Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know I'm Not The Only One...

Here are a few things that have been buggin me. It doesn't help that I'm back in that place where I feel yucky.

ONE. The Queen's annoying attempt at giving me a peep talk. The sad thing about it is I can't bring myself to just smile and be quite so she finally feel like she accomplished her goal and go back upstairs.

TWO. The fact that I can't enjoy talking about the Queen because I think way too much about death and appreciation for your loves ones. I know she means well but it doesn't work it only makes me more annoyed. 

THREE. Wendy's has stopped selling their good home style fried chicken!!!!!! WTF S@#* They say that they weren't making much money from it. Well duhhhh maybe if you tell people that you  have good chicken. I know for a fact that I've turned so many people on to Wendy's chicken but damn it I can't tell the whole world.

FOUR. What is the deal with everyone being so elusive in the blog world.  

Anyway I'm about to go weigh in at my ww meeting this morning I'll probably post again later.

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