Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ms.Onyx Allorossia Nautilus

Once again I have come to the end of a road. Its always a bitter sweet. Whenever I do a detailed piece half way through it I wonder if I'm ever going to finish. Yet whenever I'm done I feel a small sadness and victory at the same time.
Ms. Onyx Allorossia Nautilus
She is the Goddess and keeper of the sea.
 Along side her Goddess friends RedSeah and Octavia.
Her name came from a collective of scientific names for different types of Octopus.
There will be one more Fluid Sea Goddess and she will be either a mermaid or a sea horse goddess. I haven't quite decided yet. I know the mermaid is always done...

This piece more so than the others had me going loopy for a minute. I had to keep a detailed list of things that needed to be done. I didn't want to forget anything. Tentacles, suction cups, pebbles, freckles, etc etc. I mean there was so much layering and layering. The bubbles were the easiest and absolute final part of the piece. Then I didn't want to sign it at first because it was so perfect the way it is. (I am still trying to get my signature down to perfection lol) However I did sign the it in the corner on the side. I always do a full signature on the back with title etc etc. 

Well my lady is done and I'm off to start my work week at the hair salon. Some Wednesdays if its busy enough but mostly Thursday thru Saturday. Those three days are my busiest. When I get off I will possibly pack one to take with me to my man's house just in case the inspiration hits 
This Sunday marks the finale of The Breakfast Klub which consist of BlackAlleyBand and other local artist and myself as the visual artist. Performing live at Liv Nightclub. I will do my last live painting for the year 2010. My low-brow/surrealism art is now my main focus.
My Fluid Sea Goddesses...

P.S. The funny thing is no matter how good I try to make these photos...they do the art no justice like seeing them in person lol.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late nights

I tend to paint late at night although when I'm off I will get some done during the day. Some days are easier than others to stay in a flow. However this piece has been a little challenging because of so many factors. My space is starting to wear on me because it is dark. Not to mention now it is starting to get cold down here. Then there is my mind running one hundred miles per hour. Trying to stay busy at the salon, being more consistent with cooking more since I save money eating at home. The kids and their school/social life. Well at least my oldest with her friends and homecoming etc etc. Then the newest juggling act is my man. He can definitely be a handful. Not to mention I am still very conscious of my weight issue. 

Anywho.... I have gotten quite a bit accomplished on this piece. Each "Fluid Girl" seems to be more detailed than the last. I like pushing myself. Not to mention the sea life is so freaking amazing, if I could I would keep adding more. I am not sure if I showed this piece as a sketch although I did mean too.
So far I am very pleased at how she is turning out. I am very excited about all of the girls. 

I am also going to revisit the bumble bee women in conjunction with my latest vision of inspiration which I'll tell you guys about once I complete this series. 
Oh yeah and before I forget I have a channel so for you guys who want to tune in on my  painting process live in the studio I will be airing on Mondays at 10pm. If you miss it you can always goto the channel in your leisure. I will also tweet when I am live just in case I change the time. So I hope your following my tweets or a facebook fan. 
Okay guys I must get back to my girl so I can have her finished before I return back to the salon for what I pray is a busy week. I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

PS. I love comments :) if you read this in a via another feed just click on the title then scroll down and leave a comment. Thanks a lot smooches.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finally on to the next one...

Happy Autumn everybody!

So much to talk about! For starters I turned 37 three days ago. I decided that instead of waiting until the new year I am starting my new resolutions now. Well actually they aren't exactly what I would call resolutions. But anyway thats for another blog post. 

The second news is I am in love and I am excited about this journey. I would show a pic but he is a very private person who doesn't quite understand my obsession with social media or my desire to tell the world what I'm doing or thinking lol... But I will say his nick name is Big "L". He is a auto mechanic from Baltimore, MD and I met him on

Last but not least I have a few new pieces I can't wait to get started on.   
"Goddess Zilla"
Which may end up being a series also...

"Distant Dreamer"
Which is inspired by Autumn and the trees turning colors and lately I have been closely paying attention the foliage. The crisp cool air and as always it sends me reminiscing and looking over the year that is rapidly approaching its end. Will I be glad 2010 is ending? Yes but its bitter sweet. This piece also piggybacks off of "Windows To Her Soul".
Keep in mind they are both just rough sketches of my next concepts. So they may both veer off the path a bit.

 I still have two maybe even three more I want to create for my Fluid series... this perhaps will be one of them. Minus the writing lol. This was doodle that I did in one of my day dream moments back before I met Big L.
Puts you in the mind set of the actual "Fluid" abstract 
I have a few more that I'm not ready to reveal yet.
Anyway I hope you guys are having a creative day. Even if it only means imagining for a moment, or taking time to stop and acknowledge the beauty that surrounds you. The universe will appreciate you for that...

Birds can fly so why can't I? Even ducks get two talents...they can swim and fly.
I want to defy gravity. Some days I feel the force of it weighing me down. Even when I walk I feel the world on my shoulders and I can't run much at all.
But I can draw and paint what I see in my imagination. I can dream some vivid colorful dreams. I have the ability to create a world with my art, which under normal circumstances would never ever exist. In that world I can fly high, swim the ocean, run across the states, and roam the earth naked. I can do whatever I want, anywhere I want.
In my art I can defy reality....

Friday, October 8, 2010

I want to live!

I want to LIVE!!!
I don't want to grow old and look back over my life and see nothing but lots of regret. No should haves, could haves, or would haves please! I know its impossible not to have some. But not a life full of them!!! Not because I was too afraid or busy worrying about money, failure, success, 
what others may say or think.

I JUST WANT TO BE FREE!!! Free to create without boundaries, to love like its my last, to dance when the mood hits me, to eat good food, drink good wine, have passionate sex, to play my music loud without headphones, sleep in on a rainy day. The list of goodness is endless.

Do you ever feel like you have all this goodness inside and you want to get it out into the world. But you can't because you have always been conditioned to keep it all inside the lines. 


At the end of the day I want my life to have meant something. I want to spread love and happiness. I want to evoke emotions, thoughts, and conversation with my contributions. My art... I want to make the world a little bit better just by being here creating, loving, laughing, dancing, planting, cooking, smiling, hugging, kissing and writing. One brush stroke, one word, one type, one click, one picture, one dish, one dance, one love at a time.

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