Monday, March 29, 2010

I know not everyone is spiritual or Godly but I believe in God and I give him constant praise for my many talents. I get so amazed at the ability to take something from my imagination then translating that process from my head onto the canvas. 

For me creating visual art is spiritual and its when I am at my most peaceful state. Its therapy for all that ails me when I'm down. Even if I paint something on the dark side I still find solace in the creative process. 

I would love to eventually be in the position to work as an artist full-time. Even if that never happens I am grateful for the ability to just continue to create grow and nurture my skills as an Artist in any capacity. 

Below is a plexi-glass 3-d art on canvas I just completed. I am quite satisfied on how it turned out.

Last Night I did another Live Painting. It was another great experience and its always a pleasure to see young people praising God and making the choice to serve and worship him. The theme was "Freedom" which came at a cost. Here was my interpretation. Which is also available in 13x19 print in my Etsy store. Just click on pic for more info.
Freedom for me is the ability to escape into another reality when painting. A lot of my landscapes are dreamy surreal places I would love to be kinda like heaven on earth. The blurred cross is my example of the condition the world is in now. The lines of absolute truth are slowly blowing away. Right is wrong and Wrong is now right. Which to symbolizes the price of free will. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New ACEO's

I love working on small surfaces as far as painting goes. From miniature paintings for my glass locket pendants to my ACEO"S which stands for Art, Cards, Editions and Originals. They are small wallet size or baseball card size collectible mini works of arts. I showcased some before in an older post. The difference between these are I did them on wood for the first time, using watercolor (which is new for me) I never used watercolor on wood before but I like.
Here are the ones a completed click on the pic for more info.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Have found thee perrfect bag!

Okay so I was checking out this bag awhile back when The Queen bought one off of . Hers was nice but I didn't love it. Then one weekend my Mom was over and we looked at the HSN website and thats where my love affair began. Jessica Simpson has very nice bags and some not so nice but the purple one definitely caught my attention.
Well at the time I couldn't buy it because it just wasn't no where near in my budget (close to $200). Well anyway about a month ago I go into a shoe store looking for work shoes since the weather was getting warmer and I couldn't keep wearing my Uggs Boots. I saw a pair I liked, priced them and made a mental note to return in a few weeks to get them. Meantime I browse around checking all the latest on shoes, sunglasses, and YES! Handbags which is my vice of choice. Thats when The Purple Jessica Simpson Jimmy Satchel stood out as if there were no other objects in the room. I could a choir singing in the background HALLELUJAH! Not to mention it had been marked down...however it still wasn't time to spend unnecessary money($100). So I waited once again.

Fast forward three weeks later I goto to the same store to get my new work shoes  and I went back over to visit my future handbag. At first I was sad because I didn't see it where it used to be. Just when I was about to walk away JS Jimmy Satchel peeks out from behind this gwad awful brown thing they call a purse and says here I am and I'm 50% OFF!!!!!!!! of $90 so she was a FREAKING $45 bucks!!!!

Needless to say She and the Mary Jane Shape Ups by Skechers went home with me.

Okay so here is where it gets a little weird. I happen to truly love all my handbags. So they all get stuffing and dusters even if they didn't come with dusters (cloth bags to protect them while not in use). So as I was cleaning out the current bag I was carrying and I felt a bit of guilt. My bags were sad. They knew the new girl on the block was perfect in every way. Artsy yet chic, the perfect shade of grape purple, the right size without being oversize, and very well made. They knew the of coming in and out of rotation had came to an end. I have bags from all genre of fashion high to low end and I love them all. Marc Jacobs, Chole', Louis Vuitton, Junior Drake, Melie Bianco, Missomo(Target), vintage and thrift. 

But today I have found the one that may possibly put them back on the shelf but mommy still loves you...

PS. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City except instead of Manolo Blahnik its purses lol.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've got Gift Certificates!

A gift certificate for artwork from your favorite ArtFire shop makes a stellar, meaningful gift for nearly anyone on your list. This listing is for US $25.00 dollars. Certificates will be sent via email with the current serial number for you to print out and stick in an envelope of your choice--lickity split!

Certificates are good toward any purchase (whether your recipients choice be original art or prints) and never expires.

New prints available!

As always I'm forever searching for some beautiful pictures on the web. I also tend to gravitate towards my favorite color. So today I'm doing it in a room. These rooms either have the color purple in abundance or in small doses. Either way they all are beautiful. Also for some odd reason I really like purple and green together so yes I too own a vintage green brocade sofa but the one below is very nice too.

Click on pic for larger image.

My sofa back to a cooper venetian plastered wall that I did and will most like do again in my next house.

Now on too another note. I have sold two of my original paintings in my etsy store one of which was my first YouTube time-lapse. So now that they are sold... To increase the value of the paintings and the prints I am now selling 8x10 limited edition prints in quantities of 25 of all my sold paintings. They will all come signed and numbered with a COA. Once they are sold out I MIGHT release a larger format 13x19 inch canvas print... maybe.
However in the mean time and in between time here are the now available limited edition prints of my recently sold works of art. Get them while you have a chance!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My piece of the collaboration

I finished this up last night and the artist Jason Blount came and picked it up. Its a 30x36 inch canvas and two other artist are painting on it. Here is a sneak peek at my contribution.

The theme was "anything is possible" so I went with "The Sky Is The Limit via Phillipians 4:13"

I can't wait to see what the other artist come up with.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love Purple!!!

I love this color so much. Whenever I am about too buy something purple I often have to ask myself is this really a cool item or do you just want it because its purple? Trust me I've bought some dumb and maybe even ugly crap just because it was purple.

However there are some really cool purple things I like but just haven't had the funds to purchase them. So I am mentioning them here in my blog just because they are Purple and fabulous at least to me they are....

These are so light weight and sexy I can do a sexy hair pin up and show them off.

Awww this so adorable this bunny just cries take me home.

Bad hair day done good. This is great for when I wear my hair curly.

This just says vintage romance simplistic yet fabulous.

All the jewel tones are gorgeous this would match anything.

Too bad this doesn't come in my size YET I'm still working out.

Boho chic I just know this is comfortable yet sassy.

Tying it all together with this purse as a side of cuteness.

Tell me whats your favorite color? Leave me a comment and I will do a artisan spread for you....

The little things

I am learning to find pleasure in the little things....

This little find made me very happy 
and it only cost me $6 lipstick and gloss that moisturizes, last long and its your favorite color priceless.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vynom's Revenge

She is a vampire and she is scorned!

Her heart is broken and torn

Love that was lost is all she mourns

Her kiss is deadly

She hungers for blood 

She is seeking revenge

searching for her lover 

who left her for another

She is Vynom....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I spent the entire day at this computer!!!

After hours of editing and uploading and updating all of my online stores I am done! Well that is until I have to upload more work that I will have completed in the near future. Not to mention I am still working on a painting that I'm going to torture myself by editing the long footage of me doing this piece. Why so I can upload it to my youtube page. I am also doing a collaboration with 3 other artist and that has to be completed by the 18th and I still have to finish the remake of my Granny's family tree painting.
Oh and I have lots of prints now available in my Etsy store!!!! Buy them please :)

Then my next big project will be a series of surreal and wacky abstracts that will be very bold and colorful. 
I have so many series to be created but these will be for gallery submissions along with the hair art series. Which is the reason why they aren't for sale yet. Oh and not to mention I have a few more to do on those.

All this and I still have the kids and all they keep me busy with. Like teachers calling to let me know one is either talking to much and the other has decided that he no longer wants to do good school work anymore. Teenagers!!!!! My daughter is trying to take over my identity and my son is trying me with this new I'm just not going to listen attitude. Their dad "Ex-hubs" isn't the help I was expecting him to be and I suspect it's because he doesn't want to be the bad guy I suppose. Hmphhhh sighhhh.

Business has been picking up nicely at the hair salon. However I keep getting these wacko clients who think its okay to constantly call my mobile AND ask for payment plans on hairdo's WTF! Hmmm let me see if I can goto the grocery store and see if I can take home my food and pay them next week....or better yet let them work and then their boss say I don't have it this pay period but I got you next pay period.
I bet then they will understand my frustration lol.

The art thing is really starting to keep me busy except this week I couldn't fulfill my obligations because of my car and that whole unnecessary inconvenience mess I created for myself. I had two gigs this weekend in the city I missed out on. Darn it!

Okay on a whole other note summer is going to be here before I know it. I have finally decided I want to feel as good as I look in my corset lol. No seriously I feel good in it too but I mean I want to feel healthy. SOOOO once again I am challenging myself to eat better and exercise. I love my body but I just want less body too love haha!
Don't get me wrong I love voluptuous curves and ample boobies and booty, but when the gut to butt ratio is starting to be questionable its time for a change. I'm just saying.

I also want to date and eventually settled down and give my heart to someone special and deserving of me and all this good, wonderful, yummy, bad, crazy, silly, loving, affectionate, sometimes a bit moody and spoiled woman that is me.

In the meantime I will just keep doing what I do best creating, dreaming, living, hoping, working, and just plain living out loud! God is soo good all the time. 

peace and blessings


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silence! She Hears Voices...

She is naked...

Stripped of her own identity and power.

She is lost in the wilderness of her own mind.

Listening to the storm of the voices telling her

She is nobody, no good, & that no one cares.
Yet she is pregnant with hope
And colorful dreams of delusional grandeur
Listening, sleeping all while keeping one eye open.
These are the corners of my mind....TheRichAnt

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