Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Okay so after being inspired by the all this drawing I have been doing in my Moleskine journal, I decided to incorporate it in my art. Instead of it just being a drawing on heavy paper or whatever I mixed into my paintings. So far there will be 12 that I will group into a set of six or four. 

 So what I have here is poplar wood panels that I painted on to emphasized the wood grain and then decided from that point to use the graphite to draw the female images. This work is a tad bit different from my usual work but I think it still ties in nicely with my style or genre of lowbrow surrealism. Just not as much whimsy perhaps. I am having fun with these but then again I pretty much have fun creating all my art for the most part.
This is just different because believe it or not I do have some insecurities about my graphite drawing skills. Every thing I've learned is based off practice and reading a few books. Sometimes I nit pick so much I don't know when to stop and ruin a drawing with too many erasure marks. So what I've been doing in my Moleskine is drawing in ink ONLY. I use a basic ball point pen like Bic or Uniball. Just as long as the ink flows well but as soon as they get those ink blots or start skipping its time for a new one. Sometimes...every blue moon I use something fancy like a Sakura Micron fine or extra fine felt tip pen.

Well I have eight more to go so I am going to hop to it. Depending on how things go I will do something similar on 12x12 or 24x24. I really like working in squares as of lately. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great week ...

This was another good week. Not to mention I sold another painting at Studio85. Yep RedSeah is sold to a collector whom also purchased two of my other pieces about two weeks ago. I am going to miss her but she deserves a new home. Its such an amazing and humbling feeling when someone loves your art enough to take their hard earned money to acquire it. I am truly grateful and I don't think this feeling can ever get old.

I have a collaboration show with Reiko Renee coming up at the H Street Community Development Corporation its a small venue and I am working on some watercolor and gouache pieces on wood.

 There will also be some works on paper. I have two large pieces that I will have there for the evening but the plan is too hang them in S85 when they have the wall space. I am also looking for more places like Studio85. I was invited to a gallery in Leonardtown, MD but I think at this current time I will have too pass. Perhaps its a place I will revisit in the future but for now I can not afford to pay in advance to hang my art and a commission fee. The art displayed there was very different from my style and I just wasn't sure if that initial investment was worth the risk of it sitting there with things being so tight for me right now. 

I created a drawing study for a painting I am going to work on as an extension to Day Dreamer and she will be called  Cry Me An Ocean, Until The End Of Time.
 I did play around with it in some photo editing software and now I can offer her as a matted print in my online store. It was before the clock so this will be titled...
 Cry Me An Ocean.

Even though this week was pretty good I had this heaviness that I felt whenever I was in solitude. I mostly thought about my future as an artist and my financial soundness. However I know in my hearts of hearts that I will be okay and God has provided me with all my necessities thus far. Now the thing that I'm not so sure about is will I ever have anyone to share my passion with, someone who gets me, inspires me, and motivates me to the core. A guy who loves me in spite of me yet helps me be the best I can be in a loving yet firm way.
Perhaps that is why even in the horizon of my success I still can be inspired to paint a sad yet hopeful piece....  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BlackArt Friday is coming...

She makes me laugh uncontrollably....

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Click on image for details

Also on November 25th I am having a BlackArt Friday Sale!!!! All original art will be 20% OFF!!!!
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Also check out the fun that we had over at Studio85

Friday, November 18, 2011

She's ready fly...

I feel like I have come to a place in my career as an artist that I am finally taking flight. Even in the moments when I feel a bit uncertain there is this whimsical hopefulness. I occasionally I find myself spilling my guts out about my journey on here or in a vlog on YouTube but that's how I am. I am transparent in my real life. I have learned that its not always good to be so revealing to everybody. This work of art is a layered piece because of the layers of mixed emotions I have on this journey.
 Writing in the background: the feeling of hopelessness yet telling myself  I can do it. So I try to redirect the negative thinking into positive thinking. 
Bold color wash: The optimistic rainbow is a sign of a pay off at the end of the road.
 Butterflies: the metamorphosis of once being a caterpillar then the cocoon stage and now finally feeling like I can spread my wings and take flight. Soaring beyond the beyond. 
The transparency of her skin: The skin I'm in and allowing myself to pour out my life on canvas for others to see and dissect. 
So now she is ready. Introducing
 "She's ready for her wings"

30x40 acrylic on 3/4 edge canvas

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Art and Apparel of Studio85

Yesterday I headed over to Studio85 where I am currently showcased artist. I sold another wearable art necklace yay! Anyway I was able to get a few shots of the store all set up for retail. They have various items that are made by local designers and wholesale merchandise as well. Everything is very edgy and trendy. Not to mention the prices are very affordable.
Original Drawings                                   Fresh beverages and snacks               I had to have these earrings
                                  Watches, Bangles, and Pocket Mirrors                Fingerless Gloves              
        Mixed Media Art                                 Clothing, Handbags, & Art
             Metallic Studio85 polish                             Handbags
        Belts and wallets                      Large Collaged Art
                Original Collaged Art                             Fun Hats
                T-shirts                                 Clutches and change purses
   One of a kind bowtie necklaces              Black Coffee painting
       Purple Erkel                                     colorful denim and fun hats
       accessories galore                                         view from the entry
      Studio85 signature polishes

On November 18th Studio85 will have "Meet The Artist" event which they will be showcasing art, poetry, pictures, and stories with the theme "For the Broken Hearted" I am also showcasing a themed piece along with the completion of the piece I started at the grand opening.

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