Monday, June 25, 2012

Tee shirts

Popular  demand for t-shirts. I have finally found a company that offers exceptional prices. The first batch will be pre-ordered USA only then I will have enough seed capitol to order the enter line in bulk and offer them international as well. 

Mens Tee small-3X
Rainbow City

Womens in Bella and Hanes brands 0-22
Colored Study Dreams

Womens in Bella and Hanes brands 0-22
Delta Sigma Theta

Womens in Bella and Hanes brands 0-22
Alpha Kappa Alpha

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello art lovers, collectors and patrons! I have been busy busy busy.
RawArtist was a great show and awesome experience. So much talent was under one roof.  I mean visual stimulation everywhere. I definitely want to do it again in another city. So now that the dust has all settled I have finally taken the time to do inventory and update my online store. So now there is all new art is available in my store. I have Originals and Limited Edition prints 
Also below I have a few picks from RawArtist.


 And here is some great footage as well.

Thank you all who have been a part of my art journey. I truly appreciate the support from buyers, fans, readers, watchers, etc etc. 
Don't forget to check out my new art in my shop.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I have been doing some drawing and playing around with my water colors. I did a full 9x12 on bristol and an ACEO on watercolor paper. I love how they turned out and drawing has really become a new and exciting medium for me. It seems to refresh me in between tedious paintings. Some even make it as paintings.

Well this won't be a full blown painting but I did make it available as a print in two sizes here.
I even played around with them an added the ACEO to her face of the large drawing.

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