Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello Blogger friends and readers. The cool thing about being away for awhile is there is so much to talk about when you return. 
New art and events...
I created another birthday gift for my sister this time and it was a painting that represents her family.

I also did an event that showcased artist and it was hosted by several DC female bloggers.
 They were all so cute. All of the ladies and gents came out looking so fabulous and fashion forward. Great hair, clothes and accessories.
 There was a jewelry vendor that made hancrafted earrings, pendants and etc.
click to enlarge pic
Great designer Tee's by 
And since I have serious shoe envy because I can't wear heels do to bad knees and a bad ankle. I just take pics of ladies in cute shoes.
click to enlarge pic

I had a great time showcasing my art and networking. I can't wait for the next outing/event.
This current gouache and graphite on paper is different from my usual Colored Study girls because I'm making the colors and the face the center focus. Yet more so the colors.
I had started this piece and set it aside because I wasn't sure if I wanted to add a face. However after watching discovery shows about babies being born with a parasitic conjoined twin it inspired me.

I often feel like I have a parasitic twin sucking the life from out of me. Creatively, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The twin that's alive and vibrant that wants a rich and fulfilling life is myself but I'm also part of this parasite conjoined to my mental, physical and emotional environment.

There are so many parasites we allow to leach off us if we aren't careful. Self doubt can kill you if you keep nursing those negative thoughts that pop up in your head. Fear is the biggest of them all. It paralyzes you. Then there is comfort. If your situation is not uncomfortable enough you won't change it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New art stuff

Hello art lovers! Like I have said before I am full off ideas!. I have been a busy little bee. 

First there is the morphed women that are half animal half woman that I have been working on and plan to do more of because I'm hoping to perhaps do a book or something. However for now they will be available as prints in two sizes in my Bigcartel Store. I did a last minute painting as a birthday gift for my cousin. Then there was the Forbidden Fruit commission I completed for a fan. Prints of her are also up in my store.

Ms. Ligerness

Ms. Steeraffe'

Ms. Zeborse'                                                 
20x32 inch framed diptych acrylic on canvas
Birthday Commission for my cousin it was a surprise and boy oh boy was her reaction awesome.
All done were on vellum paper with a pilot pen and Prisma color pencils.  I plan to do more in between other projects I have planned.

Forbidden Fruit
11x14 oil on canvas

Okay guys I'm off and running there is a whole world out there I'm off to explore. As much as I don't like bugs in my creative space or my home period I have a odd fascination with them. Along with nature in general. I checked out some cool books on bugs, trees and mushrooms etc. etc. Hoping to incorporate them in my work some how.

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