Monday, March 30, 2009

Foggy Brain

I stop in on blogs that I follow and think my gosh I need to come up with some new material. Its just that right now I'm going through this weird thing where I can't get out of my head. Whew its crazy!!!! I fill like my brain is about to have a system shortage meltdown. I've decided to take off the last week in April from the salon. Two days I'll be on my annual church retreat. But there are still five days left that I want to go somewhere and just be. Like a b&b or something. I just want to pack up the car with  a few comfy clothes, my mini lap, some small canvas panels, and my travel size art kit. Oh and my camera (so I can dabble in photography a bit) You know sit still somewhere and do a little wooohsaaaa.

I know I should  stay home and save money but its not the same when you don't live alone. I want to be alone without any distractions. People don't usually bother you when your on vacation unless its an emergency.

  this looks nice in the heart of a nice artsy small town. Hmmm we see.

1 comment:

Muppet Soul said...

Ohhh... I could soooo use a vacation, too. :)

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