Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday!

Hello my friends! Hope all is well for everyone...did you have a good weekend? I know I had a nice one although because I worked pretty late in the salon on Saturday it felt more like a 24hourend. lol

Anyway I have decided to start a music Monday post in support of music artist. I will be spotlighting two musical artist every Monday from all types of musical genre. Feel free too send in your suggestions here and I will review and post them and link you and your short spin on why you love them as well.

scroll to the bottom to mute playlist so you can check out this amazing artist
Now to kick start this new Monday trend I am showcasing the wonderful and ever so talented
Ms.Carolyn Malachi
 Who is she you ask? She is whats happening in Urban/Alternative music right now. Carolyn Malachi's "Orion" has been nominated for 2011 Grammy award. Orion has inspired me many a night's when I've had a creative block. I best described her music as being fluid like water. Her voice is smooth and sensual. The woman herself commands attention her stage presence and silhouette is graceful and swan like. 
If you ever get a chance to hear live you will not be disappointed! If anything it will just make you love her even more! The instruments and her voice captivates and hypnotizes you. What makes it all the more better is Carolyn Malachi is one of the most humble down to earth vocal artist I have had the opportunity to meet. 

The entire CD is an easy listen from start to finish and you can get it on iTunes, CD Baby, & Amazon. Check out her website  and get her CD you will not be disappointed!  

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