Monday, November 29, 2010

One more to go and I'm done with the Goddesses

Hello Art lovers and friends as I am closing in on my deadline to finish pieces for upcoming solo show in January I have completed another Fluid Goddess.

Noire Diamond

24x30 mixed media original painting

??and guess what??
You can order prints of her and the other Fluid Sea Goddesses now and get 20% off til Dec 15th using promo code "blackcyber"

Yep just goto click on that cute little picture of my store in the upper right corner and shop until your heart is content. 
I swear I wish I could work on my pieces non stop until they were done. But that is not my reality. So I am off to go do other equally as important things and hopefully later on when the family is sleep and the house is quite I can get started on the next one.

Enjoy your week and happy holidays.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love her! So have you ideas ffor the last Sea Goddess yet?

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