Friday, March 27, 2009

All Done

On to the next paint project.
These are pictures of the one I had to do for the live painting and now its all done. It's titled "Atonement"...

 Anyway today I worked on another painting from my sketch book that I will photograph the progress and post later. I've learned how to stretch my own canvases now, so of course I can't wait to try it. I'm also looking forward to doing more mixed media collage work.

Also I am considering relocating by the end of the summer. I have been doing some research on "Artist Housing" in San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; and some urban artsy places in the mid-west. Oh and Atlanta, Georgia. All of these areas have affordable housing in new, eclectic, artsy, urban neighborhoods. They have some here as well. I have been on the phone with one in the Art District of Hyattsville but they are currently all rented right now. They all have different programs and or criteria for having the privilege to stay in these nice open space with lots of light lofty like diggs.

I need my own studio. I will have my own studio...soon
I also want my children to have different experiences with new cultures and neighborhoods in this country. That is the one thing that I think is cool about the military. They travel and see all kinds of places around the world.

I'm rambling so I'm going to close by asking three questions: Are you happy? and Are you doing what you always dreamed you would? and last but not least Have you stopped dreaming?

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