Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know I'm Not The Only One...

Here are a few things that have been buggin me. It doesn't help that I'm back in that place where I feel yucky.

ONE. The Queen's annoying attempt at giving me a peep talk. The sad thing about it is I can't bring myself to just smile and be quite so she finally feel like she accomplished her goal and go back upstairs.

TWO. The fact that I can't enjoy talking about the Queen because I think way too much about death and appreciation for your loves ones. I know she means well but it doesn't work it only makes me more annoyed. 

THREE. Wendy's has stopped selling their good home style fried chicken!!!!!! WTF S@#* They say that they weren't making much money from it. Well duhhhh maybe if you tell people that you  have good chicken. I know for a fact that I've turned so many people on to Wendy's chicken but damn it I can't tell the whole world.

FOUR. What is the deal with everyone being so elusive in the blog world.  

Anyway I'm about to go weigh in at my ww meeting this morning I'll probably post again later.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Foggy Brain

I stop in on blogs that I follow and think my gosh I need to come up with some new material. Its just that right now I'm going through this weird thing where I can't get out of my head. Whew its crazy!!!! I fill like my brain is about to have a system shortage meltdown. I've decided to take off the last week in April from the salon. Two days I'll be on my annual church retreat. But there are still five days left that I want to go somewhere and just be. Like a b&b or something. I just want to pack up the car with  a few comfy clothes, my mini lap, some small canvas panels, and my travel size art kit. Oh and my camera (so I can dabble in photography a bit) You know sit still somewhere and do a little wooohsaaaa.

I know I should  stay home and save money but its not the same when you don't live alone. I want to be alone without any distractions. People don't usually bother you when your on vacation unless its an emergency.

  this looks nice in the heart of a nice artsy small town. Hmmm we see.

Friday, March 27, 2009

All Done

On to the next paint project.
These are pictures of the one I had to do for the live painting and now its all done. It's titled "Atonement"...

 Anyway today I worked on another painting from my sketch book that I will photograph the progress and post later. I've learned how to stretch my own canvases now, so of course I can't wait to try it. I'm also looking forward to doing more mixed media collage work.

Also I am considering relocating by the end of the summer. I have been doing some research on "Artist Housing" in San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; and some urban artsy places in the mid-west. Oh and Atlanta, Georgia. All of these areas have affordable housing in new, eclectic, artsy, urban neighborhoods. They have some here as well. I have been on the phone with one in the Art District of Hyattsville but they are currently all rented right now. They all have different programs and or criteria for having the privilege to stay in these nice open space with lots of light lofty like diggs.

I need my own studio. I will have my own studio...soon
I also want my children to have different experiences with new cultures and neighborhoods in this country. That is the one thing that I think is cool about the military. They travel and see all kinds of places around the world.

I'm rambling so I'm going to close by asking three questions: Are you happy? and Are you doing what you always dreamed you would? and last but not least Have you stopped dreaming?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm having the nicest day thus far. I was in the city having lunch with a friend. I love DC. It's rainy out today and I'm in the salon now. I have one client this evening so I'm debating whether or not to call her and see if she can come either tomorrow or Saturday.

Everyday I want to say this is my last week here and I'm going to pursue my career as an artist fultime.

However what I've learned is you can't tell everyone your dream and plans. You have to keep them to yourself. People say this economy is bad or art isn't a necessity. I'm sure they don't mean to be negative but that's what it is.

Today I must make my life an exclamation! I possess the power to change my destiny and happiness. With God who strengthens me I forge on to a new chapter in my book of life. I am ready to turn the page and close the chapter on my life as a stylist at Illussions Hair Designs.

All day every day I dream of ways to create art. I have ideas for paintings and various crafting projects. My sketch book is getting filled with ideas so I think my next side project will be to make my own art journal.

I've discovered this new yearning to work alone in a studio and just create with my hands.

I'm also growing very restless as though I'm pregnant with a baby and my stomach is big and ripe. That's when your nights become restless. My nights and my days are getting restless. I'm about to give birth to a baby and its going to need a lot of nurturing. This baby is art and all the ideas, crafts, and ventures that come along with it.

This metamorphosis is just around the corner. I have a radiant good feeling about this change that will unfold in the months to come.

Oh yeah I'm just about ready for my free give away so get ready!!!!
Peace out...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just catching up...

Today I'm going to re-join weight watchers and start keeping track of all that I eat and go to weekly meetings to keep me motivated.  Yep when I went before it worked but I stopped going thinking I could handle it on my own then everything went downhill from that point on.

Today I'm also going to work on two paintings. One that I started a few weeks ago and the one from the live painting I did not get to paint. After all I was an hour and a half late. My friend told me one city so I put it in my navigation and it took me to that city and address one number off. I was actually suppose to be in a whole other city way on the other side of town. So I'm scheduled to do it next month. Its all good because I still had a very nice time. That Brian Camphor is amazing. There was another gospel artist there but he rapped but I didn't hear his name. I used to think gospel rappers were corny but his stuff was tight. (meaning Good)

Awww man the energy in that place was awesome!!

I'm tired though I was in the salon extremely late last night. I didn't leave until eleven thirty. I had a client who needed a weave before she went out of town. (and shoot I needed her monies!) Then turned around and put a weave in my daughter's hair too. 

We ate Wendy's perpetuating the cycle of unhealthy processed foods again.

Well folks as you ca see from my sidebar I'm back up and running on Etsy. So please check it out and BUY. There will be a variety of new listings uploaded weekly. I will be offering prints and glass pendants. 

(What was that??? You want me to do a commission? Of course I can... just email me)

Also you can see I'm now on Facebook so invite me to be your friend. As if all my business isn't out there enough now you can really peer into my life over in the FB. Now I just need to become wealthy so I can really be THE RICHANT. 

Online business check
business cards check
utilizing free marketing check
networking and collaborating with like minded people check
Get Paid (still working on that)

Redo some photos ( doing today)
upload some greeting cards I  painted last night although I should have gone to bed. (doing today right after I photograph them)

Oh yeah MD auto inspection and weight watchers. Let me run. But one last thing , the last time I did a free give away it was kind of a fluke. Soooo  I'm going to do another one except this time I'm going to try to make it so that there are actually a lot of potential winners. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner was yummy...

I took a sick day off from work. I wish I had oodles of money coming into my PayPal account so I can just take off all together the rest of the week like from now til next Wednesday. I am going to attend the church's annual women's retreat again this year. Its so nice and refreshing every time I go so I guess I'll keep up the tradition. 

My head is so cluttered I can't seem to blog. My blogging mojo is missing. Between being sleep deprived because I can't turn off my head, over weight fatigue, and my children driving me crazy. 

Hmmm lets see I have the live painting on Sunday. ( just realized there is no check tab) check
I'm on facebook. check
I'm back blogging. check
Now I just have to produce some art. 
Then photograph it and post it on etsy and sell it.

I need to produce a new piece at least twice a week depending on the piece. I need to create some prints, some embellished some not. I also need to make some glass pendants. I have two pieces I want to use for them already.
 This will be part of a pop art series called "In the Bubble".
 This one is a water color sketch of something I have cooking for the live painting on Sunday. When the painting is done I think it will be a nice print to put in a glass pendant.
  This one is a sexy tattooed punk that I also think would make a cool glass pendant. She also is in water color.`I have a thing for boobs. Boobs and bodacious booty. I don't know maybe I am a closet lesbian hehehe. Seriously I'm just kidding. I just think voluptuous women are sexy.

Any way that is all I have for now. However I do wonder how I'm suppose to get these big old pictures into a glass pendant tile the size of a scrabble piece. Or even its rectangle cousin.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Oshae!!!

Today was a nice day my son had his family around and we ate pizza, ice cream, and cake!
He turned twelve today. He got a few gifts and some money. Its was a great day...Happy birthday son mommy loves ya.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I love free networking sites

Okay I just not too long ago updated my Facebook page and now I'm so hooked! Its crack! Between that and YouTube I have become an internet stalker. I check on my favorite artist and their status several times daily. I check my inbox to see what new friends I have.

On a different note I'm on my way to my storage bin to get my old art to re-photograph for my etsy site. Then I have to...well you know actually photograph it. Then get dinner started. Prep a canvas for my live painting I'm doing on Sunday. Its going to be interesting for sure.

Random thought; Church was really good Sunday.

Random thought#2 I need to put a facebook, myspace and Iseecolor button on my website. Maybe better right here on side bar of this page.

Random thought#3 fried chicken
(See blog below)

Random thought#4 Oshae, birthday, cake, present.

Okay I'm back, my brain took a little detour for a second. Anywayz my clients hair isn't dry yet! I'm ret to go!

Oh yeah yesterday after such a good church service I've deleted several numbers of people who serve no positive purpose in my life out of my BB. All traces of them are deleted. They were blocking the blessings God has for me. So now my path is clear!!!

Random blurt...
Hey Mom if your reading can you design me an Artist business card?

Okay I have to make a mad dash to several places on the way to home so see ya lata alligata...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little dose of reality...

I sit here in McDonald's observing all the different people who come in and out and one thing for sure is that McDonald's knows no race creed or religion. They even come in all shapes and sizes. Me being a full figured African American woman myself. Who happens to enjoy a fish fillet and some French fries on a weekly basis.I have to believe that there are dangerously hypnotic magic dust in the food here. I say this because although I like the food it still doesn't take place of a deliciously prepared home cooked meal or even a meal from a more costly restaurant. But what I do think about it is the havoc its reaping not only on my body but the body of so many Americans. Especially our young people. They are coming up in a society or culture that has made physical labor and exercise almost non-existent. 

(Noticing a mother allowing her two already overweight sons to order not one but two large value meals and cookies) 

I live in a county where 6 graders go to middle school or as some would call junior high. It dawned on me recently that that would've been the only exercise my son would get had he still been in elementary school. THAT’S NOT GOOD! He is home in the evenings watching TV or playing video games. If it wasn't for my living arrangement I would not be able to afford to do something about my new found awareness. 

Every day I think about the damage I could be causing myself and my children by allowing them to consume processed chemically injected foods. I think about the yesteryear of when outings to McDonald's or any fast food place was a treat that only happened on maybe a once or twice a month occasion. 

I think not only just about fast food but food in our local super markets or grocery store chain. I often watch people (they are interesting) so it’s only natural for me to watch them in the grocery store as well. I see them pack their carts with frozen entrees and cases of sodas. Then they have all this meat meat and more meat in there too. No fresh or even frozen veggies and if so it’s the ones glazed in all kinds of chemically preserved sauces. That they are going to pop in the PLASTIC bag in the microwave. 

After we eat all of this we don't do any form of physical activity with or families. Everyone (if they did sit down and eat at a table together) will go off and sit in front of a TV or video game or computer. This will take place for hours until we go to bed. This is the grind of the majority of us Americans. 

In a place where at one time people had land, grew their own vegetables and raised their own livestock. They walked because cars where a luxury. Long before gym memberships and workout DVDs we were just active. Pharmaceuticals consisted of home remedies handed down from generations. 

Now in this time where in some countries they don't have access to health care or medicine (hell even food) we still rank the highest in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

I wonder how many people really don't know the dangerous effects of poor food choices and nonexistent exercise regimens have on us and our families. This is the real threat to our society. They say knowledge is power but that is sooo not true! I can testify to that. I can tell you all day why organic is better why prevention is far better that any prescription. I can throw every book at you on the topic of which foods and plants have natural healing powers. I can recite in my sleep the benefits of why you should exercise. Knowledge is only half the battle and we should do our best to spread the knowledge but applied knowledge is the VICTORY!!!!

The sad thing is I want some more French fries. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm baaack....

Hello people!!!

I'm back. I am armed with a new mini notebook yay! Also a brand new Nikon cool pix. So I've done my duty and made a contribution to our economy. Not to mention for the sake of my sanity and my Art business. Now I can officially become a weird artsy person who when I'm not painting I can now sit in some cafe corner pecking away at my keyboard. Its so small and cute. It fits snuggle in my designer purse.
(I probably didn't have to emphasize designer but so what its my blog)
Humm lets see what else is happening....

Oh yeah I have my first live painting coming up on the 22nd of this month. I'm totally siked out about it. I can't wait. Its at the place called "The Encounter" my painting is auctioned off and given away as a door prize or something to that effect. Its for non-profit organization that's geared towards ministering to young people.

hmmmm what else....

Oh yeah I've updated my Facebook so invite me to be your friend if your not already!
Antwanyce Richardson

Also this weekend sometime I'll be updating my etsy website and I'll have old paintings from last year and some new stuff that I've done recently as well. Some you've already seen a little bit of so check it out. I'll most likely have some type of grand reopening sale. The old stuff will be marked down so I can get rid of it. So BUY MY ART please.

Now that we are all caught up I'm off to my facebook page peace out!
RichAnt is still orchestrating an escape plan to freedom from the daily grind.

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