Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dissipating off days, but I sold a new pendant!!

I love my days off, but then again who doesn't? LOL Today I'm am paying for being up late at night once again. I was feeling so inspired. Not to mention I had to make a pretty package for my sale I made last night.

That's going off to the post office in a few minutes. I'm so happy for a sale.

However I have another thing that's bothering me right now. It's summer break and I must absolutely find something for my kids to do especially my son. I figure a trip to my dads is good. But then what? I think I may possibly have some leads. Thanks to one of my good friends and clients. And it sounds like it will not cost me an arm and a leg.

Now back to the program I have been twitting and trying to stay connected on the world wide web and boy is it exhausting. Not to mention the stuff I need to line up in the actual real world ie festivals, art shows, exhibitions blah blah blah. I've joined a few art communities online like GaryReef and Milliande' and Williowing. I did one more but I just didn't have enough time in the day. Heck I sometimes forget I have a blog to maintain.


I'm also considering opening an account at Artfire. Yet that will be one more thing to maintain. Okay friends please don't misconstrued my venting as me being unhappy. I love this stuff! I just wish I could afford to do it full time.
So of course that's my goal. I've seen it happen for too many people. For it not to happen for me.

I made more pendants and sold one last night just a few hours after I posted them. Check them out aren't they pretty. Here are a few you can click on to view them in my store.


zeropumpkin said...

the necklace looks awesome :)

LiLu said...

Those are gorgeous! Look at you, with your fancy TALENT and stuff :-)

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