Sunday, May 29, 2016

Use what I use!

Now you can use what I use! I have created an Amazon account and there you can find all the recommendations and products I use to create great pages in your #TheQueensofRich coloring book.

Click on the image and get your supplies today.

Also these products will be great because 
The Ant Hill Art Academy! 
Where you will be able to participate with me in a private broadcast. While I give lessons on various art projects.  
These videos will be accessible so you can work at your pace during your leisure time. 
More information is coming soon. 
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Also become a contributing art Patreon and get even more insider exclusives. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Art on the go

If you are anything like me inspiration can hit you any where and and anytime. 
That's why I have several options for making my art easy to take on the go. 
I ordered empty eyeshadow pans and used my favorite watercolor paints and a business cards carrier and boom. Art on the go. The fountain paint brush carries the water so no need for a bottle. 
If that's too much like work you can just purchase a cool all in one set here
This set has all the above plus a built in pallette. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Give away!

#GIVEAWAY enter your chance to win all of this! #thequeensofrich coloring book, 24 count color pencils, 12 dual tip markers, 24 color water color set, battery operated sharpener, two prints, and one color sheet preview of #theKingsofRich. 

Just a few things first...
Follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook one or all three 😀😉. 
Subscribe to my mailing list. Trust me I don't do nearly as many emails as I probably should.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST repost, share or retweet and use #richantgiveaway this promo as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning.  You have to do all three steps in order to have a chance to win.    

Promo ends Sunday May 22nd 7pm Winner will be announced Monday May 23rd at 12 noon. 

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