Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little dose of reality...

I sit here in McDonald's observing all the different people who come in and out and one thing for sure is that McDonald's knows no race creed or religion. They even come in all shapes and sizes. Me being a full figured African American woman myself. Who happens to enjoy a fish fillet and some French fries on a weekly basis.I have to believe that there are dangerously hypnotic magic dust in the food here. I say this because although I like the food it still doesn't take place of a deliciously prepared home cooked meal or even a meal from a more costly restaurant. But what I do think about it is the havoc its reaping not only on my body but the body of so many Americans. Especially our young people. They are coming up in a society or culture that has made physical labor and exercise almost non-existent. 

(Noticing a mother allowing her two already overweight sons to order not one but two large value meals and cookies) 

I live in a county where 6 graders go to middle school or as some would call junior high. It dawned on me recently that that would've been the only exercise my son would get had he still been in elementary school. THAT’S NOT GOOD! He is home in the evenings watching TV or playing video games. If it wasn't for my living arrangement I would not be able to afford to do something about my new found awareness. 

Every day I think about the damage I could be causing myself and my children by allowing them to consume processed chemically injected foods. I think about the yesteryear of when outings to McDonald's or any fast food place was a treat that only happened on maybe a once or twice a month occasion. 

I think not only just about fast food but food in our local super markets or grocery store chain. I often watch people (they are interesting) so it’s only natural for me to watch them in the grocery store as well. I see them pack their carts with frozen entrees and cases of sodas. Then they have all this meat meat and more meat in there too. No fresh or even frozen veggies and if so it’s the ones glazed in all kinds of chemically preserved sauces. That they are going to pop in the PLASTIC bag in the microwave. 

After we eat all of this we don't do any form of physical activity with or families. Everyone (if they did sit down and eat at a table together) will go off and sit in front of a TV or video game or computer. This will take place for hours until we go to bed. This is the grind of the majority of us Americans. 

In a place where at one time people had land, grew their own vegetables and raised their own livestock. They walked because cars where a luxury. Long before gym memberships and workout DVDs we were just active. Pharmaceuticals consisted of home remedies handed down from generations. 

Now in this time where in some countries they don't have access to health care or medicine (hell even food) we still rank the highest in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

I wonder how many people really don't know the dangerous effects of poor food choices and nonexistent exercise regimens have on us and our families. This is the real threat to our society. They say knowledge is power but that is sooo not true! I can testify to that. I can tell you all day why organic is better why prevention is far better that any prescription. I can throw every book at you on the topic of which foods and plants have natural healing powers. I can recite in my sleep the benefits of why you should exercise. Knowledge is only half the battle and we should do our best to spread the knowledge but applied knowledge is the VICTORY!!!!

The sad thing is I want some more French fries. 

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Anonymous said...

Practice what u preach!

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