring.
Don't worry I haven't abandoned the showgirls. I actually have two collaged canvases awaiting background color for the next two installs in the showgirl series.

And here is more inspiration for me to feast on. So many ideas...shaking my head.

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