Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday good people!

Hello fellow bloggers internet heads and what ever else social media and online business you guys conduct through out your lives. I have to admit I love them all. I may even add a few more to my addiction.
Anyway I am making minor changes in the direction my blog is going. As you already know I am a visual artist and yes I showcase my art. However I have decided to showcase all that I love and causes that can bring about positive change in the world.
So basically my blog will still be predominately about art and pretty things but it will also be about whatever else I think is worth noting.

Today I want to continue with the goodness in the world like I talked about in the Validation post . Today

 Can something as simple as a cup of tea change your life?

This, if all goes according to plan, will be the story of one young man on a journey of immeasurable importance. A quest to sit down for 100 separate cups of tea, with 100 complete strangers - all with the hope that, well, he might learn a thing or two…

This man has inspired me in a big way. He makes me want to not only connect with new people but also connect more often with the folks I already have grown to know and love. 
Whether it be a simple phone call or writing a simple thinking of you letter. Maybe even taking the time out of the day to sit and enjoy coffee with friends or family.
So often we let life take hold of us and keep us held captive to our monotonous routines. But there are times when we are not doing anything...like the two hours we may spend watching a program or the hours we spend online by accident.

Okay so even in line with what he is doing I want to make more of an effort and I challenge to guys to do the same. Lets make eye contact with strangers and smile. Try not to be so occupied. Make and effort to notice the person standing next to you. Your cashier or banker ask them how they are for a change. I mean really why does the elevator have to be so awkward?!! Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Even when some folks don't return the gesture just know you yourself have put out there in the universe some good positive energy. Trust me it will thank you for it....

Also follow 100 cups on http://www.facebook.com/100cups

Now to leave you with a little art. I have been playing around with charcoals and soft pastels and last night I completed my first charcoal portrait.
18x24 watercolor paper mixed media (charcoal, pastel, acrylic)
It was fun getting my hands all dirty with this particular medium.

Have a great Tuesday and spread goodness people!


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~Barb~ said...

You are so right, Ant...we don't make eye contact or any other kind of contact with people anymore these days. I really need to step out of my comfort zone and try to do more connecting.

I LOVE your beautiful pastel portrait (and there is no way anyone would know it's your first cause she is GREAT!) Nice job.

Peace & Love,

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