Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love Purple!!!

I love this color so much. Whenever I am about too buy something purple I often have to ask myself is this really a cool item or do you just want it because its purple? Trust me I've bought some dumb and maybe even ugly crap just because it was purple.

However there are some really cool purple things I like but just haven't had the funds to purchase them. So I am mentioning them here in my blog just because they are Purple and fabulous at least to me they are....

These are so light weight and sexy I can do a sexy hair pin up and show them off.

Awww this so adorable this bunny just cries take me home.

Bad hair day done good. This is great for when I wear my hair curly.

This just says vintage romance simplistic yet fabulous.

All the jewel tones are gorgeous this would match anything.

Too bad this doesn't come in my size YET I'm still working out.

Boho chic I just know this is comfortable yet sassy.

Tying it all together with this purse as a side of cuteness.

Tell me whats your favorite color? Leave me a comment and I will do a artisan spread for you....

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