Sunday, May 29, 2011

He Told "The Uncomfortable Truths"

Although I do not practice portraiture in my art occasionally I am compelled or inspired to do so. My humble tribute to a Legend who will be  greatly missed.

Say not in grief he is no more but live in thankfulness that he was.
HIS legacy reaches across generations and still speaks the truth too empower. He made music that changed the way so many of us viewed the world. I owe to him much of my political mindset including the courage to speak out against injustice. You will be missed, but your music will continue to inspire.
RIP Gil Scott-Heron

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Having a little fun...

This week I wanted to paint but I wasn't ready mentally or physically to jump back into a labor intensive layering process of my illustrative style. But I still need to paint for the therapy soooooo. I put a bunch of colors on my pallet and went for it.
I didn't remember to take a picture of the very first layer but this is the second layer and immediately when I stepped back I got excited. 

work in progress
getting better
I knew in my excitement I could get a bit carried away so I went to sleep on it. Then I starred at it for about two days. Then I saw "IT" when I woke up one night to goto to the bathroom. Yeah thats right during a 3am bathroom run I ended up standing in front of my easel with paints and brushes going for it. lol.
I am a mad woman and its one of the pros and cons of having my studio a few feet from my bed haha.

"Urban Decay"
Thats what I was inspired to call it. 
I am still going to tweak some elements but I am very satisfied with the direction its going in. The funny thing is when I first attempted this technique that I learned in a workshop I hated it. But I just had to find my way of applying the techniques in my own creative way I suppose. Before the 3am moment I was thinking the second layer was a great background for a surreal dreamy face.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am ready...

I have been in such a lazy blah mood since I have been back from my retreat. You would think the opposite effect of fire and inspiration would be the case. Well some days more so than others. But mostly blah. I am still trying to figure out some things going on in my personal world. 

Since I've moved back home in Dec/2008 I feel as though what should have a been a time for regrouping has a been a regression in some ways, yet an improvement in other ways. However ARE the improvements significant enough to really matter????? I don't know lets see...

The goal was too save money and clean up my credit and purchase another home. Also have some ease so I can build my career as an artist. Well I have no savings and credit is still waiting for improvements. I live paycheck to paycheck. I've had more bouts of sadness in the last 2 1/2 years than I can count. Between feeling the toll of the bad choices I made to put me in this position, to the deaths of two uncles, weight gain, and declining clientele...I don't see any PROgression going on here. 

Now the bright side is my art has improved tremendously things I once thought were intimidating aren't anymore. I love learning and experiencing new techniques and mediums in which to create visual poetry. I plan and design meticulously and then execute it in a more vivid visual form than a moleskine journal can ever portray. It has made me very sensitive about my shit though. The more I paint and discover what I like and dislike the more I discover about my own self. The more I learn to come to terms with who I am as a woman. The better I get the less feedback I desire. I am discovering my style or muse if you will. In my life the same holds true. What I thought were necessities weren't anymore. I don't like doing things that I am not passionate about nor want to. However just like in a painting some things just have to be done to get the desired effect. Although any great artist has there faults and never stops learning when it comes to there craft. I personally have many faults and a whole lot of room for growth in my I will never stop learning personally either.

I am 37, divorced, mother of two impressionable teenagers, financially classified as poor, over weight and by clinical standards morbidly obese, I don't sell nearly enough art to quit the hair biz. Yet I still keep holding on. I would never trade my journey for anyone else's. I am rich in family, friends, beautiful amazing kids with a father who loves them, I drive a car that is 20 years old and kind of creepy inside but has been very reliable, I have been given the opportunity to hone my talent as a visual artist and love on myself a bit. I have a job that comes naturally and easy to me that pays good when I put more into it.

Sooo I guess in a sense I have progressed or regrouped just not in ways I would have imagined. I feel its time to get a bit uncomfortable though. Its time to spread my wings and sore. I have licked my wounds long enough. Now is the time and I'm getting ready, so watch out world!

Below is a painting I did for a widow, a soldiers wife. A military man died and left behind his wife and daughter to carry on a legacy. Although I have many personal views on war. I truly thank our service men and women who risk so much for a better life not only for themselves but for all of us. This was created for Mother's Day for her. 
In Memory Of 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please a help me win! I am number 24

Please help me win Mother's Day Artist Of the Year 2011
This could possibly help me get more subscribers and traffic to my website.
Thank so much for your support.
The founder of this competition has over 50,000 subscribers and she is also a successful visual artist. Her mission is to help other artist get discovered.
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