Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello Blogger friends and readers. The cool thing about being away for awhile is there is so much to talk about when you return. 
New art and events...
I created another birthday gift for my sister this time and it was a painting that represents her family.

I also did an event that showcased artist and it was hosted by several DC female bloggers.
 They were all so cute. All of the ladies and gents came out looking so fabulous and fashion forward. Great hair, clothes and accessories.
 There was a jewelry vendor that made hancrafted earrings, pendants and etc.
click to enlarge pic
Great designer Tee's by 
And since I have serious shoe envy because I can't wear heels do to bad knees and a bad ankle. I just take pics of ladies in cute shoes.
click to enlarge pic

I had a great time showcasing my art and networking. I can't wait for the next outing/event.

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