Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An angel

Have your ever felt like you were in a situation where it wasn't nothing but an Angel sent from above that protected you.
Perhaps you needed comforting and for some reason you all of a sudden felt a since of calmness come over you. 

This piece is my version of what I have experienced all through out my adult life. Now I just know and have clarity as to what is truly going on. This particular Angel is praying for Gods people in hopes that they are ready and preparing for a time when this system of things will no longer be in place and the righteous and unrighteous are put in very uncomfortable positions to survive. 

This piece of wood has been sitting on my easel for at least three months maybe. Now that I try to create from a place that is being led by the God in me my visions or inspirations are a bit ethereal. So I have to be in a head space that is ripe for creating that type of work. Its actually a bit frustrating since I have a need to create daily. 

Anyway I did the color wash on the wood about a month ago. However out of the blue a few days ago came this image and I started sketching it straight onto the wood. Something I almost never do because its hard to remove eraser marks off the wood. But I just used a light handed touch and when I was done I went over the details with darker graphite and a heavier hand. I'm choosing to do a finished drawing because I want some of the graphite to be showcased underneath the oil paint.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Monday, November 5, 2012

So much has been going on. I started back doing the fall markets and I have been having quite the success. I created a few new pieces on wood and paper as well. But more importantly I have been really focusing on my relationship with God. I have been spending a lot of time in prayer and reading my bible. I see the world so different now. I notice the systematic way of things and how it all is way bigger than you or I. I'm now learning how to have some balance between it all. How to not have hope differed. To still enjoy my life yet stay aware and proactive about the revelations that God has been showing me. 

All of these new spiritual experiences have also shaped how I create. I am attracted to and drawn to feminine art with surreal undertones mixed realism. So I try to convey the same in my own art. Its what I am most enthused to paint. However for some reason as of lately I feel led to go a little deeper. To explore a more spiritual aspect of my journey. I haven't painted much as a result. Though I have been drawing much more except I still tend to draw what I already know and am comfortable with. Lol. 

These are some drawings I did with color pencils and oils. I did them on 8x8 scrapbook papers. 
Winter, Spring (SOLD), Summer and Autumn. They are available in my online store. 
Here is how Spring was framed she was sold to a client whom she looked a lot like.

These are some oils I did on wood panels measuring 5x6.
I plan to do more because they were apart of a series called The Matrix but I'm thinking this particular series needs to be done on a larger scale.
Ignorance and Aware 
All of these were the start of very detailed drawings that I then decided to paint or color. Yet I haven't sat in front of my easel in about two months.

This piece was done on scrap matting left over from framing. They make good mediums to create on. 11x14 Prisma color pencils and markers on matting.

Also part of all that has been going on is "Love" I have been on a journey with a special someone since 2010 a long slow walk around a big beautiful city block sort of speak. The seasons have changed, the sun has set and risen, clouds have formed, stormy and sunny days. We are establishing a beautiful bond and friendship. One that I hope one day is a great foundation for a solid marriage. God is teaching me a lot of patience though. Nothing good comes easy and without a little hard work. He is also teaching me to rely on him, keep him at the center. I tend to take the wheel while he is driving but I will crash every time lol. So I'm learning how to fully trust in him. We as humans can tend to put way to much focus on ourselves, work, relationships, material things, bills etc.etc. Keeping him at the center helps balance out everything and not just when things are bad but always. In good times and bad. 

I'm so grateful for this talent. I am now coming to a place in my life where I truly want my work to be used to reflect the goodness of God. Not to say it hasn't but just delving a little deeper. I hope you all will continue to enjoy my artistic expressions and continue to walk this journey with me by seeing the world through my eyes on canvas. 
Peace and Blessings

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