Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its Here!!

Merry Christmas everybody! In this time don't forget to relish the small things. Enjoy your family and friends. Remember the real reason for the season. Count your blessings and be kind.

Now... next week is the end and the start of things that have past and of new beginnings yet to come. Please remember change is coming and bad times don't always last. Sometimes in the mist of crazy times there are some good times (no matter how small).

Thanks for reading peace and blessing everybody.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Play this while reading....It's a nice sobering effect

Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down
Oh I'll never know what makes this man
With all the love that his heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away

Oh Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down
Oh twice as much aint twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees

Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
Oh gravity has taken better men than me how can that be?

Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is
Just keep me where the light is

Come on keep me where the light is
Come on keep me where the light is
Come on keep me where,
keep me where the light is

-John Mayer


You heard the old saying "You only live once"?
Well that may be true and to some extent we all should live life to it's fullest
because this isn't a dress rehearsal...but, and yes its a big BUT
Whatever you do, whatever your choices there are consequences
You have to know that, when living in the moment because tomorrow isn't promised
Because in most cases tomorrow comes
So when it does can you handle looking in the mirror dealing with whatever
decisions pull at your heart strings.

Sometimes living life to its fullest means making
sound decisions and choices that you know
in the long run make you feel far better
than the feeling you get being caught up
in one of life's many moments......

So just remember to be true to thy own self
don't live for anyone else but yourself
after all you have to live with you
not anyone else...

Monday, December 22, 2008


That old pursuit of happiness never ends....
I realized that no matter what we say, we the people are never happy.
You know the whole "if I only had more money, a nicer car, a bigger house, less weight, more weight, bigger breast, smaller breast, bigger butt, smaller butt, a larger penis, flatter stomach, long hair, short hair, a husband, a wifey, a better husband , a better wifey. I mean I could go on for hours listing the things that if only we had, then we would be happy. The thing about it is we still would be in pursuit of the next thing that we claim is the vain of or happiness.
The question is when does it ever end? I know that I too am guilty of this never ending pursuit myself.
It sucks really, because right now I'm not happy I need more money, another car, two homes, a great husband, less weight, perfect teeth, and children who do everything absolutely right. And that's the condensed version.
After a great weekend I came to realized that I still was not happy. The happiness I was experiencing was only temporary. What I think can bring me happiness is all wrong.
I (like alot of people) have yet to succumb to the fact that it all resides from within. That type of pure and good JOY can only come from God himself. I can't even begin to imagine the pain he must feel to be so unappreciated. Especially by those who say they know him. Like myself....
I alot of times I am so determined to have it my way that I become my biggest problem. I get in the way of my own true happiness, joy or whatever its called these days.
Those other things are all external and if taken away...our happiness is gone. Some cases it fades away even when we have those things forever.
Don't get me wrong I know that wanting those things isn't wrong. Hell I still want those things and then some.
I am just challenging you and myself to find a true happiness from within. I know for me its continuing to nurture that personal relationship with my God. I know he will always be with me nor will he forsake me.

Now as far LOVE.....sighhhh. I am scared sh*tless of that very thing I say I want to feel and for someone to feel for me. To have that happen you have to let yourself become wide open. You have to allow yourself to become so vulnerable. Now that boys and girls is extremely horrifying to me! After Eeyore and countless others I'm a bit edgy and very drained emotionally. I'd rather have the flu for thirty days than get hurt again.
I mean this dating thing is fun because the guy buys you dinner and opens your car door. They flatter you and what girly girl wouldn't love that. The initial meetings if there is chemistry lead to second dates but to be quite honest there aren't many second dates. However I have made some cool friends. Now for the few second dates... if you are really feeling the person you go into getting to know you mode.
The strange thing is that's where I get all weired. I don't want to show too much interest because I actually do care if they aren't interested in me. Now why wouldn't they be I'm so intelligent, talented, electrifying, exciting, creative, articulate, sensitive, perceptive, beautiful and sexy. However I won't toot my horn right now.

Okay its pretty obvious that The RichAnt wants to settled down with someone who drinks my dirty bath water. I don't mean that literally for those of you into that kinda thang. However it is hard because I want this like MAN recipe that even I'm still figuring out the ingredients too. I am learning... so if you have the qualities listed below please respond lol!

The RichAnt Man Ingredients:
*OWN PLACE (one of us has too) nng
*CAN COOK (and or can afford to dine me)
*STAMINA (we can discuss more on that one later) nng
*LOVES MY CHILDREN (we are a package deal) nng
*LOVES ANIMALS (cats and dogs)

*nng means non-negotiable
That's all for now.
This list is subject to change without notice, its my prerogative.
Now Gentlemen start your engines the winner gets me and to the right one I'm willing to give it another try.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shop Talk and Night Life

Okay I know I'm suppose to do a list about my favorite things but I may possibly need a computer geek to help me with me Laptop. Its just not acting right at all.
So for now I am blogging on my BB again.
Its Saturday and I'm in between clients. I think the shampoo assistants are back there holding the clients hostage.
I should go see what's the hold up but I'm way too lazy to walk back there. Besides then I wouldn't be here blogging to you.

When I get off work I have a few things to do. I have to get a pedicure and then a nap because I'm going out with a gentleman caller that I've been out with a few times.

Yep its the weekend and the children will be over Dads house. So I am going to hang out this weekend with the grown and sexy people. I'm even going to a X-mas party with a few girlfriends at some swanky new club. Its suppose to be a very diverse crowd.

I like this weekend life. I'm going to wear a SharylB design. You know something off the shoulder with some pretty cleavage. I think some skinny jeans and a pair of my Carlos Santana platform pumps. Then rock the whole thing with some shiny bobbles and bangles. Of course my face and hair will be fantabulous!

My date is so sweet and accommodating. These weren't our original plans but he thinks I'm such hot stuff he doesn't care about what we do as long as he is with me.

The funny thing is I invited another gentleman friend to come but hey Ultra Violet has informed me that she will be there. So she will have no problem what so ever being charming and friendly to both of them while they remain clueless.

Oh wow here comes my client! My gosh what took them so long. Ooh and where is her cape mmm mmm mmm good help is so hard to find....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bloggin on my Blackberry

For some reason I had a better internet connection when I had no internet service. Well folks I'm all settled in here at the Le'Dan'bury Bullock Estate. So far hmmm its okay. I had to stay home and clean my room and for go my date on Saturday. Oh yeah and check in periodically during the day and come straight home because I'm being timed.
I ran into some old childhood friends and stopped to talk with them for a minute. I got question about a flat tire when I got home.

So now I'm just battling internet connections and where to put the last bit of stuff that's in my room on the floor. Because heaven forbid I use the percious storage for uuhhh humm I don't know maybe STORAGE!

Oh yeah....I have put together a list of my favorite things. In lue of the holiday song "My Favorite Things" except I took pics of them and well I have to internet. So stay tuned....

Also stay tuned for the Lemonade Award.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where has my spirit gone?

I'm not in the Christmas mood. I don't feel the holiday cheer. Last year this time we had trimmed the tree on Thanksgiving evening and the house smelled like cinnamon and pine. The fire was crackling.(Well the fake one anyway) I had decorations everywhere.I even had Christmas playing in the house or in the car. It just felt like the happy holidays. I even enjoyed the malls. And to tell you the truth I didn't spend a lot of money. I had what I needed and there were always people stopping by. I had plenty of food, wine, and spirits to give. I love to give it feels good. My time, my love filled cooking, my happy energy, and yes even my money. Especially during the holidays. It feels good to give all year long. But this year there is a void I have a sadness in my heart.I don't know if its the craziness in the world or the craziness in my life or both.

Maybe the church programs will help me feel better. I just can't seem to get excited about anything right now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spenders anonymous..... I have a problem!

Okay people don't panic I haven't spent anymore major money. No handbags or Uggs just bull@#$% money that adds up to even bigger BS.

I've been told that I have a hole in the bottom of my purse. Money just seems to leave me at an alarming rate! So all day long I was determined to do the exact opposite of what my sub-consciousness would do. It was like having the devil and angel in my shoulders.

I had to go to Target to get some feminine hygiene products (cheaper than Safeway). Then Staples to get a flash drive and then the Petsmart for cat food.

Okay first Target: Clothing, music, snacks, and accessories. Not to mention the cute dollar section right in front of the store!
Second Staples: nothing except what I need (at least so I thought). Pretty journals, flexible colorful keypads, and I stopped looking before I got tempted.
Third Petsmart: hmmm just cat food it wasn't hard to go in there.
Anywayz I'm just saying all that I purchased were the things I was suppose to get and that's all. I came very close to purchasing some dollar items at Target but I was steadfast and focused. At least today a success.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I miss you guys!

I must say that I have been very distracted with stuff going on everywhere. I realized I haven't post nor have I read the post of the bloggers I follow.

The world we live in is totally insane! The news is very informative but way too depressing! I mean my God between all the murder, mayhem, and foolishness on top of the crumbling economy...just shoot me.

Now on a lighter less sobering topic...I need a personal life guru. Kind of like a hmmmmm talking, nagging , stay on your back, human agenda book. Who also reminds you to get up early, eat right, exercises, be on time, and complete all task outlined for the day in a timely matter.

Yeah that's right people I want to be Martha Stewart....not just in a crafty multi-talented kinda way but she seems pretty well organized. I just want to complete the things that I want and don't want to do in a timely fashion. That way I don't constantly find myself rushing frantically about wishing I could start my day over.

I mean surely if I get this thing called time management together that will probably unlock so many doors to my destine to be rich life that I have somewhere in a parallel universe.

Sighhhhhhhh huhhhhhhhh as I sit here staring at the still hundreds of things that I need to decide on whether they go in storage or the castle.

Okay I know you all have been wondering how my "Dating Life" has been going....

Fantabulous, Amazing, I'm Glowing!!!!!

Yes people I gots my groove, mojo, swagger whatever its called these days back!
The emails and instant messaging and quick lunch rendezvous or even dinner, have been awesome to say the least. If anyone didn't know before they need to know now that gentlemen callers that wine you, dine you, and all while flattering you is just what the good doc ordered.
My head Diva consultant likes to call it the three F's food, fun, and flattery.

Oh yeah an update my alter ego Violet is now known as Ultra Violet! Beyonce' ain't the only one with one. I am having a ball but even this needs some better time management.

Oh yeah did I mention I'm still packing....YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

Darn it! I'm watching late night talk shows you know after the news... and I'll be darned I can't remember my train of thought! That damn Letterman... actually I'm watching the guy that comes on after him and laughing out loud but I can never remember his name.

Oh well I'll just conclude this post for now but before I go....The winners of my blog comments are: Anonymous1&2 and Rhiangel tis the season to be giving so Happy Holidays! Email me your info.
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