Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hey guys so sorry I forgot to do Music Monday. I will make several post and have them automate to post from now on. Its nearing the time for my art show so I have been trying to keep my focus on that. Since I'm almost certain you guys that read aren't local I don't feel bad knowing you have seen a lot of my collection for this show, however I have a few more and I can only show you sneak peeks. I like to keep some element of surprise. Just in case. Photos still aren't hardly the same as seeing in person. 
I know from whenever I goto a show of an artist I love and follow. They do sneak peaks on twitter or their blog and I assure you I am always speechless in person. I would love to own a lot more originals of some of my favorite artist. Eventually I will be back in the position to do just that. My walls will be so interesting.

Anyway it's just a peek but you can see they are definitely are coming along nicely.

I am loving the surface of wood I think  or better yet know I will be working on more wood in the future.
I draw daily I carry around several small journals here and there just so I can draw. I see so much growth in my work. Even from one piece to the very next. My work is even evolving. When I first started out my focus was to mimic others that did work that sold a lot. I think finding inspiration from other artist is good but its still very important to draw inspiration from other places as well. Its the key to finding what satisfies your heart while creating. Not what you would like as the consumer necessarily. 
Don't get me wrong I paint what I too would buy. But I also paint what comes from my heart and soul. The things I dream off. The beauty that captures my eye.

Whenever I paint or draw I have to have music playing so I can stay in this dream like state. So much of my reality is weighted down by stress the music keeps me in an intense creative zone. Even sad music which at many times has made me cry still keeps me in that creative trance.

What inspires you too create? What keeps you in the mood to do what you do?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Music Monday! #2

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! As for myself my weekend was hmmm lets just say bitter sweet. However I won't bore you guys with the details. I am just going to jump right into this weeks featured musical artist. 

A male singer that hails from Washington DC. For all of you that love a good relationship or life lesson song, this R&B artist has 6 good ones for your listening pleasure. His music is a mix of upbeat, sexy and positive feel good songs.
J "The Singer Hill

It's my dream to share MY life lessons through the gift of song. I believe that every story, -- good, bad, and ugly -- can be told best through HONEST music. Music makes even the hardest pain easier to bear. Music should provoke or evoke some form of true emotion daily..if you're listening to music of substance that is.. -J Hill

please scroll to the bottom to mute playlist.
check out J Hill and hear for your self

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday good people!

Hello fellow bloggers internet heads and what ever else social media and online business you guys conduct through out your lives. I have to admit I love them all. I may even add a few more to my addiction.
Anyway I am making minor changes in the direction my blog is going. As you already know I am a visual artist and yes I showcase my art. However I have decided to showcase all that I love and causes that can bring about positive change in the world.
So basically my blog will still be predominately about art and pretty things but it will also be about whatever else I think is worth noting.

Today I want to continue with the goodness in the world like I talked about in the Validation post . Today

 Can something as simple as a cup of tea change your life?

This, if all goes according to plan, will be the story of one young man on a journey of immeasurable importance. A quest to sit down for 100 separate cups of tea, with 100 complete strangers - all with the hope that, well, he might learn a thing or two…

This man has inspired me in a big way. He makes me want to not only connect with new people but also connect more often with the folks I already have grown to know and love. 
Whether it be a simple phone call or writing a simple thinking of you letter. Maybe even taking the time out of the day to sit and enjoy coffee with friends or family.
So often we let life take hold of us and keep us held captive to our monotonous routines. But there are times when we are not doing the two hours we may spend watching a program or the hours we spend online by accident.

Okay so even in line with what he is doing I want to make more of an effort and I challenge to guys to do the same. Lets make eye contact with strangers and smile. Try not to be so occupied. Make and effort to notice the person standing next to you. Your cashier or banker ask them how they are for a change. I mean really why does the elevator have to be so awkward?!! Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Even when some folks don't return the gesture just know you yourself have put out there in the universe some good positive energy. Trust me it will thank you for it....

Also follow 100 cups on

Now to leave you with a little art. I have been playing around with charcoals and soft pastels and last night I completed my first charcoal portrait.
18x24 watercolor paper mixed media (charcoal, pastel, acrylic)
It was fun getting my hands all dirty with this particular medium.

Have a great Tuesday and spread goodness people!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday!

Hello my friends! Hope all is well for everyone...did you have a good weekend? I know I had a nice one although because I worked pretty late in the salon on Saturday it felt more like a 24hourend. lol

Anyway I have decided to start a music Monday post in support of music artist. I will be spotlighting two musical artist every Monday from all types of musical genre. Feel free too send in your suggestions here and I will review and post them and link you and your short spin on why you love them as well.

scroll to the bottom to mute playlist so you can check out this amazing artist
Now to kick start this new Monday trend I am showcasing the wonderful and ever so talented
Ms.Carolyn Malachi
 Who is she you ask? She is whats happening in Urban/Alternative music right now. Carolyn Malachi's "Orion" has been nominated for 2011 Grammy award. Orion has inspired me many a night's when I've had a creative block. I best described her music as being fluid like water. Her voice is smooth and sensual. The woman herself commands attention her stage presence and silhouette is graceful and swan like. 
If you ever get a chance to hear live you will not be disappointed! If anything it will just make you love her even more! The instruments and her voice captivates and hypnotizes you. What makes it all the more better is Carolyn Malachi is one of the most humble down to earth vocal artist I have had the opportunity to meet. 

The entire CD is an easy listen from start to finish and you can get it on iTunes, CD Baby, & Amazon. Check out her website  and get her CD you will not be disappointed!  

Friday, December 10, 2010


This video just reaffirms my belief in the goodness that still exist in this world.
A lot of times when having conversations with my man he often says I'm naive. I resent that   always. I know that there are bad and evil people who would not think twice to harm me or my family if for any reason or not. I know the world is in a financial crisis. I understand what its like to feel depleted. But to choose to rise above it all and still be glad and even do a selfless random act of kindness. That is what the human race and the fight for goodness is all about...right? It takes nothing from us as people to stop and take notice, edify, and build people up from time to time. Now I am not saying we should give people a false sense of validation but we seem to be so quick to let everybody have it. Which a lot of times gets all of us nowhere fast. In the end making someone feel good makes you feel good. Now I know we can't possibly go wrong with that.

Scroll to the bottom to mute playlist.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Blu showcase

Okay so today I decided to do another blog. I was visiting Etsy's chat room and discovered some really nice shops. I used to goto the chat a lot when I first opened my Etsy account but it became a major it was today. But anyway I thought it would be nice to showcase some of the different shops I stumble on be it in Etsy or any other handmade place out there in internet land. However after way too much time just sitting here browsing Etsy I couldn't check out other sites but I plan to. 

Today's showcase is all about the BLU'S
just click on the image for more info about the item or go directly to the store with the link enjoy....

A Woman Named Hope

She still believes...
Dreams can come true
We as humans can inspire and be inspired
Peace can only reside from within
True love is unconditional

In a world filled with chaos she still has HOPE.

This was study I created on canvas paper and I am quite pleased with how she turned out. Although I probably won't start a series primarily on her. I may used this concept to restart my Bee series. I like the urban graffiti edge it has. But do plan to tighten and clean the busy background up a bit. 
This piece is on sale in my store and when I do create more they will also be in my store. Canvas paper art studies are a good way to get some original art at an affordable price.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Solo Show coming soon....

I am so excited! My very first solo show! I am so nervous too. It is truly an experience I am so looking forward too. Yet the closer it gets to the date the more nervous I get. There is also so much more to do in these next few weeks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

One more to go and I'm done with the Goddesses

Hello Art lovers and friends as I am closing in on my deadline to finish pieces for upcoming solo show in January I have completed another Fluid Goddess.

Noire Diamond

24x30 mixed media original painting

??and guess what??
You can order prints of her and the other Fluid Sea Goddesses now and get 20% off til Dec 15th using promo code "blackcyber"

Yep just goto click on that cute little picture of my store in the upper right corner and shop until your heart is content. 
I swear I wish I could work on my pieces non stop until they were done. But that is not my reality. So I am off to go do other equally as important things and hopefully later on when the family is sleep and the house is quite I can get started on the next one.

Enjoy your week and happy holidays.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber art sale!!!!

just enter the promo code "BLACKCYBER" and receive your discount at check out.

Enjoy artworks from pendants, prints, original art, postcards, note cards etc etc.
Check back weekly for new additions to my shop. 



Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have been on an adventure...

Every year when this season comes I always procrastinate about taking the moment to get some beautiful photos. Well this year I was determined not to let that happen. This my most favorite time of the season seeing the foliage change right before my eyes is simply breath taking! I have been so inspired by all the beauty that surrounds me.
Some of these photos were actually taken while literally driving in my car. I know, I know dangerous. Hey charge it to my head but not my heart. I did photo enhance a few of them. But some were beautiful just the way they were.

By no means do I call myself a photographer but I do enjoy snap a picture of a fleeting moment.... simply because a picture last forever.

And I am currently working on no.4 in my Fluid Goddesses...

Life has been great these if only the money would just start to pour in. Ha ha ha, no but seriously.
Loving family, good kids, great boyfriend, I have a job, I have my health, peace of mind(most days), I have my passion Art, but no monies. Okay so 7 out of 8 ain't bad at all.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ms.Onyx Allorossia Nautilus

Once again I have come to the end of a road. Its always a bitter sweet. Whenever I do a detailed piece half way through it I wonder if I'm ever going to finish. Yet whenever I'm done I feel a small sadness and victory at the same time.
Ms. Onyx Allorossia Nautilus
She is the Goddess and keeper of the sea.
 Along side her Goddess friends RedSeah and Octavia.
Her name came from a collective of scientific names for different types of Octopus.
There will be one more Fluid Sea Goddess and she will be either a mermaid or a sea horse goddess. I haven't quite decided yet. I know the mermaid is always done...

This piece more so than the others had me going loopy for a minute. I had to keep a detailed list of things that needed to be done. I didn't want to forget anything. Tentacles, suction cups, pebbles, freckles, etc etc. I mean there was so much layering and layering. The bubbles were the easiest and absolute final part of the piece. Then I didn't want to sign it at first because it was so perfect the way it is. (I am still trying to get my signature down to perfection lol) However I did sign the it in the corner on the side. I always do a full signature on the back with title etc etc. 

Well my lady is done and I'm off to start my work week at the hair salon. Some Wednesdays if its busy enough but mostly Thursday thru Saturday. Those three days are my busiest. When I get off I will possibly pack one to take with me to my man's house just in case the inspiration hits 
This Sunday marks the finale of The Breakfast Klub which consist of BlackAlleyBand and other local artist and myself as the visual artist. Performing live at Liv Nightclub. I will do my last live painting for the year 2010. My low-brow/surrealism art is now my main focus.
My Fluid Sea Goddesses...

P.S. The funny thing is no matter how good I try to make these photos...they do the art no justice like seeing them in person lol.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late nights

I tend to paint late at night although when I'm off I will get some done during the day. Some days are easier than others to stay in a flow. However this piece has been a little challenging because of so many factors. My space is starting to wear on me because it is dark. Not to mention now it is starting to get cold down here. Then there is my mind running one hundred miles per hour. Trying to stay busy at the salon, being more consistent with cooking more since I save money eating at home. The kids and their school/social life. Well at least my oldest with her friends and homecoming etc etc. Then the newest juggling act is my man. He can definitely be a handful. Not to mention I am still very conscious of my weight issue. 

Anywho.... I have gotten quite a bit accomplished on this piece. Each "Fluid Girl" seems to be more detailed than the last. I like pushing myself. Not to mention the sea life is so freaking amazing, if I could I would keep adding more. I am not sure if I showed this piece as a sketch although I did mean too.
So far I am very pleased at how she is turning out. I am very excited about all of the girls. 

I am also going to revisit the bumble bee women in conjunction with my latest vision of inspiration which I'll tell you guys about once I complete this series. 
Oh yeah and before I forget I have a channel so for you guys who want to tune in on my  painting process live in the studio I will be airing on Mondays at 10pm. If you miss it you can always goto the channel in your leisure. I will also tweet when I am live just in case I change the time. So I hope your following my tweets or a facebook fan. 
Okay guys I must get back to my girl so I can have her finished before I return back to the salon for what I pray is a busy week. I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

PS. I love comments :) if you read this in a via another feed just click on the title then scroll down and leave a comment. Thanks a lot smooches.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally on to the next one...

Happy Autumn everybody!

So much to talk about! For starters I turned 37 three days ago. I decided that instead of waiting until the new year I am starting my new resolutions now. Well actually they aren't exactly what I would call resolutions. But anyway thats for another blog post. 

The second news is I am in love and I am excited about this journey. I would show a pic but he is a very private person who doesn't quite understand my obsession with social media or my desire to tell the world what I'm doing or thinking lol... But I will say his nick name is Big "L". He is a auto mechanic from Baltimore, MD and I met him on

Last but not least I have a few new pieces I can't wait to get started on.   
"Goddess Zilla"
Which may end up being a series also...

"Distant Dreamer"
Which is inspired by Autumn and the trees turning colors and lately I have been closely paying attention the foliage. The crisp cool air and as always it sends me reminiscing and looking over the year that is rapidly approaching its end. Will I be glad 2010 is ending? Yes but its bitter sweet. This piece also piggybacks off of "Windows To Her Soul".
Keep in mind they are both just rough sketches of my next concepts. So they may both veer off the path a bit.

 I still have two maybe even three more I want to create for my Fluid series... this perhaps will be one of them. Minus the writing lol. This was doodle that I did in one of my day dream moments back before I met Big L.
Puts you in the mind set of the actual "Fluid" abstract 
I have a few more that I'm not ready to reveal yet.
Anyway I hope you guys are having a creative day. Even if it only means imagining for a moment, or taking time to stop and acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you. The universe will appreciate you for that...

Birds can fly so why can't I? Even ducks get two talents...they can swim and fly.
I want to defy gravity. Some days I feel the force of it weighing me down. Even when I walk I feel the world on my shoulders and I can't run much at all.
But I can draw and paint what I see in my imagination. I can dream some vivid colorful dreams. I have the ability to create a world with my art, which under normal circumstances would never ever exist. In that world I can fly high, swim the ocean, run across the states, and roam the earth naked. I can do whatever I want, anywhere I want.
In my art I can defy reality....

Friday, October 8, 2010

I want to live!

I want to LIVE!!!
I don't want to grow old and look back over my life and see nothing but lots of regret. No should haves, could haves, or would haves please! I know its impossible not to have some. But not a life full of them!!! Not because I was too afraid or busy worrying about money, failure, success, 
what others may say or think.

I JUST WANT TO BE FREE!!! Free to create without boundaries, to love like its my last, to dance when the mood hits me, to eat good food, drink good wine, have passionate sex, to play my music loud without headphones, sleep in on a rainy day. The list of goodness is endless.

Do you ever feel like you have all this goodness inside and you want to get it out into the world. But you can't because you have always been conditioned to keep it all inside the lines. 


At the end of the day I want my life to have meant something. I want to spread love and happiness. I want to evoke emotions, thoughts, and conversation with my contributions. My art... I want to make the world a little bit better just by being here creating, loving, laughing, dancing, planting, cooking, smiling, hugging, kissing and writing. One brush stroke, one word, one type, one click, one picture, one dish, one dance, one love at a time.

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