Sunday, March 21, 2010

New prints available!

As always I'm forever searching for some beautiful pictures on the web. I also tend to gravitate towards my favorite color. So today I'm doing it in a room. These rooms either have the color purple in abundance or in small doses. Either way they all are beautiful. Also for some odd reason I really like purple and green together so yes I too own a vintage green brocade sofa but the one below is very nice too.

Click on pic for larger image.

My sofa back to a cooper venetian plastered wall that I did and will most like do again in my next house.

Now on too another note. I have sold two of my original paintings in my etsy store one of which was my first YouTube time-lapse. So now that they are sold... To increase the value of the paintings and the prints I am now selling 8x10 limited edition prints in quantities of 25 of all my sold paintings. They will all come signed and numbered with a COA. Once they are sold out I MIGHT release a larger format 13x19 inch canvas print... maybe.
However in the mean time and in between time here are the now available limited edition prints of my recently sold works of art. Get them while you have a chance!



designerchik said...

LUV the purple rooms and the copper wall u did!

Anonymous said...

very your colors..!!

The Rich Ant said...

Thank you guys I appreciate the comments.

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