Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A tribute to Michael Jackson

Gone but never forgotten. The greatest entertainer of all time. This piece was created live while BlackAlley Band performed their musical tribute to the King of Pop in honor of his birthday.
"Smooth Criminal"


Friday, August 27, 2010


Fluid is now on sale in my shop!
just click on pic

Stay tune for the next piece in this series it will be done in a time- lapse on my youtube channel

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gentrification not necessarily a bad thing...

Gentrification and urban gentrification denote the socio-cultural changes in an area resulting from wealthier people buying housing property in a less prosperous community.[1] Consequent to gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases in the community, which may result in the informal economic eviction of the lower-income residents, because of increased rents, house prices, and property taxes. This type of population change reduces industrial land use when it is redeveloped for commerce and housing. In addition, new businesses, catering to a more affluent base of consumers, tend to move into formerly blighted areas, further increasing the appeal to more affluent migrants and decreasing the accessibility to less wealthy natives.
Gentrification not necessarily a bad thing... I mean I'm just saying I'm all for revitalizing a community that has been at one time known for low-no income housing, high crime, and the only businesses were liquor stores and carry outs. Besides our nations capitol should look better than just Penn ave and all of upper Northwest.
I just wish I had known about all this when I was buying. I have all this knowledge now and well its frustrating to think that based on my current income I couldn't possibly own even a small Alley Home in DC

Okay so I may be a bit obsessed with the District. You may be wondering why not just enjoy the city now even though you don't reside there. Well you know me I want to bike to my job(art studio of course) walk to the market and become apart of a community maybe even join a few city arts guild or container gardeners alliance lol. Then eventually own a business where patrons live down the block literally and host events for all genre's. A place where everybody knows your name and there always glad you came.
In the mean time I'm here in suburbia living back home at my Granny's with two teenage children. Not so bad 

Oh yeah and guess what I cooked!!! Yep I had a taste for something good and quick. So while in MOM's (MyOrganicMarket) I was instantly inspired. I grabbed some fresh organic spinach, some chicken thighs, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and pre-made pumpkin stuffed ravioli. On my way home I was thinking balsamic chicken with sautéed spinach and pumpkin ravioli as a sweet yet savory side. I'll post the recipe in my next post. 
Here are some pics for a visual my cell phone pic was accidentally deleted of my beautifully plated dish but the ravioli pic I barrowed minis the pine nuts.
Mmm it was so freaking delicious too.
The crazy thing I've learned is... that the way I like to cook doesn't always mean being cheaper than eating out.

Okay enough already, I have more work to do... small art for the Expression Live
Here are a few 8x10s I'm going to add butterflies and bumble bees..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bitter Sweet sound of sold

On Friday I sold one of my original paintings and as happy as I was to sell it I still was sad. For one its was like the fourth person to email me about the piece with a low ball offer. I took plenty of pics of the piece so you could see the details, layers and textures that were involved in creating this piece. As always its even better in person. However I need money and not now but right now. Yes I know, I know I could just goto work at the salon and make what I need. But I have many reasons for not wanting to do that. Besides I should be able to make it what I need Wed-Sat. It would allow me to hold on to my art until the right offer came in. In a perfect world... Don't get me wrong I do want to charge what I feel my work is worth. Especially since my work is very affordable for now. The second reason its a bitter sweet is because I had grown very attached to it. I even wanted it to goto someone whom I knew so I could see it and visit it if I wanted too lol. However I am happy that it is hanging up in someones living room and not sitting in the garage.

 Also last week I painted live at a new venue with an older more established crowd. Its was called HalfNote lounge. I painted while The SecretSocietyBand played. My painting was sold long before I even got to complete it. That was a first and I loved it. I'll be painting with them on a regular basis now.

Yesterday I did the afternoon portion with The BreakfastKlub see  past blog for details. However I had to make a mad dash across town to paint live for Brandon Camphor and Oneway at TheEncounter which I do every forth Sunday out of the month. 

The evening set with Black Alley I had to miss unfortunately. However the painting I didn't finish last week got auction off and sold for a cool amount. I'm so glad I decided to finish it.

I have nothing scheduled the rest of this week until Saturday thats when I do Expression Live they are giving me a table since I am painting live for them. So tonight and tomorrow will be spent trying to focus on creating paper art, glass pendants, small canvas art and literature to sell during the event. Then on Sunday I'll be getting it in once again with BlackAlley in which they will be doing a Michael Jackson tribute. I have some cool plans for that piece.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I love DC

Okay so anyone who knows me knows how much I love the city. I remember recently me and a new friend of mine were discussing how if we were married how we would have to figure out a reasonable compromise because he has grown up with the "light pollution" all his life and would much rather live in the suburbs. I told him what I loved about the city and how I was over the burbs. However I wouldn't mind a quaint house that has grass out front and out back but beyond the fence was sand leading to the beach. He called me "fancy" but also said he loved it and instantly knew he was dealing with one unique chic.
~SIDEBAR~ Perhaps too unique or fancy for his current life time because I very rarely even get a measly text from him now. Which is why I thank God opportunity doesn't always present its self when you "THINK" you want it too. Hence my almost 2 year celibacy since I refuse to continue to carry on casual relationships that are neither fulfilling or even that enjoyable physically. 
Anywayz as I was saying the city is great and yes a beach house with sand and grass would be equally as pleasing. 
I just love old charm with new updated amenities my good girlfriend Monti calls it baby fabulous. The Mini Cooper parked out front or back if I'm in the city. To me not too over the top but just a little extra. Lately I have been feigning for good food. I just resort to fried stuff because its cheaper and taste good when fried fresh lol. But seriously I do prefer the good stuff. Like if I lived near Dean & Deluca  in Georgetown or even if it was a bus ride away I would so shop there at least 3 times a week for the most exquisite groceries and ingredients.

Its where I got my spice rack which is currently in storage :( 

Then I ran and got this awesome book on spices that tells you where they originated and how to use them. I remember trying so many new recipes when I first moved out from living at home with my Uncle. I think back how I used to do a whole lot more cooking than I do now. Even in my last house before I moved back here. Its was one of the things my sister looked most forward too. Then some how the love all kinda just went poof... I do cook every now and then but not with the same enthusiasm. But my heart longs for those Julia and Julie like moments. I watch Nigella Lawson on the new cooking network and long for the moments when I feel that way about cooking again. She makes it look so romantic and artful. Yes artful...

I don't necessarily have a favorite cuisine. But I have my favorites with-in several different ones. Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Chinese, West Indian, Soul Food etc etc. I have my favs from them all. I had this client whom I befriended and she was once married and lived in Germany with her military husband. So she has lived many places and she told me that I would fit right into the European culture of "work to live" instead of the "live to work" attitude we have here in the states. Plus she said health care wouldn't be an issue for a self employed artist like myself. All I could do was imagine....

Last night I stayed up all night working on my current piece and I haven't varnished it yet but I think its finished. I'm going to hold off on the varnish and just look at it for a few days just too make sure. After all its the journey that's the best part right. But here it is

Once again I gravitated towards my love for bold, vivid colors. This would go great in a neutral room or a neon white room pulling colors from the painting for accessories. Its a large 36x36 thick gallery wrapped canvas. I don't necessarily do art specifically for furniture or room design but when creating abstracts its almost a given. Whenever I'm painting abstracts I tend to be drawn to fluid like lines and circles clustered as though they were molecules or bubbles. I have several small works that have these same lines and circles in them. 
Oh my look at the time well I gotta run!   

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The end is only the beginning

Well folks last night concluded the end of the Hardrock Live Summer Soul Series or any season left in the year. It went out with a bang.

 I'm still painting live at many other places and I even have request to paint at some other venues as well. It still amazes me when I think about 2010 and all that has happened. I am so close yet not close enough to my goals. People seeing from the outside think I'm this busy established artist yet I know my issues and struggles as do the people close to me. I can admit that even I see my growth. I will always be learning, absorbing, thinking and growing as an artist. I think life in general is an excellent teacher. Sometimes you don't see the value in some lessons until much later in life.
On a sadder note there isn't day that doesn't go by where I don't think about my Uncle Darel M. Alston who was killed in January. Its hard to believe he was here, home for 6 months and now he's gone except this time for good. He has been dead for 8 months and everyday there is something in my daily life that reminds me of him.  Something as simple as the raw honey I picked up in the store...the last time I bought any was when I was with him. 
A few nights ago I saw a shooting star and wished a wish. I know he can't be brought back but I hope his spirit lies with GOD.

Monday, August 16, 2010

coming down the pike

Busy busy busy. As always there are live painting events that keep me amped up and motivated. Not to mention it allows me to get out the house and mingle. That is when I get done with my art. But this summer truly has been a good one for establishing a brand and name for myself. Now all I need its for the money to flow in. So I can at least start a "real" savings account. Yeah that sounds like a good place to start or not.... but anywho its been a good summer. I met so many great people. Tomorrow concludes the HARDROCK LIVE events. There will be no Autumn/Fall series :( they are bringing it to a close for this year and revamping it bigger and better next year. I had so much fun doing it. I established new friendships and discovered so much talent hidden right here in our nations capitol.

I mean from painting live at one festival ExpressionLive in Downtown Silver Spring, MD to TheEncounter in Beltsville, MD to all over the DC area. 
Now I am even about to have the opportunity to have my own Art Showing in January. My next stop is being picked up by a big Gallery like Art Whino or something. I mean a lot has been accomplished since 2008. Which is when I found my love for art again. In my earlier blogs I equated Art to being one my lovers after a long overdue break up. At first it was just a hobby that I courted around with the idea of being something bigger. Now I'm full blown in love and can't vision myself wanting to do anything else other than creating beautiful works of art.
Painting live has allowed me to tap into a different genre of art, that before I wouldn't have seen myself painting. I have so many styles... but my love for bold colors still remains.
current work in progress...

 But the surreal low brow stuff is what I tend to be drawn too. Something about the skillfulness in the details and hidden overtures with a side of dreaminess that draws me in. Here are some examples of a few of my favorites click on their links and check out there art.

Tati Suarez

Sherry DeLorme
Ela Steel

These are female artist who have heavily influenced me as a low brow/ surreal art lover. They in many ways have heavily inspired me.
Okay enough chatter for today I have lots of things to do. Peace and blessings.

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