Sunday, May 26, 2013

I love being creative

I'm cooking new recipes, making bib button necklaces, and discovering new apps on my new phone that make cool works of art.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day off yay!

I have been working on this small 11x14 oil painting for about a month now. I've been so busy working two salons and church ministry.  I'm not sure exactly how art got pushed out of my life. Its does make you appreciate the time when you have it. It also makes me realize I need to grind harder to manifest a dream that I desperately want to become my reality. 
Anyway I really really love oil paints. I use water soluble ones by Winsor Newton or Reeves. More so the Reeves because this brand was affordable and they came in a package of 18 colors I think.
I do use other mediums with them like Mona Lisa oderless paint thinner and Winsor Newton Artisan water mixable linseed oil. I just recently bought Winsor Newton Drying linseed oil. I'm trying that oil on the painting I'm currently working on.
Also I love working on wood...although a collage canvas is my next favorite.  I have not given up acrylic or watercolor but yes oil is favorite. However the other two are more instant as far as turning out a finished product. 
The water soluble oils do have a faster drying time than traditional oils. They can be intermixed with traditional oils as well. I will say I tend to still lay several of my under layers down in acrylic washes then once they are dry I finish in oils.
I love art! So many mediums I'm looking to explore. I want to get into creating unique jewelry that is wearable art. I will paint on anything! I hope you guys have fun and experiment the same way.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two new drawings

I have two new drawings that will be available as prints Friday 5/10/13. They too will be available as part of my mother's day 50% off sale in my store.

Thanks for stopping by. Sale ends Sunday at midnight.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm on keek

Keek is a video share app like instagram but 35 secs snippets of quick demos of me working. I'm currently working on an oil on wood painting. #oilonwood #visualart #visualartist #painting!yqKUbab

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