Friday, December 10, 2010


This video just reaffirms my belief in the goodness that still exist in this world.
A lot of times when having conversations with my man he often says I'm naive. I resent that   always. I know that there are bad and evil people who would not think twice to harm me or my family if for any reason or not. I know the world is in a financial crisis. I understand what its like to feel depleted. But to choose to rise above it all and still be glad and even do a selfless random act of kindness. That is what the human race and the fight for goodness is all about...right? It takes nothing from us as people to stop and take notice, edify, and build people up from time to time. Now I am not saying we should give people a false sense of validation but we seem to be so quick to let everybody have it. Which a lot of times gets all of us nowhere fast. In the end making someone feel good makes you feel good. Now I know we can't possibly go wrong with that.

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