Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Isn't life funny

Sometimes life has a poor taste of humor. Whenever something bad happens we can say that one day we will look back on this day and laugh.
I certainly hope that's the case concerning my dear sister. I know one thing... It would definitely make a good book. A best seller if you will.
As for myself I just want to have some sense of security. My world is crumbling down and so is my family. That hopefulness is now such a struggle to continue to have. I'm sitting here in the Art District of Hyattsville MD and I'm enjoying the best tasting ice coffee from a cafe' called Cafe Azul. They own and occupy one of the live work spaces. I just got finish checking out a place near here. Its a vintage bungalow that is in a historic community. Its a great place to be. I can definitely paint some stuff that would be worthy of any big time gallery. Not to mention the bloggings that would come out of me. Its still an up and coming area but I feel a certain buzz about this artsy place.
I know its a waste of a wish to be able to blink eight times and with those eight blinks change eight peoples lives that are close to me. Change for the good and better. I know that kind of stuff just doesn't happen. Which is why at this present moment I feel like I'm stuck in a tree maze with no way out. There are actual moments when my hearts starts to race and the tears well up in my eyes and I just want to scream.
In the book " The Secret Life Of Bees" there was this character named May and May took on all the badness in the world to the point were it was like it was actually happening to her. I don't quite feel like May but I truly could empathize with where she was coming from.
I know that most of the mess we have in our lives we as humans bring most of it upon ourselves. I know for sure I did. Which in a way makes you realize that you possess the power to change and clean up the mess. However there is always that small minute part where somethings you feel as though you have no control over or power. After all I can't escape myself and I am my own worst enemy.

I sit here and wonder which house out of all the houses I've seen will I get. So far I'm only applying for three. But which three will have me. Everyone wants these mortgage approval requirements for a year lease. If I met those criteria I would be owning and living already in the Art District.
Where is The RichAnt going to live.

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