Monday, August 16, 2010

coming down the pike

Busy busy busy. As always there are live painting events that keep me amped up and motivated. Not to mention it allows me to get out the house and mingle. That is when I get done with my art. But this summer truly has been a good one for establishing a brand and name for myself. Now all I need its for the money to flow in. So I can at least start a "real" savings account. Yeah that sounds like a good place to start or not.... but anywho its been a good summer. I met so many great people. Tomorrow concludes the HARDROCK LIVE events. There will be no Autumn/Fall series :( they are bringing it to a close for this year and revamping it bigger and better next year. I had so much fun doing it. I established new friendships and discovered so much talent hidden right here in our nations capitol.

I mean from painting live at one festival ExpressionLive in Downtown Silver Spring, MD to TheEncounter in Beltsville, MD to all over the DC area. 
Now I am even about to have the opportunity to have my own Art Showing in January. My next stop is being picked up by a big Gallery like Art Whino or something. I mean a lot has been accomplished since 2008. Which is when I found my love for art again. In my earlier blogs I equated Art to being one my lovers after a long overdue break up. At first it was just a hobby that I courted around with the idea of being something bigger. Now I'm full blown in love and can't vision myself wanting to do anything else other than creating beautiful works of art.
Painting live has allowed me to tap into a different genre of art, that before I wouldn't have seen myself painting. I have so many styles... but my love for bold colors still remains.
current work in progress...

 But the surreal low brow stuff is what I tend to be drawn too. Something about the skillfulness in the details and hidden overtures with a side of dreaminess that draws me in. Here are some examples of a few of my favorites click on their links and check out there art.

Tati Suarez

Sherry DeLorme
Ela Steel

These are female artist who have heavily influenced me as a low brow/ surreal art lover. They in many ways have heavily inspired me.
Okay enough chatter for today I have lots of things to do. Peace and blessings.

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Anonymous said...

The new piece ur doing is really nice,love the colors, and you've featured some really interesting fellow artist... keep striving for your goal be blessed

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