Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh how I love to Blog

Oh how I love to blog let me count the ways. Not only do I love blogging but I love reading them too. Soon as I get set up for wireless internet and cable at the new place I will be adding all kinds of buttons and stuff on here. I definitely want to add some Bloggers I read daily for instance "CleverGirlGosBlog". She is so hilarious and talented. We are both hair stylist and our cats look almost identical but I have no dog or Hubby. Boohoo! Then there is "sewtostaysane" another funny commentary on the life of a seamstress.
Anyway that is just a few but I have more. Right now I do my blogging while on my blackberry. While yes my blackberry is the bomb it still doesn't take the place of high speed internet from your desk top or laptop.

Sooo I am trying my hardest to rock and roll. I have much more packing that needs to be done. I took a nap then had a soda and later had a energy drink yet I still am too tired to get the rest of this stuff in the portable storage bin. Actually I'm a skinny girl living in a fat girls body. So far the fat bitch is winning the battle with obesity. Skinny girl 2pds for lose fat bitch 50pds for gain. I look at that Hidden Valley Ranch commercial and think to myself super size broccoli and cauliflower sides. Yeah right!
Tomorrow I'm off and I am having VVA come pick up all the stuff I'm donating so that I won't have extra clutter and I get a tax break. I wish I could part with more junk but its so hard. Its as if the junk becomes apart of you. That's why they're are people monopolizing off of hoarders like me with storage bins on every major street corner. Hum I should be packing now but I am Blogging. Oh well stay tuned for how much I get done. Chaio.

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