Monday, January 31, 2011

More sneak peeks at her

Hi guys just dropping in and showing you another sneak peek of my newest Bee/She Lady.
There is still quite a ways to go however you know me I am just enjoying the journey.
Yesterday I had to replace quite a few of my brushes. I had been wanting too... but now I had no choice. I used an old mixing jar that obviously had some leftover resin in the bottom that didn't harden. I left my brushes sitting in the water and they got all tacky and gooey. However the good news was I was able to replace them with very good brushes so win win.

Hopefully this will be my future home...

Today I also went to a hard hat tour for an Artist live/work space. It was nice to see what the spaces will eventually look like. They will have studio units, one bedrooms, and two bedrooms. The downfall is the there are only 6 two bedroom units. Its in a nice part of DC not far from the main highway that takes you into Maryland or Virginia. Its also close to a co-op grocery store and walking distance to the subway ride to downtown. It was so cool touring the place with other future neighbors that were in the arts. Dancers, musicians, play writes, vocalist, sculptors, designers and visual artist like myself. 
Even under construction I can tell the place is going to be very nice. The windows are huge 5ft tall and exposed duct work and high ceilings. They will have a dance studio/art gallery. Shared laundry facilities on the premises. Not too mention the apartments are very spacious to accommodate all types artist. There will be another meeting with property managers in the next few weeks. So I'll keep you guys posted.  
They have a government funded program that allows for affordable housing for artist.
Proposed Rents* :
Unit Size
Number of Persons Allowed Per Unit
Percentage of Area Median Income
Gross Rent
Total Tenant Paid Rent
1 person
1 Bedroom
1-2 persons
2 Bedroom
2-3 persons
*Subject to change with published allowable limits.
2010 Maximum Income Limits* :
Percentage of Area Median Income
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons

They have programs available all over the country

this most definitely gives me a goal to strive towards :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Art and I am on a fatbook team

Hello world!

Okay lets see (taking deep breath) Well first let me discuss my 100cup moment...I met a lady named Diana Quinn on Gary Reef's ning community Loving Mixed Media we are both locals and in love with the arts. We would chat online periodically. So we sort of became friends. However yesterday it was official! Diana came out to Bowie, MD which is about 20 minutes from her home in Washington, DC (I envy lol) to see my art exhibit. I met her over there. We had a nice afternoon we talked art and looked at my work then drove over to Michaels to get heavy card stock for the Fatbook group we are both participating in. Then we had lunch and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. It was a nice outing I enjoyed her so much. 

We are all suppose to be meeting up with 11 other LMMers in the spring for the Art & Soul artist retreat in Hampton, VA. I will finally get to meet Gary in person he is an Aussie but lives in Norway. We even have someone coming from Canada. Everybody is spread all around the place and we will get to met a few of them at the retreat. ~Swoon~

Anywho I was so excited to get home and get started on my FatBook pages. There are two groups and 40 pages for one and 28 for the other. So yes that is a lot of pages 68 4'x4' squares.
You all already know my pages were going to be purple.
Here is an example one someone did in my favorite color.
They usually have a running theme colors, wings, flowers, music, love or something like that.
You do however many are participating exm. 25 people are in one of my groups, then you add a few extras, in our case 3 in case there is a mishap when binding the books. Everyone creates that many pages according to the theme. The more embellished the book the better. The embellishments are what help make the book fat. So fat in some cases you can't close it.
Our theme is "In the Garden" or "Art&Soul" since we will be getting the completed books at the retreat. Its always good to have a host in charge of deadlines for turning in pages, shipping fees, getting the books bound together etc. etc.

I am also working on a 24x48 birch wood panel Bee/She lady.
Long way to go on this but I'm in no hurry.

Alright friends I have to run I have lots of work to do. Happy creating!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Monday #4

~To Mute playlist scroll to the bottom of the page~
Okay boys and girls its music time. Today's vocal artist is another multi talented performer. Not only does she dazzle you with her unique vocals she is the complete musical package -arranger, guitarist, lyricist, song-writer and vocalist.

Introducing the lovely...
Shae Fiol
Shae has the opportunity to work with some of the greatest in the business. 
Shae's style reminds me of a cross between Teena Marie and Nikka Costa. "Catch a Ride"
is my personal favorite. I had a chance to hear perform at CASRAM (can a sista rock a mic) and thats where I became a fan. Its something about hearing these artist perform live that just gives you a totally different perspective. She describes her music as "creating the type of vibe which allows one to travel inside their mind and day dream while still appreciating the eclectic mix of classical, folk, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, jazz and latin playing in the background.  Her music is personal, searching, and adventurous".
 Shae grew up in Portland, Oregon engulfed with a family of classically trained musicians. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Find more artists like Shae Fiol at Myspace Music
Get her music here

Follow Shae Fiol here

Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Monday #3

Hello peeps! Now the Art Show is over but if you live in the area the exhibit will be up until the end of February. So now that all the paint has dried I can finally get back to a regular blogging schedule. I know its late in the day but I did have to run out and handle some business earlier.
But Music Monday is back on track.

And now for your listening pleasure I have another local Washington DC artist. (Yes I am a little bias to my neighborhood artist we have so much undiscovered talent) So without further ado...


Mr.Levi Stephens

Okay ladies and gents I recommend Levi not only because he is such a handsome cutie. But I have heard him sing live as well. His strong yet smooth vocals sound so good. Not to mention he plays instruments. I remember that night back when Hardrock Live was in full swing the first time I heard him sing. I was so impressed with his voice and the way he was playing the guitar I stopped painting and turned around to have a good look at this amazing artist. He had sang a cover of Bill Withers "Use Me" Needless to say I was impressed. His style of music is hard to describe but he says it best "Gumbo" meaning its a lot of different genre's mixed up. Lil bit of dis and dat sort speak. Some would say alternative but whatever you call it, its audio goodness...

So here you go boys and girls another feel good listening pleasure for your playlist.
My personal favorite is "Daylight" but the entire "This Way" CD is an easy listen.
You can purchase Levi itunes, amazon, and CDbaby. ENJOY!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thank YOU!!!!!!!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out, gave a shout out, provided their service, or sent their best wishes. My show was an awesome success! I sold several pieces tonight! Which leads me too my special Thank You to the collectors of RichAnt Art. You forever have a piece of my soul. I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate you for supporting my dream and talent. Some of you have sowed into me several times in the past few years. I love you and humbly thank you big time. I also want to take the time to thank all of you who have ever included or invited me to showcase my talents in your venue. Thank you to those of you who came to those events and cheered me on. I mean wow I feel so blessed!!!!

Special thanks go out to My mom, my sister Shekiya, my kids and my family who put up with my crazy artsy moodiness. Yet were always encouraging and believing in me. I Love you guys! Jay Blount for looking out for a fellow artist and you have also been an inspiration to me. Joshua Blount you are such a supportive friend always there providing service and helping out. Leo Wilson awww man you came through big time for a sista even if I am a PITA at times lol. Jamil Boozer you always looking out for me even when you don't have too. District51 for letting me rock out the summer with BlackAlley and so many more. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

TheRichAnt Solo Exhibit will continue on display until February 28th.
Artistic Vision's Gallery @ Huntington Community Center
13022 8th Street
Bowie, MD

This show is now in demand and will be a traveling exhibit once it leaves Artistc Vision's Gallery! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!

DAY DREAMER 30X40 acrylic/ink on gallery edge canvas $650 

Eve 5x24 framed prisma color pencils/resin on wood $150

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Morning Indeed!

Hello World Happy New Year! 

Hope all is wonderful for you awesome people!

Today is the big day for a few hours I will be receiving guest at my first solo exhibit. I am so nervous and excited all at the same time. I can hardly contain myself. 
I have been working like a Hebrew slave over here. So much that I landed myself right in the emergency room. Yep my family thought I was having some type of brain malfunction. So they called the paramedics. I don't have any recollection of any of it. They say I was unresponsive and saying the same things over and over. 
So I guess its official I am the "MAD" artist RichAnt.  
I have a follow up with a neurologist next week. In the mean time after the show I will be taking it easy and taking better care of me. 
Here is a sneak peek for ya...

More too come after the show.
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