Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love U street, Black Alley & Hardrock Live.

I have been live painting all over the Washington DC area! Yep this has been a busy summer for me. I haven't even been at it that long and my popularity is growing so fast. Sunday I did a double at Liv Night club with the BreakfastKlub sunday afternoon acoustics with featured artist Ms. Carolyn Malachi and of course an evening with the ever so awesome BlackAlley Band. 
Carolyn has a new cd called Lions, fires & Squares which inspired me in many ways but it wasn't until I heard her sing it live that my painting came full-circle. You see when I did the sketch I knew a lion would be in the piece but what else??? Then she rocked out with her amazing band! They were so jazzy like big band music and yet soulful. I think she had someone playing some strings up there??? Its was pure goodness I wish she could've performed longer. 

Lions, Fires & Squares acrylic on birch wood.

Now as for the rest of the evening...Black Alley Band always delivers an awesome performance. They never let you down. The crowd is so crazy! I mean it gets all the way live in that place when they're up on the stage.
Bo Beedy, Danny, Drew, Kacey, Jimmy & Giles
Kacey is the vocals (gorgeous!) and she has energy you can bottle up and sell. And I'd buy a case of it. She sings with such feeling and I love watching her dance. It makes me wanna dance but I have to paint lol. She interacts with the crowd so personally that you'd think she knew each individual. Then they have these two keyboard players Jimmy & Mack that seem to be in a world by themselves they just be up there getting it all by themselves. The drummer Danny (Animal) can get it! Its amazing his drums don't catch on fire he be clicking those sticks so good. Then they have this congo player Bo Beedy which always adds a nice DC sound to the music. His hands are like the missing ingredient to the dish that once you add it its like yeah thats it! The bass guitar player Giles, I haven't seen (photographed in this pic) lately but he is the one I remember and quite honestly I miss his touch. But last and not hardly least the electric guitar player Drew is just bananas last week dude played it with his mouth. Yes there were some dirty thoughts that ran through my mind. But you get what  I'm saying... The Band is Hawt not hot but Hawt! Yeah you gotta say like that to get the full effect of what I mean.

Its never hard to get inspired whenever they play. Although being deaf in one ear makes me think I should invest in an earplug just too muffle the sound a tad bit. Because they CRANK! My ear rings for the next 24hours. I love it though but I do have only one good ear left lol. Whom ever originated live art while vocal artist and musicians perform was a genius. I mean talk about helping you if you feel blocked....
Anyway Black Alley Band has a cd coming soon like real soon. Black Tape: death of the PA tape,birth of the live mixtape.
So I came up with a concept that I did previously at Hardrock Live at Indulj however as I have said before Black Alley inspires me beyond beyond. So here is where I perfected it...

Death of the Mixtape

I enjoy partying with them. Jamil Boozer of Hardrock Live puts it best "I get paid to party" I stamp that!

So see you guys on U Street. Tonight I'll be partying with the rock star himself at Hardrock Live's summer soul series featuring Kima Aldridge and so should you!

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