Sunday, March 7, 2010

I spent the entire day at this computer!!!

After hours of editing and uploading and updating all of my online stores I am done! Well that is until I have to upload more work that I will have completed in the near future. Not to mention I am still working on a painting that I'm going to torture myself by editing the long footage of me doing this piece. Why so I can upload it to my youtube page. I am also doing a collaboration with 3 other artist and that has to be completed by the 18th and I still have to finish the remake of my Granny's family tree painting.
Oh and I have lots of prints now available in my Etsy store!!!! Buy them please :)

Then my next big project will be a series of surreal and wacky abstracts that will be very bold and colorful. 
I have so many series to be created but these will be for gallery submissions along with the hair art series. Which is the reason why they aren't for sale yet. Oh and not to mention I have a few more to do on those.

All this and I still have the kids and all they keep me busy with. Like teachers calling to let me know one is either talking to much and the other has decided that he no longer wants to do good school work anymore. Teenagers!!!!! My daughter is trying to take over my identity and my son is trying me with this new I'm just not going to listen attitude. Their dad "Ex-hubs" isn't the help I was expecting him to be and I suspect it's because he doesn't want to be the bad guy I suppose. Hmphhhh sighhhh.

Business has been picking up nicely at the hair salon. However I keep getting these wacko clients who think its okay to constantly call my mobile AND ask for payment plans on hairdo's WTF! Hmmm let me see if I can goto the grocery store and see if I can take home my food and pay them next week....or better yet let them work and then their boss say I don't have it this pay period but I got you next pay period.
I bet then they will understand my frustration lol.

The art thing is really starting to keep me busy except this week I couldn't fulfill my obligations because of my car and that whole unnecessary inconvenience mess I created for myself. I had two gigs this weekend in the city I missed out on. Darn it!

Okay on a whole other note summer is going to be here before I know it. I have finally decided I want to feel as good as I look in my corset lol. No seriously I feel good in it too but I mean I want to feel healthy. SOOOO once again I am challenging myself to eat better and exercise. I love my body but I just want less body too love haha!
Don't get me wrong I love voluptuous curves and ample boobies and booty, but when the gut to butt ratio is starting to be questionable its time for a change. I'm just saying.

I also want to date and eventually settled down and give my heart to someone special and deserving of me and all this good, wonderful, yummy, bad, crazy, silly, loving, affectionate, sometimes a bit moody and spoiled woman that is me.

In the meantime I will just keep doing what I do best creating, dreaming, living, hoping, working, and just plain living out loud! God is soo good all the time. 

peace and blessings


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