Saturday, September 27, 2008

Its raining and pouring!!

Here it is almost October in a few days. I love this time of year! I love the changing of the leaves and cable knit sweaters. I enjoy seeing people in the neighborhoods decorating their doors and porches with fall reefs and corn and pumpkins. And even though I don't celebrate halloween I do think the decorations are so neat.
I am ready to be settled I have so many ideas to paint on canvas and on walls. Art will definitely be staying over a lot. I want to move him in but then Chef would get jealous. The others just come for visits when I'm in the mood to see them. They all understand... I run this show! They know to drop everything, when I call they come running.

Its time for me to break out my warm apple cider and my famous hot chocolate. I'm at the salon right now. I have to spend some time with the hot and sexy hair stylist. That way I can get me some monies.
However its raining and pouring so Hair stylist doesn't seem to be too busy. I may have to hang out up here with him on Sunday too. I need as much as he can give me. Its amazing watching him work he is so good.

Now I don't know if I have talked about my ex-husband but one of my fellow bloggers Clevergirlgosblog talks about hers. Hehehe... You must read hers its so good. Anyway she has inspired me to blog about mines except not only is he my husband but he is "my babies Daddy". Yep my teenage daughter and pre-teen son is the only thing that ties us together. If they weren't here on the planet we would have absolutely no reason to speak.
Now unlike Clevergirl there is no nostalgia. Just aggravation most days. We were so young I was 19 and he was 22. We have nothing in common now. We barely see eye to eye on raising the kids.
Now let me say this first before I start picking on him.
He is a good Father. I even have a name for him "ManBoy" because he is a man but a boy too. (Texting with a devilish grin)
(Hmm is my client dry yet?) I normally would be too busy to blog at work but with all the rain. Its been pretty slow. :(

Well she is dry and heading my way. So I've introduced you to "ManBoy" and he will have his own label. I also think I want to have a label called "Ex-Files dedicated to the ex's so I can discuss life after ManBoy. Especially my most recent one. Boy did he sell some wolf tickets.

Stay tuned friends its really about to get interesting. Gotta run. Off to make the Hair Gods happy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have a fan!!!

Yay! I have a follower! Its just one but hey I'm totally cool with that. I have people who read but no one ever leaves a comment except my mom and sister. I just love them to pieces. They know and understand the importance of commenting. I know we are busy but come on my friends please for the sake of my sanity COMMENT. Thank you...

Now back to what I was saying. I have a fan. I feel so special.
So anyway I have found a place to live. Or actually it kinda found me. But hey the point is I have a newer improved spacious house! I'm slowly getting all of my stuff out of the old house but I'm a one man show most of the time. And damn it that fat girl I told you all about is still whopping my ass. Whew (deep breath) up and down flights of stairs with boxes. I have to sit down like every ten minutes. No make that five minutes. Hell I'm sitting down now blogging because I's tired and my back hurts. By the way I'm in my new house blogging. Yeah people its filled with all this natural sunlight. Except the dungeon. This place will showcase my art so nicely. Yummy I can't wait!!!
I'd stay here tonight if the water was on already.
Well I best get a move on because I have to run back to the salon soon. I do still have to pay for this nice house.
So off to make the world a better place one bad hair day at a time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh how I love to Blog

Oh how I love to blog let me count the ways. Not only do I love blogging but I love reading them too. Soon as I get set up for wireless internet and cable at the new place I will be adding all kinds of buttons and stuff on here. I definitely want to add some Bloggers I read daily for instance "CleverGirlGosBlog". She is so hilarious and talented. We are both hair stylist and our cats look almost identical but I have no dog or Hubby. Boohoo! Then there is "sewtostaysane" another funny commentary on the life of a seamstress.
Anyway that is just a few but I have more. Right now I do my blogging while on my blackberry. While yes my blackberry is the bomb it still doesn't take the place of high speed internet from your desk top or laptop.

Sooo I am trying my hardest to rock and roll. I have much more packing that needs to be done. I took a nap then had a soda and later had a energy drink yet I still am too tired to get the rest of this stuff in the portable storage bin. Actually I'm a skinny girl living in a fat girls body. So far the fat bitch is winning the battle with obesity. Skinny girl 2pds for lose fat bitch 50pds for gain. I look at that Hidden Valley Ranch commercial and think to myself super size broccoli and cauliflower sides. Yeah right!
Tomorrow I'm off and I am having VVA come pick up all the stuff I'm donating so that I won't have extra clutter and I get a tax break. I wish I could part with more junk but its so hard. Its as if the junk becomes apart of you. That's why they're are people monopolizing off of hoarders like me with storage bins on every major street corner. Hum I should be packing now but I am Blogging. Oh well stay tuned for how much I get done. Chaio.

Soon and very soon...

I found a great place to move too. I get to stay in the area and stay close to work! Yay! I will be all settled in hopefully by this weekend. When I say settled I just mean everything out of my currant home. I mean please... who would I be kidding to think I'd be all unpacked and really settled that fast.
Next month is my birthday so maybe by then. I will just be glad to get back into the swing of things. Me and my lover Art can start making time for each other again. He means so much to me and I miss him so much. Then there is my side toy Chef he inspires me to try new things. He comes by with bottles of wine. Little does he know I sometimes share them with Art.
When I get sometime to myself on the weekends me and Art are going to get down in that house. In the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and hell even the kids room. Then I'm going to turn around and have Chef over, heck I might tag team them both its been so long. Put on some good music. Mm mm to tell you the truth I even had a old thing for my little Gardener too. My mojo been gone so long I don't know how to act. I might have all my new neighbors talking. Between Art, Chef,and Gardener they won't know what to think other than I got it going on. Heck it may even spark up a passion for that Hair stylist that used to be so damn hot. It will be good to see all my old flames ignited again. I'm about to turn thirty five why not have them all you only live once. I may even fall for a new one Mr. Walker and really get my heart going he is in such great shape I'm bound to shed some pounds fooling with him. Chef and Walker will have me looking tight. So many lovers and so little time. That's the downfall about the hair stylist because he is so demanding but hey that's the Big daddy that pays the bills so I can't cut him loose.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I miss my creative mojo

I'll be so glad when I'm not consumed by gloom and doom. I miss painting and etsy. I had so much fun creating the art pieces that I have in my gallery. Gosh I can't wait to pick up a brush again. I just want to be free!! I was falling in love again. I know. I know it isn't as bad as somebody elses bad. I just feel left on hold I am ready to live my life and I'm ready to love again. Art was my new man but right now I'm not ready. I hope Art will still be there waiting to love me when I get myself together. Until then I love you Art and I miss you so much. You have brought me so much pleasure.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Isn't life funny

Sometimes life has a poor taste of humor. Whenever something bad happens we can say that one day we will look back on this day and laugh.
I certainly hope that's the case concerning my dear sister. I know one thing... It would definitely make a good book. A best seller if you will.
As for myself I just want to have some sense of security. My world is crumbling down and so is my family. That hopefulness is now such a struggle to continue to have. I'm sitting here in the Art District of Hyattsville MD and I'm enjoying the best tasting ice coffee from a cafe' called Cafe Azul. They own and occupy one of the live work spaces. I just got finish checking out a place near here. Its a vintage bungalow that is in a historic community. Its a great place to be. I can definitely paint some stuff that would be worthy of any big time gallery. Not to mention the bloggings that would come out of me. Its still an up and coming area but I feel a certain buzz about this artsy place.
I know its a waste of a wish to be able to blink eight times and with those eight blinks change eight peoples lives that are close to me. Change for the good and better. I know that kind of stuff just doesn't happen. Which is why at this present moment I feel like I'm stuck in a tree maze with no way out. There are actual moments when my hearts starts to race and the tears well up in my eyes and I just want to scream.
In the book " The Secret Life Of Bees" there was this character named May and May took on all the badness in the world to the point were it was like it was actually happening to her. I don't quite feel like May but I truly could empathize with where she was coming from.
I know that most of the mess we have in our lives we as humans bring most of it upon ourselves. I know for sure I did. Which in a way makes you realize that you possess the power to change and clean up the mess. However there is always that small minute part where somethings you feel as though you have no control over or power. After all I can't escape myself and I am my own worst enemy.

I sit here and wonder which house out of all the houses I've seen will I get. So far I'm only applying for three. But which three will have me. Everyone wants these mortgage approval requirements for a year lease. If I met those criteria I would be owning and living already in the Art District.
Where is The RichAnt going to live.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The strangest thing happened...

I came home to a crazy junky people less home. I went from three to nine back down to three. However last night I thought it was just me. Well me and my three cats so I thought. I took a good look around to aces what needed to be done in the morning. Then I went up to get ready for bed. I was in the bathroom for awhile because my stomach ached. Afterwards I bathed and got in the bed. I tried to read but the book just wasn't that interesting after reading "The Secret Life Of Bees". So I thought to myself about the mess that awaits me in the morning and decided to get some sleep.

I would say I was sleep for about fifteen minutes when I felt my bed shake as though someone walked by and bumped it. The only thing is I am in my room alone with no cats either. I turned over and looked around but I didn't see what I hoped to be one of my cats but I saw nothing. Yet I know for sure I felt my bed shake! Then I hear this tapping sound. I dismissed it to nothing but the candle la bra on top of my armoir. I turned on my light and decided to play a game of solitaire on my cell phone. When the tapping sound started up again. OKAY! So now I'm getting a little spooked but still thinking there has to be some practical excuse for this tapping sound. So I get up from the bed to investigate this noise.

I walk over to my bedroom door, nope. I listen at the closet door, nope. I look up at the skylight, nope. I hear it by my armoir but I don't see where it could be coming from. So I check the bathroom, nope. I turned back the strongest place that I hear it coming from the armoir. It seemed as if the tapping at sometime got a little more intense when I got closer to where it was coming from. So I looked at my armoir thinking it couldn't be coming from inside. I opened it up and the tapping sound was crystal clear inside. Yet the only thing is... all that's in there are folded clothes. Now see, what happened last night has no crazy movie ending because unlike the star characters I made up my mind quickly that I was getting out of there. I called my girlfriend and when she didn't answer I called my sister. I had her stay on the phone until I got out the house and I wouldn't tell her what I experienced until I got out the house as well. I think not feeding into the weirdness of the house and the noise while I was on the phone inside made me feel like I could exit my house smoothly.

You know the strange thing is I kept telling myself I know God... so there is nothing to be worried about. Then I realized that if God exist so does the devil and God gave me enough sense to know when the feeling in your gut says go than you ought to go.

Now that its sunny outside on this nice Labor day morning I feel okay about going back but if the kids don't come home tonight I will not be sleeping in that house all by myself.
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