Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Art and I am on a fatbook team

Hello world!

Okay lets see (taking deep breath) Well first let me discuss my 100cup moment...I met a lady named Diana Quinn on Gary Reef's ning community Loving Mixed Media we are both locals and in love with the arts. We would chat online periodically. So we sort of became friends. However yesterday it was official! Diana came out to Bowie, MD which is about 20 minutes from her home in Washington, DC (I envy lol) to see my art exhibit. I met her over there. We had a nice afternoon we talked art and looked at my work then drove over to Michaels to get heavy card stock for the Fatbook group we are both participating in. Then we had lunch and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. It was a nice outing I enjoyed her so much. 

We are all suppose to be meeting up with 11 other LMMers in the spring for the Art & Soul artist retreat in Hampton, VA. I will finally get to meet Gary in person he is an Aussie but lives in Norway. We even have someone coming from Canada. Everybody is spread all around the place and we will get to met a few of them at the retreat. ~Swoon~

Anywho I was so excited to get home and get started on my FatBook pages. There are two groups and 40 pages for one and 28 for the other. So yes that is a lot of pages 68 4'x4' squares.
You all already know my pages were going to be purple.
Here is an example one someone did in my favorite color.
They usually have a running theme colors, wings, flowers, music, love or something like that.
You do however many are participating exm. 25 people are in one of my groups, then you add a few extras, in our case 3 in case there is a mishap when binding the books. Everyone creates that many pages according to the theme. The more embellished the book the better. The embellishments are what help make the book fat. So fat in some cases you can't close it.
Our theme is "In the Garden" or "Art&Soul" since we will be getting the completed books at the retreat. Its always good to have a host in charge of deadlines for turning in pages, shipping fees, getting the books bound together etc. etc.

I am also working on a 24x48 birch wood panel Bee/She lady.
Long way to go on this but I'm in no hurry.

Alright friends I have to run I have lots of work to do. Happy creating!

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so cool carry on...

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