Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Monday #3

Hello peeps! Now the Art Show is over but if you live in the area the exhibit will be up until the end of February. So now that all the paint has dried I can finally get back to a regular blogging schedule. I know its late in the day but I did have to run out and handle some business earlier.
But Music Monday is back on track.

And now for your listening pleasure I have another local Washington DC artist. (Yes I am a little bias to my neighborhood artist we have so much undiscovered talent) So without further ado...


Mr.Levi Stephens

Okay ladies and gents I recommend Levi not only because he is such a handsome cutie. But I have heard him sing live as well. His strong yet smooth vocals sound so good. Not to mention he plays instruments. I remember that night back when Hardrock Live was in full swing the first time I heard him sing. I was so impressed with his voice and the way he was playing the guitar I stopped painting and turned around to have a good look at this amazing artist. He had sang a cover of Bill Withers "Use Me" Needless to say I was impressed. His style of music is hard to describe but he says it best "Gumbo" meaning its a lot of different genre's mixed up. Lil bit of dis and dat sort speak. Some would say alternative but whatever you call it, its audio goodness...

So here you go boys and girls another feel good listening pleasure for your playlist.
My personal favorite is "Daylight" but the entire "This Way" CD is an easy listen.
You can purchase Levi itunes, amazon, and CDbaby. ENJOY!

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