Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spenders anonymous..... I have a problem!

Okay people don't panic I haven't spent anymore major money. No handbags or Uggs just bull@#$% money that adds up to even bigger BS.

I've been told that I have a hole in the bottom of my purse. Money just seems to leave me at an alarming rate! So all day long I was determined to do the exact opposite of what my sub-consciousness would do. It was like having the devil and angel in my shoulders.

I had to go to Target to get some feminine hygiene products (cheaper than Safeway). Then Staples to get a flash drive and then the Petsmart for cat food.

Okay first Target: Clothing, music, snacks, and accessories. Not to mention the cute dollar section right in front of the store!
Second Staples: nothing except what I need (at least so I thought). Pretty journals, flexible colorful keypads, and I stopped looking before I got tempted.
Third Petsmart: hmmm just cat food it wasn't hard to go in there.
Anywayz I'm just saying all that I purchased were the things I was suppose to get and that's all. I came very close to purchasing some dollar items at Target but I was steadfast and focused. At least today a success.

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