Monday, July 28, 2008

this is another one for my fans

I did this one while talking on the phone with my mommy. Then just after I hung up from her my daddy calls. So the two people I get my talent from I was chatting with while creating this painting. Wow go figure. I find trees to be so sexy. With or without leaves or flowers. They can be real or abstract. I just think they are down right beautiful.

Friday, July 25, 2008

blogging on my blackberry

Continued from earlier this morning. To answer my anonymous commentaries, I plan to post pics of the piece. It is a triptych and as you can see from the looks of my room I thought I had no space to photograph it. Then it dawns on me while I'm getting ready for work that my bedroom has plenty of wall space. Plus lots of natural light from the sky lights. Now I can't wait to get home and shoot those pics from the walls of my bedroom.I have to remember to get some more varnish so I can seal it.


Now I know I know stay positive....

Everyday I try harder and harder to be happy and don't worry. I finished the painting for my client I hope she loves and will pay good money for it. I normally would get a deposit from her and set up contract. However I starred at a blank canvas for so long I was starting to believe I couldn't do a project for her. Well to be continued I have to go to the salon and do some work.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I played hookie from work

Yay!!! I had no clients scheduled. That allowed me to come on home and clean my house, weed my garden and post my new picks on etsy. Even tweek some things on there as well. Now its 7:35pm est and I think I found my MOJO! I have been working on a commissioned piece that has had my brain on freeze for two weeks now. Well needless to say I think its all coming together and the crazy thing is I know other people who will love it even if she changes her mind.
I was in the Barnes and Nobles last night and I came across a book for artist who want to take the leap. I really meant it when I said "I could do this full time". I wanted the book so bad but it wasn't in the budget this week. I have been experiencing the difference between different acrylic paints lately. I noticed when two of my pieces required black back rounds...the other colors I have to put on really really thick. which means I have to wait for each layer to dry befroe adding another. Oh well its all good Rome wasn't built in a day.
I've been in the etsy forums and chatrooms I have such a nice time talking to people. Its also a great way to get other opinions and ideas. Not to mention views. now if only I could get some sales.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My wall with some of my work except the big black and white one in the middle. I know its doesn't match my decor but remember I moved stuff up from the basement when my sis moved in. Down there it was more contemporary. If I don't sell soon my whole house will be one big art gallery.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I sold another card at work today. However there aren't any sales on Etsy yet. I posted on some of the forums that had to do with critiquing. Fortunately no one had anything bad to say. I did post on one that was for artist and I got some really helpful info. Some did say that its hard to sell original art on Etsy. I'm going to look for some galleries and fall festivals. I think I'm going to try Ebay as well. I'm not giving up. It hasn't even been that long that I've started back doing this. I know its just a matter of me getting my name out there. I want to keep adding new work but it can get pretty expensive if no one is buying.
I love painting its funny how I've always known how to, but here I am just now taking it serious at 34. I guess when things come naturally one might take it for granted when your young and silly. It truly brings me such pleasure. I could definitely do this all day. I honestly can say I would truly be happy painting and drawing perhaps even sculpting in my studio all day long. Maybe I would do hair just three days out of the week.

I want to be painting and creating right now. Maybe I'll get into creating ACEO's which stands for art cards editions and originals. Supplies can be endless as long as the measurements are 3.5x2.5.
Another thing that's on my mind is how slow its been at the salon for all but two of the stylist.
I really am worried...I'm on a holistic detox program to help me get healthy from the inside out. This program isn't by far cheap. At times I feel like I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul. To be honest I wish I could eliminate Paul all together.
LOL I guess I'm a true starving artist. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I don't want to go into the salon today.....

It's Monday :(
Remember that song "just another manic Monday ahhh ahhh, I wish it was a Sunday ahhh ahhh, that's my funday, I don't have to run day". I can't remember who sings it but I truly can relate to the song. Well the good thing is I'm a self employed Hair stylist. So I made Tuesday my day off! For some reason a lot of people are off on Monday and prefer that day because than they can look fabulous the rest of the week. Soooo Tuesday and Sunday I can paint and blog and hang out in the forums all day long if I want :). The only down side to that is I still have things that need to be taken care of outside of the art world. What could possibly take more precedence over Etsy.... one might wonder. Well there is the ever growing mountain of laundry and the dreadful trip to Wholefoods. Which seems to be always busy, everyone must be self employed. I hate when I'm off during the week and a store I think should empty is crowed. I don't do malls or grocery on Saturdays because of that. It's that impatient now now right now thing I keep talking about.
My house is a mess. I mean I'm no "Clean House" episode but I definitely could use some decluttering and organizing. These are pics of my cramped workspace. I have my sis and her family living with me now so my living room triples as a fam room/office/studio. On the other side of that wall is my kitchen which can at times be my studio as well.
This my sis and her fam.
Depending on how the day goes for me at the salon will determine how annoyed I'll be when I get home. But lets just say I love bed time, that's when the house is nice and quite. With the exception of my three cats that tend to get really playful at night. Oh yeah this was my space before I downsized to two levels:

I put my vintage sofa in public storage and moved the ridiculously heavy purple sleep sofa upstairs from the basement. It took us forever to get that thing up here. We didn't realize until we were exhausted that the back door was the answer to our problem with the stairs. DUHHHH. Any who... most of my furniture comes from thrift shops. I just luck up and find great pieces. Occasionally I have to refurbish but mostly good fortune. I did a venetian plaster to the wall. That took so much out of me I never bothered to do more painting around the rest of the house. Well let me check out some forums before I'm off to the salon. If I get out of there early enough I can go to the Wholefoods or MOMs today, get my kids dinner fixed, clean the kitchen, and throw a load in the washer. Then go to bed early enough to get up early and paint on a canvas I bought Saturday with the money I made from a sale (not on Etsy though). Tah tah for now.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Selling On Etsy

I haven't been a member of Etsy very long at all. Yet once again I am suffering from IGS. In my first post I talked about IGS which stands for Instant Gratification Syndrome. So here I am again with the exact same issue. As I was saying... I have only been on Etsy for about three weeks now and I have been telling everybody about my store. Yet I have zero sales and zero feedback. Now I know, I know, I've only been on three weeks. It's not that I haven't sold any of my art, just not online. I want a piece sold NOW. Hence the IGS. Already I'm planning to do all my X-mas shopping on Etsy. I love Etsy! There are millions of talented people out there. I can spend hours browsing at all of the stuff people create and make by hand. As far as the artist go, they inspire me. I look at some of the Etsy stores and see how some people have sold over a thousand items. WOW is all I can say. To be able to do something you love and then other people see the beauty in it, then they take the step to purchase it is wonderful. To monopolize is great, but its even better when its from your passion.

Now I try to tell myself that since I'm on a spending freeze, no non-necessity purchases allowed. That includes canvases to paint on. The only way to fund my painting passion is with the sales from my art. I was thinking of renting a vendor booth at an area festival in September or October. I would love to be able to paint every couple of days up until the festival. However I must be realistic about these things.

You know... for the first time in my career as a hair stylist, I can actually say I would much rather paint than do hair. I still look at hair as an art form in and of itself. Its just that not every head of hair is the ideal canvas. Hehehe I crack myself up lol. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention. I have my first commission and yet I have drawn a complete blank as to what to do. To be honest its the client that has me all worked up and they don't even know it. You see for me I just need to know a couple of things. Which would you prefer landscape, seascape, abstract, still life, or surreal? You say one or the other, maybe even somehow all of the above. Then I go home and create. You love it and then buy it. This is where my fellow Etsyian artist input would be so helpful. Sighhhhh. Perhaps I can do what comes to my heart and if they don't love it someone else will?

Just some pics of my art the last one is actually a greeting card. is were more of my artwork is displayed and for sale.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Instant Gratification Syndrome

I find myself wanting everything "I want to be wealthy now", "I want to be skinny now", "I want to be debt free now". I want alot of things to happen right now. I know I could blame it on society for being a get it fast, microwave in a instant culture. But honestly where would that get me. I know there are people my age and younger who've accomplished great things in record time. I'm 34 by the way. However to a lot of people, I'm still very young and have plenty of time to accomplish my goals. Yeah okay.....what was that movie where the Devil keeps singing "tiiiime is on my side". That's exactly what he wants us to think. I've been styling hair for 17 years now. In the beginning I wanted to become this world renowned stylist to the stars. The crazy thing is someone, somewhere else actually did it. So what is my excuse? Oooh I could say well I got married and had kids young blah blah blah. As I sit here with my thoughts I realize none of that matters now, it is what it is (the past). I hold the power to change my life. Will it happen over night? Most likely no, but today is a new day. Everyday from this moment forward I will pat myself on the back for all efforts made towards my goals (including setbacks). I have forgiven myself for poor choices I have made in the past. Also realizing that the past has taught me some very valuable lessons. I will stop speaking negative about myself and others as well. So folks... here is a web toast to New Beginnings!

These pics are of me and my kids in the car. I had just purchased my Blackberry. The flash was so bright. That day was rainy and cloudy.
Check out my websites @ and the most awesome multi-talented woman in the world created the first one for me. Thank you Mommy for believing in me.
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