Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just catching up...

Today I'm going to re-join weight watchers and start keeping track of all that I eat and go to weekly meetings to keep me motivated.  Yep when I went before it worked but I stopped going thinking I could handle it on my own then everything went downhill from that point on.

Today I'm also going to work on two paintings. One that I started a few weeks ago and the one from the live painting I did not get to paint. After all I was an hour and a half late. My friend told me one city so I put it in my navigation and it took me to that city and address one number off. I was actually suppose to be in a whole other city way on the other side of town. So I'm scheduled to do it next month. Its all good because I still had a very nice time. That Brian Camphor is amazing. There was another gospel artist there but he rapped but I didn't hear his name. I used to think gospel rappers were corny but his stuff was tight. (meaning Good)

Awww man the energy in that place was awesome!!

I'm tired though I was in the salon extremely late last night. I didn't leave until eleven thirty. I had a client who needed a weave before she went out of town. (and shoot I needed her monies!) Then turned around and put a weave in my daughter's hair too. 

We ate Wendy's perpetuating the cycle of unhealthy processed foods again.

Well folks as you ca see from my sidebar I'm back up and running on Etsy. So please check it out and BUY. There will be a variety of new listings uploaded weekly. I will be offering prints and glass pendants. 

(What was that??? You want me to do a commission? Of course I can... just email me)

Also you can see I'm now on Facebook so invite me to be your friend. As if all my business isn't out there enough now you can really peer into my life over in the FB. Now I just need to become wealthy so I can really be THE RICHANT. 

Online business check
business cards check
utilizing free marketing check
networking and collaborating with like minded people check
Get Paid (still working on that)

Redo some photos ( doing today)
upload some greeting cards I  painted last night although I should have gone to bed. (doing today right after I photograph them)

Oh yeah MD auto inspection and weight watchers. Let me run. But one last thing , the last time I did a free give away it was kind of a fluke. Soooo  I'm going to do another one except this time I'm going to try to make it so that there are actually a lot of potential winners. Stay tuned!

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