Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late nights

I tend to paint late at night although when I'm off I will get some done during the day. Some days are easier than others to stay in a flow. However this piece has been a little challenging because of so many factors. My space is starting to wear on me because it is dark. Not to mention now it is starting to get cold down here. Then there is my mind running one hundred miles per hour. Trying to stay busy at the salon, being more consistent with cooking more since I save money eating at home. The kids and their school/social life. Well at least my oldest with her friends and homecoming etc etc. Then the newest juggling act is my man. He can definitely be a handful. Not to mention I am still very conscious of my weight issue. 

Anywho.... I have gotten quite a bit accomplished on this piece. Each "Fluid Girl" seems to be more detailed than the last. I like pushing myself. Not to mention the sea life is so freaking amazing, if I could I would keep adding more. I am not sure if I showed this piece as a sketch although I did mean too.
So far I am very pleased at how she is turning out. I am very excited about all of the girls. 

I am also going to revisit the bumble bee women in conjunction with my latest vision of inspiration which I'll tell you guys about once I complete this series. 
Oh yeah and before I forget I have a Justin.tv channel so for you guys who want to tune in on my  painting process live in the studio I will be airing on Mondays at 10pm. If you miss it you can always goto the channel in your leisure. I will also tweet when I am live just in case I change the time. So I hope your following my tweets or a facebook fan. 
Okay guys I must get back to my girl so I can have her finished before I return back to the salon for what I pray is a busy week. I hope you guys have a wonderful week.

PS. I love comments :) if you read this in a via another feed just click on the title then scroll down and leave a comment. Thanks a lot smooches.

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PoedyPencilPrincess said...

This painting is already so full of life! I can't wait to see the final product. Wouldn't it be nice if the issues of life would take a break so we artists could paint in peace!! It'll never happen! Maybe that's what makes painting so special in the first place.

Keep up the good work!


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