Thursday, July 24, 2008

I played hookie from work

Yay!!! I had no clients scheduled. That allowed me to come on home and clean my house, weed my garden and post my new picks on etsy. Even tweek some things on there as well. Now its 7:35pm est and I think I found my MOJO! I have been working on a commissioned piece that has had my brain on freeze for two weeks now. Well needless to say I think its all coming together and the crazy thing is I know other people who will love it even if she changes her mind.
I was in the Barnes and Nobles last night and I came across a book for artist who want to take the leap. I really meant it when I said "I could do this full time". I wanted the book so bad but it wasn't in the budget this week. I have been experiencing the difference between different acrylic paints lately. I noticed when two of my pieces required black back rounds...the other colors I have to put on really really thick. which means I have to wait for each layer to dry befroe adding another. Oh well its all good Rome wasn't built in a day.
I've been in the etsy forums and chatrooms I have such a nice time talking to people. Its also a great way to get other opinions and ideas. Not to mention views. now if only I could get some sales.

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